Monday, November 26, 2007

The Heat Is On.......

I am determined to get at least one new years resolution accomplished by the end of this year. Yeah I have about one month left, how I do love to put things off. Looking over the resolutions I made this year, I haven't done any of them. So I decided the only one that was reasonably do-able, was the book reading thing.

So in the past month, I have read 2 1/2 books. I have 1 and 1/2 left to go!! I purchased Nikki Sixx's Heroine Diaries, and it got me into the reading mode again, and I was off! After Sixx's book, I read The Witch of Potobello, that one wasn't too bad. So now I am trying to reread Pete Burns' The Freaque Unique, as I never finished that one. I am nearly done with that so the one I am going to try and reread before the years end is The Historian. That one is going to be the tough one, as I couldn't get into it a year ago, and its sad as it is vampire novel. But not all vampire novels are good. This one is good, its just you have to be totally into what you are reading, and if you get side tracked, you are doomed!

The moral of this story is, when making New Year's Resolutions for next year, I must not make so many that I don't plan on keeping, or don't make them at all, or make one, and make it a good one.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Interesting Hair do for an Interesting Monster...

Got rid of the black in my sad, getting cannot do the black or one turns into Wayne gone is my black, but in its place I have added red highlights and the rest is a dark least I was able to go to a lighter foundation now that my hair is on wayne.....

Monday, October 15, 2007

Between Breaths

Hello My Lovelies!

I know its been almost a year. I have come up for some air, as with the rains starting again, there is nothing worse than water dripping on your forehead. May I say, it sucks!

So bizznezzz in the esthetician world is still great, if not more busy than ever before which is fabulous. I have new clients, and upgraded my shop as well as gotten a designer to help with my logos and branding, which is kick ass. The new logo is here on this site for your viewing pleasure.

I went to see the Cure and AFI at the Download Festival last Saturday (Oct. 6th) and as you can imagine, it kicked some Major Ass!

The Lovely Liz (if you all remember her) and I went to see Blaqk Audio back in August at Popscene in SF. There were a ton of younglings there. It was quite scary. I felt uncomfortably old that evening. However, I danced. I nearly got to the front, however having now reached a new level of suckiness of hot flashes, one kicked in and had to bail right before I got to see Davey Havok up close. Figures........

Other than that life has been rather quite. Satan is still evil and doing well. The hounds from hell are still great and hellish.

So my lovelies, if you are still around, do say hello, and let me know how you are.

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Time Has Come to Say Farewell...........

Happy New Year!

This is most likely, my last post to you all. This vampyre is feeling a little tired and needs a rest, so I am heading underground into the earth for some winter sleep. Who knows I may go above ground come spring time to see what is up with all of you.

Its been fabulous writing here amongst you all. I wish all of you a most excellent 2007!

Ciao Bellas!