Thursday, December 30, 2004

Lucretia My Reflection

As 2004 comes to a close, I decided to get out my journal that I started at the beginning of the year and look at the things I wrote down that I wanted to accomplish, so here they are:

1. To successfully reach my goal weight-came within 4 pounds of achieving it when I went to England in April, needless to say, I am more than 4 pounds away yet again.....
2. Climb a 5.10 by Dec. 31st. -ok, that didn't happen, however I am climbing 5.8's so I am close!
3.Have a fun and exciting England vacation-Yeah, that actually happened Yay!!!
4. Keep up on Journal entries and actually finish this Journal by the end of the year- well, it would of happened if I hadn't been drawn into the blog my online journal has been doing quite well I guess, I could always print out my past entries and stick them in the book.....thats not cheating is it??
5. Read 6 books by Dec. 31st-Uh, lets see what did I read this year? Blood Canticle, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban, Sacred Contracts....and I am half way through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I am half way through Between Heaven and Earth, I am a quarter of the way through Book of Shadows.....I see some books in 2005 I need to be finishing here......
6.Be open to try new things-ok, I could have been setting myself up for some scary ass shit there, but as far as new things, I did start climbing, I started school, I started a new job, and one of the big ones, I actually started trying to take my own advice, which wasn't too bad....
7. Enjoy the moment-Ok, that most have been when I was watching Oprah, as that is such an Oprah thing to have written, however, I do believe I did do this, alot more than I have done in past years.......

Interesting, I only had 7, and yeah, they weren't exceptionally mind blowing, but it is interesting to see where my head was at this time last year....

So what do I want to accomplish for 2005? Well, for sure it is to graduate from school, get my estheticians license, and start my own business. Oh yeah, then there is the achieving my goal weight thing....lets see if I can make it within 2 pounds shall we??? and maybe I will look into finishing one of those books.............................

Monday, December 27, 2004

So Some Plastic Flowers, A Jesus Hand and Some Stale Halloween Candy walk Into A Bar......

Now, I am not one for dissin anyone getting me a present...However, Satan and I have had some rather strange and unusual gifts given to us this month.

Lets see it all started with a birthday present from my mother in law. Now I love my mother in law she is a very sweet lady who I am thankful to have as a mother in law. However, Satan and I both think she is slowly losing it...So I get this package show up in the mail a couple of days before my birthday, and from the wrapping, it looks like a huge toblerone bar, so of course, I am thinking I have scored, as this is one of Satan's fave candys and I have gotten one for birthday. Well, upon opening said pressie, inside is 3 plastic flowers. How odd. As I am not your plastic flowers type o' girl and nor have I ever said ya know, I've been thinking of getting plastic flowers. Now if you could see these flowers, you would understand my thoughts behind this, they are just odd. Satan was even perplexed by the whole thing. And usually he can uncode a present if one is need of decoding.

Next....Another pressie from England shows up, this time, it is for Satan....For Christmas......It is a Jesus hand (giving the Jesus finger sign) with a hole in the middle of the Jesus palm for incense stick to be put in.......uh yeah, you guessed it, it came from his mum again.......Satan's reasoning behind it, is that maybe his mum didn't know what it was, as the finger thing is more Catholic?? Ok, that's really reaching....So what Christians don't do the Jesus finger thing (and no, my mother in law isn't Christian)? No Satan says, they do the baby Jesus and then Jesus on the Cross...They kinda miss the inbetween bits...But Catholics do the Jesus finger thing, and the Jesus big arm pose in the Da Vinci painting at the last supper. Ok....Do ya like religion according to Satan???

Ok, lets move on to present number 3, and this my friends is classic. It comes from my oldest sister (no, not Mangey)....I got a box o' stuff...Inside is a picture of my mum as a little girl in a really nice frame which I was happy to get, further inspection of box includes two tree ornaments, and then it starts getting odd, a box of shortbread (could be a second hand gift), and then in the bottom of box is stale Halloween candy from my nephew's Halloween reject candy pile. Yes, it was stale. I tried one of the cigar bubble gums first, and after nearly breaking off my front teeth trying to bite into it I realized that the rest of the loot was also stale.

Needless to say, my plastic flowers are displayed in my office in a vase, Satan's Jesus hand is sitting on our shelf nicely next to the grim reaper door knocker we got from his brother, but sadly my stale Halloween candy made it into the garbage bin where it will meet up with its friends the stale fruit cake and the rotting turkey carcass at the local garbage dump.............

Friday, December 24, 2004

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Satan and I ventured out to the grocery store today. It wasn't as bad as past experiences with shopping before Christmas. However, there were the usual suspect in the store: Old women bumbling about like bumper cars at an amusement park...I think they needed lights and noise makers attached to them though, although they did make a noise when they bumped into us...the usual screaming child in a basket with the mother looking stressed,, lots of men....looking for last minute christmas presents...and the over worked stressed out women trying to buy those last minute items for last minute christmas revelers turing up at their doors.

Ah the joy of not having that stress is lovely. However, Satan did want a turkey, so I am in the process of cooking one right now. Won't we have one tomorrow? Well, uh no, we are going to see my other sister tomorrow, who is a vegetarian. So unless Satan wants to sit and stare at everyone tomorrow, we needed to make something to bring. However, at least he will have something to do while sitting and staring at everyone tomorrow.

So to all of my fellow bloggers out there who celebrate the Christmas holiday in true Christmas fashion, my wishes go out to you....and to the rest of you who like me find tomorrow to be just another day without getting mail: sleep in, rest up, eat well, and especially for Mangey, smoke some of that holiday herb!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

O You Were A Vampire and baby I'm Walking Dead..

Well lets see, for the record I am a klutz. This morning trying to get my bag out of the backseat of my car, I hit my head on the roof (don't ask) and managed to give myself whiplash......oh yes... luckily one of my fellow students is a massage therapist, so she worked on my neck which helped. However, me feelin like the whip lash is coming back....oh satan, I think you need to massage my neck......

So in other school news.....I have been outed. We learned how to do pressure point massage on the face and back today. So when it came time to practice the back massage, we all had to get into our toga type robes to be practiced on. So as I am lying there on the table, I start to hear, what tattoo is that? What does your tattoo mean?? Do you belong to a cult?

Oh yes, I forgot about my vampyre tattoo on my back. "What do you think it means" I said. I just got stares back at me. And then one voice out of the room says, is that why you always wear black? " Sort of" I said. And then someone else says, I thought you were goth. You totally are goth, aren't you? someone else said, you totally act goth (I didn't know I was acting goth) You know, my daughter is wanting to be goth, said yet another. " how old is your daughter?" (feeling rather old at this point). 11 she says, but I think she likes the makeup. then she says, do goths do drugs?

So yes, people, you now are in the midst of a vampyre. I did get asked if I drank blood. Yes some people seem to think its ok to ask such a question. " Do I drink blood?" I replied, " depends on the vintage, of course."

Monday, December 20, 2004

Happy Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is tomorrow. Now, most of you probably know that I am not Christian. Nor have I ever been Christian. However, for a good part of my life I have celebrated Christmas. Not participating in any of the Christian traditions of this time like going to church and paying respects to Jesus and the lot. No, most of my Christmas traditions I remember were full of running around trying to buy gifts for everybody and anyone I could even think may need something. Why? Well, because thats what people do on this holiday yes? Buy things for others. But why? When I was a youngster, it never occurred to me why we did this. I was just so excited to get a heeping pile o' presents on the 25th each year I didn't give it much thought. However, the older I have gotten the more Pagan I seem to be. Although I have never put myself into a catagory of religion, if you were to put me in a slot it would fall between the Pagan/Wiccan area.

Anyhow, for those of you that wonder what the whole Winter Solstice thing is about here is some info for you I have gathered from one of my many books. This one is from Life Magic by Susan Bowes. So to my fellow Pagans and Wiccans out there, Happy Winter Solstice:

In the northern hemisphere, the winter solstice falls on Dec. 21 or 22, the beginning of Capricorn. This is the shortest day of the year, after which the daylight hours grow longer. Therefore, the winter solstice is known as the "birth of light". The Anglo-Saxon word for this solstice is yule, which is derived from the Nordic iul, meaning "wheel" as in the sacred circle, or wheel, of nature. This was the day when the chief Druid cut the sacred mistletoe from the oak, allowing it to fall upon a cloak. This tradition is still upheld today when people include mistletoe in their Christmas decorations.

Great fires were lit to celebrate the return of the sun: the "yule" log is the last vestige of this custom. So potent was this Yule festivale that the Christian Church adopted Dec. 25 for their own birth celebrations. This was also the date for festivities in honor of the sun god Sol.

The tradition of bringing evergreen holly and ivy into the home during the winter months pays homage to the masculine and feminine elements. The male is the prickly holly with it sexually potent red berries, the female is the entwining, yeilding ivy. Together they act as a reminder that nature never dies, but is waiting to be reborn again in the spring.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Vampygirl gives good Face.....

At school, I am now able to work on the clients that come through the door looking to get a facial!! Yipee!! Today was my second day of actual clients. And already I have been told by this lady this morning, that I was the best facial she's ever had!! Now being evil (of course) Satan, says, were you the only facial she's ever had? Ha Ha very funny Satan.....and the answer...NO!

In fact she tipped me $10!!! Thats right folks I get tips! And being that I love money, this is quite fun, and now I am a facial whore, today, I kept going up to the front to see if anyone else had booked an appointment, so I could take them!! Just think if I was an actual whore, I would be knocking those other hos out of the way for those clients!! But alas, just a facial whore. I did manage to rack up some pretty nice dosh in tips today!

Lets see what else....oh yes tomorrow is my birthday.....happy birthday you're old. Yes I will be 37 tomorrow. 3 years from 40. Oh happy day. Well, at least liz is on her way over to share in the festivities of the evening......

We ( me, Satan and Liz) are going out for dinner tonight to celebrate, and then probably just hang out the rest of the evening......and then tomorrow, I will make them take me to breakfast, as I absolutely love breakfast! It is the best meal of the day!! And then, gee, can't think of any other excitement to be had, as my brain can't think that far in advance......but Satan did pick up a most decadent birthday cake for me.....oh yes, that will be a killer on the old metabolism...if I even still have one......

Oh, and last but not least, I have updated my coven photos of the Mangey fest if anyone gives a shit and would like to take a look, I am sure there will be birthday festivities on there soon, as well....

Well, I am off to make myself pretty.....for this evening.....pretty evil that is............

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

We've Been Driving with Mrs. Brownstone......she won't leave us alone!!!

Before getting to Mangeyfest 2004, the trip started off weird....Our taxi was hijacked by a little old lady who was about 85 years old. Yes, Hijacked!

So, Liz and I call a cab at her place to take us to the airport, and we are outside waiting. The cab pulls up (on the other side of the street about a 1/2 block down) so we are standing there staring at the cab, uh, dude you see us here on the curb with our suitcases...Do ya think you could drive down here to us?? So finally, Mr. cabbie pulls down to us, and says (insert Ahpoo voice from the Simpsons) Are you ladies going to SFO?? Uh, no we just like standing curbside with our bags ya fuck!!

So we roll our bags over to the other side of the street (yah, he didn't pull around to us) and as we are walking over there Liz sees this old lady come out, and say, "Excuse me, but this is my cab, " and proceeds to open the door and sit inside. Uh, ok. But Ahpoo the cab driver is yelling at her that this is our cab and we need to get to the airport. She just sits there one hand on the back seat, the other on the door, this old lady ain't budging. " I just live around the corner, you need to drive me over there, and then you can take these ladies to the airport."

Ahpoo, then just smiles sheepishly at us and tells us to get in, realizing our cab has been hijacked and we won't be going to the airport right away......So Liz gets in the front, and I am in the back with the Hi jacker.

Upon closer look, the little old lady hijacker is dressed all in black and is wearing this plastic looking hat that is also black. Oh great I am thinking to myself, I just got into the cab with the Grim Reaper. (Do any of you watch HBO's Dead Like Me?) Ok, I am thinking just don't touch me, as that is what they do, when death comes a knocking...... "So" she says, "where are you ladies going?" "The Airport" I say, as I am trying to make little or no conversation with her, if you are the reaper, just take me now and cut out the small talk would ya? "Oh she says, well I am not feeling well, and I only live two blocks down this way, and once the cab driver drops me off, you can then get to the airport". Ok, whatever old lady grim.

So, we finally get to her apartment, and she gets out of the cab, looks at me and says "Bon Voyage!" Liz is now getting out of the front to get in the back with me, and as she is doing so, Old Lady Grim puts her hand on Liz' shoulder, " have a nice flight honey" she says to Liz.

OH MY GOD, SHE TOUCHED LIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, of course, I'm thinking, I ain't gonna tell Liz my thoughts on this, as I am sure she will freak out!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say we made it back all in one piece, and Liz last time I spoke with her, is fine.....However, she may have enhanced the curse on Liz with toilets, as Mangeys toilet didn't look to good when we left........To be continued...........

Thursday, December 09, 2004

By The Time I Get To, Green Valley....

So here I am trying to get all my shit together for the Arizona trip tomorrow, and I am blogging!! Well, as Mangeys computer is out, won't be able to until I get home next week!! Trying to make sure I have packed everything...Yeah, its only a couple of days, but in a couple of days I may have needed something I have left behind really badly!!

Well, at least Liz also has a major to do list as well...spoke with Mangey and she was having a spaz, which was funny, as she never spaz' and always makes fun of me, and our other sibling for spazzing.....see I knew she had the spaz gene in her!!

In other news, I have found a new way to school and it cuts 45 minutes off my commute in the morning! And the way I go now reminds me of driving through the english country side. So in my psychotic girl mind every morning, I turn on a cd that reminds me of england, and I pretend I am zipping around the bends in the english country side. Yeah, I am sad sort....but hey you would be too if you were me!!!

Ok, gotta go pack some more, and then get some shut eye, so I can go zipping off to school cruzing through the Yorkshire Dales! Cheerio!!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

3 Days Till Mangeyfest 2004

Again, thank you all for your kind words, I know I have been a rather depressing post to read as of late...but today I am starting to feel a bit better....maybe cuz' I am getting ready to see Mangey on Friday!! YAHOOOO!!!!

She has one fun filled action pact weekend for Liz and I!! Here are some of the highlights she has planned so far:

1. Border Crossing
2. Shopping, Shopping, and More shopping!!
3.Pony Ranch
4. Wild Life Museum (with real animals, not those stuffed kind!)
5.Ghost Town Excursions
6. Oh yes, and lest we forget, the Mangey Recital!!!!!

Yes, Mangey will be having a Holiday Recital with her Violin and her Violin class!! Should be quiet the extravaganza!! I will be bringing my video camera for that one for sure!!

Hope her computer is back in action, as I am sure Liz and I will be taking loads o' photos while we are there!! And we may even get photos of the Mountain Lion!!

There will be more fun and mayhem during the Mangey fest I am sure, as, if I know my sister, she lives to have this should be good.......

Monday, December 06, 2004

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow......

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and wishes. It has been a hard weekend. Full of tears, laughter and more tears. I didn't think I had any more tears left after Saturday, but yesterday they flowed again. My forhead is very tender and sore from all the crying I have done. It really sucks, because more than anything, I hate crying. Always have, always will.

On Saturday morning, we buried Ghostie in our backyard, down by the shed where she used to love to walk around sniffing at all the bushes along the fence line. We live on 1/2 acre, so she would love to walk around down there pretending she didn't here me calling her inside! So Satan and I and our other two girls (the labs) had a ceremony for her, we lit some sage and sat their quietly watching the sage burn down thinking of all the wonderful times we had with her. She will be missed.

Yesterday when I went out to get the groceries, I was fine, however when I pulled back into our driveway, I saw some of her fur that was stuck on the fence (she was a husky, so shedding was a daily occurance for her) and the tears they welled up and came a rolling again. I went and cut some roses that are still growing in our garden(they for some reason have not been hit by the frosts we have had) and put them on Ghostie's grave. Tears again.

This morning after I walked the girls, we went down to Ghosties grave to say good morning to her, and yet again, more tears. It was sad not to walk her this morning. She hadn't been going on long walks lately as her hips were bad, so walking up the driveway was about all she could muster these days...but she enjoyed it just the same.

This saddness feeling will pass, I know, I have been here way too many times over the last couple of years than I would like to before.....but this empty place in my heart just keeps growing, and it makes me realize that the older I get, the more times than I will like, I will be here, again.....but its just a part of life. I know. It just sucks when you realize no one is immortal. And the little girl you still think you are inside, who thinks everyone will be fine and live forever, has grown up and is having to deal with all this death.

All I can say, is really charish the ones you love everyday, because unfortunately we all must leave one day.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

So I Try to Say Goodbye My Friend......

I don't know if complete saddness is the best word I can use. Ultimate grief perhaps? I am trying to explain the feeling of loss and saddness I am feeling right now. At 3:30 am this morning, my dog, Ghost passed away. Unbelievable sadness. She died here in the house with all of us here to say goodbye to her. The hour before she died she just let out these low constant howls, like you here wolves do in the wild. I believe she was saying goodbye to us and her two sisters.

We took turns watching her in the night. She hadn't been feeling well on Friday, and we were watching her closely, however around midnight she took a turn for the worse. I awoke from a sound sleep about 12:30am and knew she was dying. I went through to the living room to see her really not looking well. I woke up Satan to tell him, that I think she is not going to make it.

I called the on call vet to see what we could do, and the only emergency vet around was 2 hours away. Satan and I knew she wouldn't make it there in time. So we decided to stay up with her and make her last few hours as comfortable as we could possibly make them for her and let her know we were here with her and loved her ever so much.

Around 3am I started to doze off, and that is when Ghost started her low howling. I was in that realm between awake and sleep, so I could still hear her. In that inbetween meditation state I was in, I suddenly had this vision of my mother. She was just there in front of me smiling. I asked her if she was here for Ghost, and she just smiled that wonderful motherly smile at me. I told her to take good care of her and that I knew she would be in good hands with her.

At 4am Satan came over to me and just started hugging me and silently weeping. It was one of the saddess moments I have seen, to see him there just holding me and crying, we just rocked each other back and forth. After a few minutes he asked me if he should put Ghost in the other room. Why I asked, how is she. He then looked at me and said, sweetheart, she is gone, she passed away about 1/2 hour ago.

Since 4am I have done nothing but sob. My two other dogs are also so sad. We went into the living room where Ghost lay looking ever so peaceful. Both of my girls walked over to her, heads down sniffing and slowly wagging their tails in a low slow motion. We all said goodbye and Satan put her through to the other room.

So my mum did come and take her into her realm. I am still trying to say goodbye to her after nearly two years of losing her, to see her in my meditation/dream state coming to get Ghost has just made this even more sad.

So I am trying to say goodbye my friend, my sweet loveable Ghost. You were such an amazing dog. You were the kindest most gentlest dog. I will never forget you. I will always love you.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Some Days Are This Exciting.....(yes that is sarcastic)

Lets see.....what can I tell you about that you don't already know about bipolar woman....she seems to have moved on to my friend, poor girl, I could only console her and give her advise from the trauma bipolar has put me through.

Mangey's computer still seems to be down, so please go to her blog and show that you have read and reread her entries, it will make her feel loved when she comes back on line!! Either that or I can pretend to be her and blog about something totally odd, even for me or her for that matter! But I won't be that evil, I couldn't do that to her, I have felt her vengence before, and its not pretty.

I finally purchased the new Harry Potter dvd today, and while I was in the purchasing mode, I also purchased Van Helsing, even though some people have said it sucked..(ha ha no pun intended) I still needed to have it. Just because. I also tried to purchase a winter solstice gift for Satan (as we are not celebrating Christmas) but the store didn't carry Grand Theft Auto, San Andres....however they did have the book of cheats for the I got that for him....although I don't know what good it will do if he doesn't have the game...."look Satan, here is the cheats for a game you wish you could a good boy now and go look at the pictures in your cheat book!!" No, I will purchase the actual game for him, even if I have to purchase on line when I am running out of time to purchase gifts.....

Ok, well that is about all my excitement....too much for you all to handle ( you all....WTF, have I been reading Non Girlfriend's blog too much and I am writing in a subliminal Texan accent!!)...guess I will go make some dinner now....

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Two Days of Absolutely Nothing!!!!

As I have nothing new to talk about being I have been in my house now for two days straight only to be let out to check the mail...I have been looking at the Quizez to do....oh yeah, and I watched some movies; Freaky Friday, with Lindsey Lohan (why, oh why did I watch this?), I started to watch the 1st Freaky Friday with Jodi Foster..but couldn't get past the first 30 minutes, but I also watched Bridget Jones' Diary...and watched the 40 most awesomely bad Metal songs ever....watched my soap that was on yesterday....watched Marilyn Manson I had tivoed on David Letterman...oh yeah, tried waxing my legs...that is the most painful thing I think I have ever done to took me two hours to do one leg, and I still have the other leg to go, maybe I will do that today with the other tub of wax I have.......and quizzed myself enjoy the following quizzez I found on my weekend of absolutely nothing....

Friday, November 26, 2004

What Underworld Character Are You

SELENE: You are selene!
Beautiful, vivacious,
fierce and seductive, Selene vowed she would
destroy Lycans after her family was murdered by
the werewolves. So ruthless is she that selene
is a member of the Death Dealers. This elite
Vampire warrior class's mission is to make the
Lycans extinct.
Ever wish you could be a

Which UNDERWORLD character are you?
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What Song Describes Your Opinon in Love

Closer--- Nine Inch NailsYou let me violate you,you let me desecrate you,you let me penetrate you,you let me complicate you.
Help me! I broke apart my insides.Help me! Ive got no soul to sell.Help me! The only thing that works for me,help me get away from myself!
I want to fuck you like an animal.I want to feel you from the inside.I want to fuck you like an animal.My whole existence is flaud.You get me closer to god.
You can have my isolation,you can have the hate that it brings,you can have my absence of faith,you can have my everything.
Help me! You tear down my reason.Help me! So its your sex I can smell.Help me! You make me perfect.Help me become somebody else!
I want to fuck you like an animal.I want to feel you from the inside.I want to fuck you like an animal.My whole existence is flaud.You get me closer to god.

What song describes your opinion in love?
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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


You are Vlad the Impaler. The man behind the legend
of Dracula. You hanged your victims, stretched
them on the rack, burned them at the stake,
boiled them alive, but mostly impaled them.
Most of your killings were politically targeted
but sometimes you killed just because you were
bored. Your "reign of terror" lasted
from 1456 to 1462. Estimated numbers of victims
vary between 30,000 and more than 100,000.Evil Evil man. Fie on you!

Which Imfamous criminal are you?
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God Damn Your Righteous Hand.....

Thanksgiving blows...

I don't understand this fake holiday, fake in the fact that this is the only day where most fuck heads that don't give a shit about anyone decide to act like righteous do gooders and act caring and loving to the rest of us. Case in point: people who you rarely speak to as they don't give a damn about you the rest of the year ask you what you will be doing on thanksgiving, and act like they care about your them I say fuck you, I am doing the same ole shit I have been doing this whole god damn year....did you give a flying fuck on those days???

Why do we feel we have this need to spend a day with people we really can't stand, and end the day so pissed off we can't wait to get home...(maybe thats the reason we are saying thanks, thanks we don't have to live with these people)

Why do people spend countless hours fretting about the food they have to prepare for this one we normally freak out when we have dinner the rest of the year?? Do people cook turkey other times of the year? Maybe if they did, they wouldn't have this huge anxiety about cooking the bird on this have the whole year to get this cooking thing down...why do you keep putting it off until Thanksgiving??

Why do the news media decide to cover the homeless on this day (and of course christmas) at the soup kitchen, getting their turkey dinner surved by the "good hearted" people who gave up their Thanksgiving (and christmas) to serve the food to the homeless...Where the fuck is the news media covering the homeless the rest of the year when they are standing in line at the soup kitchen for their food, as the real "good hearted" people are there serving them....where did the rest of the good hearted people go? Back to their selfish life so they can forget about the homeless for the rest of the year as they feel their one good deed a year has been they can walk by the homeless person they fed on thanksgiving the rest of the year and give them a flithy look and not put change in their cup, and mutter get a job loser......

Ah yes, Thanksgiving, that fake always brings out the best in me......

Monday, November 22, 2004


I am techno challenged. I have tried to burn a cd and all I did was install it to my computer. So now my computer has the cd on it, but I can't for the life of me try and burn it onto a cd. I then went to itunes as I received a free gift card of 5 free music downloads....oh my god....I can't even do that....what is wrong with me.....I am a download retard!

However, I was able to update Mangey's fave list and set up her groovie list. But I wouldn't have been able to do that if Liz hadn't walked me through it when I first set up my blog....

In other is so fucking freezing here today. My hands are so frozen, I think I need to put on my gloves in the house. I have the heater on, but it seems not to be working on me. I think my poor dogs would take there fur off if they could, as I am sure it feels like a sauna in here to them. But to me, I feel like I am sitting inside an ice chest!! There is still ice stuck to my car and it is 11:30 in the morning!! I think the few hummingbirds that are still here are even wearing booties and scarves today!

Ok, must try and get some work is my office day today....however the low body heat that I am experiencing is not making me want to do much office work. I don't think I would last too long on the frozen if I am a plane crash victim and I happen to crash in a snow capped mountain range, and I survive, and if you happen to be on my plane and feel the need to be a cannibal to survive, all I ask is if you will wait till I am dead before you begin eating me. Although I will be so frozen, I am sure I won't even feel you gorging on me as I lie in the snow wallowing in my frozen misery..........

So I guess I will go back to trying to burn these cds...I am pathetic.....

Thursday, November 18, 2004

You Are Amy Lee!

Gothy, expressive, woman-in-painWho looks damn good in a corset"When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tearsWhen you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears"

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A Few Things That Happened On The Way To Work.....

Its been a very hectic week, and its Friday tomorrow!! Woo Hoo!! And I get my hair colored tomorrow!! YIPPEEE!! I am back in track with school, and have been trying to put in as many hours as I can there, one reason I have been missing in action in the blogsphere.

I have 100 hours down with school, 500 more to go! YAY!!!!

Recent sightings this week:

Benjamin Bratt walking in the Haight going into a natural food store (or was that last week, these past weeks have run into each other)

a woman that SHOULD NOT have been wearing thong know its bad, when the so called thong underwear that is supposed to be hiding the so called panty line, is the panty line in the too tight of pants this woman had wedged herself into! (reminded me not to eat that chocolate chip cookie that looked fab at the time)

a woman putting on mascara in her rear view mirror, driving, and talking on her cell phone (that was glued to her ear with her other hand) (WTF, are you driving with your feet or your knees?)

man walking down the street in San Francisco wearing bright bright yellow, and pulling his shirt up over his head to wear his shirt like the flying nun hat (oh yes, he was crazy)

These are just a few of the wacked out people I came across this week, and yes Mr. Bratt was in the mix, being he was in that celebrity, "I'm a celebrity, don't notice me, but do you notice me, but don't notice me, but do you think you noticed me" mode.......

and the beat goes on.........

Saturday, November 13, 2004

This is Home, This is Mean Street

Had a conversation with Mangey today about an evil rapist that was on the loose in AZ, and the conversation turned to how we make sure we are aware of our surroundings, and how important it is to do this when we women are by ourselves.

Case in point: the other week I was coming back to the parking garage in San Francisco, and was paying my ticket at the little pay station before going back to my car. As I was paying, out of the corner of my eye I noticed someone "hovering" a little to close for my liking. I turned around and there was this middle aged kinda weirdo looking guy staring at me. He wasn't in line, he was just staring...Ok whatever freak I was thinking. So I start walking over to the elevator, (figures I am parked on the 9th floor) I push the button for the elevator, when all of a sudden here comes freakazoidweirdo still acting weird. Now, I am thinking he paid for his parking ticket a little to fast to be at the elevator with me already. So I turn around and glare at him. And he just kinda does his weirdo stare back at me. And we are the only two at this elevator. Ok, I am getting the not good feeling vibe starting. So, I turn around and walk away as there is another set of elevators on the other side of the parking lot, and if said freakazoid weirdo is thinking of being weird at me or to me, he is going to have to come catch me. I am not easy prey fuck head. So needless to say, he realized I was on to his freakazoidweirdo thing and didn't follow me.

So to all of my home girls out there when you are by yourself, be careful and aware of those freakazoidweirdos out there. Don't put yourself into a situation you don't really want to be in. I could have taken my chances and gotten into the elevator with FZW, and he could have been harmless, but ya know, I don't want to find out if he isn't...and walking out of my way to the other set of elevators is a lot easier than having to kick someone's ass in an elevator that I wasn't in the mood to do.

It also really sucks that men don't have this having to be "aware" vibe. As when I went to see Marilyn Manson the other week with Satan and our friend Chris, we are walking down Market Street in SF, and I am doing my usual it is Market Street so I am going to walk fast so if anyone is going to mess with me, your gonna have to catch me walk, and Satan and Chris are both wondering why I am walking so fast. So I tell them that this is my normal "city" walk. They were like, well you don't have to walk that fast now, you are with us. But it totally sucks that us as women feel that we have to be on guard from weirdos, creeps, and freaks at all times.

So just be careful out there on those mean streets sistas!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Perfection is Over Rated

Alright I will have to start this blog all over again, I had a post with the spirit animal attached to it, from Liz blog, however, it is just frozen as a draft and won't publish. Whatever. I did come up as the Owl though, which is interesting, as I had an owl incounter earlier in the week.

Lest I forget, Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad! Hope you are celebrating where ever you two may be!! I will make sure to celebrate today too!!

Last night Satan and I went climbing, it was most amusing as I think Satan must have been wearing his chick magnet devise. Where ever we went in the gym last night there were all these chickas either swooning at him as he was climbing, or trying to flirt with him. I think I was invisible, but it was rather funny. The best was the little brazen hussie who was trying to get him to climb with her...oh yeah, she was about 10 years old!! She kept coming over and asking if she could climb with him. I think she may have thought he was one of the instructors in the gym, as she was with a climbing birthday party...but I think she was just a hussie!!

I seem to do my best "ah ha" moments when climbing. As the one last night I had was the realization that I am not perfect. and for that most of my life I have been chasing this dream of perfection. I think I realized last night that I am insane. Why have I done this most if not all of my life? I finally realized last night that it is ok not to be perfect. Every thing I have ever tried to do and wasn't perfect at I have quit mid way through just so that I don't have to be tortured that I wasn't perfect at that particular thing. However, after quitting, I then beat myself up about quitting as I wasn't perfect at whatever I was doing...ridiculous, I know.

The fact that I found this out while climbing is even interesting, as I am no where near perfect at climbing. But I enjoy climbing so much that it doesn't bother me that I am not perfect at it. And that is when the "ah ha" happend. Why do I do things I don't like just to try and be perfect at something I don't enjoy. I have done it with all the jobs I have had (except for when I was an aerobic instructor, I enjoyed that), I have done it with hobbies I have had in the past (I was a dance major in College, but stopped doing that, as the teacher kept telling me I wasn't perfect)
I thought it was a competitiveness I had, but now I realize I was just trying to be perfect at things I couldn't possibly do, or even liked doing.

So today is the first day of my unperfect life, and I am feeling quite happy. How strange. I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off of me. So here are some of the things that I am not perfect with and I really am ok with it.

1. first and foremost, my job...(gee thats where most of my angst comes from)
2. my weight ( guess I will never be Madonna, and that is ok)
3. my teeth ( yes, I have been blessed with the english gene on the teeth, but hey its ok!) finances ( and who else has perfect finances?)
5.climbing ( but I love it)
6.making decisions ( and this I always try and do the right thing, what for?)
7.being on time
8.following through with things (obviously) choices in life
10. not be honest with myself

And I can deal with it.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Under the Milkyway

I have to get up at the lovely hour of 4:45 am each day until school is over (6 months). That is the hardest part of this going back to school thing. I love sleeping. And it really is hard getting up each day to get out the door for 6 am to go to school.

However, what I have found out to be the most enjoyable thing about my early mornings is my walking in the pitch dark dog walks. Yes, I am one of those insane crazy dog ladies that has to take her dogs on their walks everyday! And this now means getting out the door for 5:10am for my first of two dog walks. Where Satan and I live, there are no street lights, and everyone is still sleeping (except me) at this time in the morning in our neighborhood, so stargazing is the most spectacular thing at 5:10 am.

Did any of you catch the incredible sight of the two planets amazingly close to each other? I think it was Venus and Mars(?) . It was a beautiful sight, which ever two planets they were, with all the other stars shimmering around them. I also have been seeing all the stars my dad used to point out to me as a child, interesting that I can remember all the names of them.

The other great thing about the early morning dog walk is how quiet it is. It is very peaceful. This morning I actually crept up on a owl in a tree. It was quiet cool, knowing I was the only one who would probably be seeing that this morning. The only thing that would have made this morning any better was if I could have gone back to bed after the walk...............

Saturday, November 06, 2004

4 Years is not 4 ever..........

My father would have turned 80 years old this week. Happy Birthday to you Dad! My Mother and Father would have been married 44 years this coming week. Happy Anniversary to you both!! My Father has been gone from this earth 21 years just October past. Mum will have been gone coming up to 2 years this coming February. After catching up on everyones blogs over the last couple of days, its interesting to see how many people are pissed off by the election. Yeah, I was frustrated, and disgusted for about a couple of hours, then got back to my daily grind....I did my part and voted, that is about as political as I can be. So what does the election and saying happy birthday to my father, and happy anniversary to my parents have in common? Absolutely nothing,...I think.....

However, if given the choice, I would live the rest of my life with "W" as president, if I could have my parents back. Even for four more years to have my parents back. But that isn't going to happen, and having "W" for president isn't forever. However, having my parents gone is forever.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Dope Show

Lets see over the last 24 hour period the following has occurred:

Went to see Marilyn Manson play at the Warfield. Per usual he puts on a very entertaining show. Our friend Chris went with Satan and I to the show, it was his (Chris') first Manson show, needless to say, he said he has never seen anything like it. The show and the crowd, he was referring to. The opening act was an AC/DC cover band...A tribute band to the Bon Scott days....And they were chicks..They were pretty good. However the lead singer remind me of one of Mangey's old friends, "Roberts", however "Roberts" would of had to have grown a good foot and 1/2 to be this woman. However, everything else about her was Mangey's friend. The chick who was "Angus" had the full boy outfit on, including hat. I have finally found the whereabouts to stunt nerd, as "Angus" was the spitting image of Stunt Nerd all grown up.

During Manson's set, this strange cat like individual comes down the stairs from above me and decides to "perch" herself on the back of the chair of the guy in front of me. So she is sitting nearly on my lap. She is totally oblivious that I am there. Now, sensing my personal space was being invaded and not wanting me to cause a seen, Satan puts his arm around me, in a "its ok, chill" type of way. Anyway, catwoman is sitting with legs crossed perched on the chair back hunched forward, head in hands. She starts rubbing her hands through her hair, and then clutches the sides of her face and starts crying....Ok, whatever, please take your personal problems elsewhere, we are in the vampyregirl zone of no help here..... (Chris later thought it must have been a "sad" love song Manson was singing at that point, as he had no clue to what was going on). Next song, she snaps out of her crying act and starts making cat like maneuvers with her arms (like a cat washing its face) I think she may have been on her way to an audition for the broadway show Cats, and maybe got side tracked by the Manson show. This odd cat like behavior went on for the next song. She then stands up, and starts doing cat like maneuvers standing up ( like a cat playing with an imaginary cat toy). I think the evilness of my mind control worked because she then proceeds to fall down the last few steps there were to the bottom of the row. Oh darn how sad. Get your freaky catself away from me.... You have been warned!!!!!! So the rest of the show to safe guard the seat in front of me wouldn't be a cat perch again, I put my vampyre boot up on to the back of the chair, for if she sat down here again, she would have one pointy boot up her ass! However, the rest of the show went on without the cat coming back to perch.

And last but not least, I did go out and vote. I was most sadden to find out that there were no raving band of Republicans trying to intimidate me into voting a certain way, which I had heard was happening at some polling locations. But seeing a deafened lack of sleep makeup smudged goth chick, still wearing previous nights attire coming to the polls, I think they may have run in the other direction in fear they might be having said Vampyre boot up their ass'!

Sunday, October 31, 2004

All Hallows Eve

Tomorrow is almost here!!!!


As I have been having crickets jumping out at me over the past several days, in the bathroom, the kitchen, in my office, and jumping along the fireplace....I thought I would check it out in my animal-wise book, for anyone else who is being stalked by crickets or if any of you give a shit:

Crickets in the home were often thought of as the familiar that watched over and guarded the home's occupants-especially against bad spirits. In the 1800s many people believed that crickets were lucky to have about the house and would do no harm if treated well.

Crickets are also known as bushcrickets, and although they are related to the grasshopper, they have a distinct symbology. They have been kept as pets. Many believing them to be the reincarnation of relatives. They have been considered a familiar by some and the devil by others, (either one would be hanging out in my house, that I am sure of!)

The appearance of cricket heralds an awakening of sensitivities and the finding of light within the dark. This is primarily because of their nocturnal activity and their darker coloration. Their appearance reminds us to trust our own intuition, as it is much more accurate than we may believe.

So either my parents are hanging out with me right now in the form of cricket, (as day of the dead is 2 days away). Or, there was a cricket in my house, and now has decided to give birth, hence the cricket explostion.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Don't Like This Ride I Am On Today...Can I Get off Of It Now?

4 days to go.....

Why is it that I will have a few good days and then I get this bummed out feeling come back? And I realized the other day that I have pretty much had this bummed feeling with me as long as I can remember.

I remember in grade school right through high school, I had it and thought it was just the feeling of teenage angst. But now that I am in my 30's I still have it. It usually comes on when I am by myself for long periods of time. Here I am having an office day today, and I have that bummed feeling again. I wouldn't call it depression, as I have been depressed, and it is definitely not that. Maybe it is boredom and I take it for bummed. Hmm...don't know...or maybe it is just that dark personality which is me.

Anyway, I hate feeling this way. There is no reason for me to be bummed today. I am home, the sun is out, I am here with my girls, but still the feeling doesn't go away. Mangey, are you like this? I seem to remember you feel this way when you are around people. Interesting.

It also could be that I haven't been out of this house all day as it has been to fucking cold to go outside. I think the high today is like 39 degrees. That is just plane wrong. Ok, well guess I will try and get out of this funk...maybe I will try and exercise...however, I am one big ache and pain today as I over exercised on Tuesday and yesterday Satan and I went climbing, so just breathing hurts today. Damn situps...why do we need them?

It is quite ironic, I just read the preview of my blog and looked at the photo I chose today for Manson....and how he looks in the photograph is basically how I am feeling right just imagine that is me...but with more hair.....

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A Brief History Lesson

6 days and counting.....

As my mind is of a blank (gee what's new) tonight, I will leave you with some fascinating facts about Halloween you may or may not know about:

1. Historians can trace the source of Halloween to the Celts of the British Isles, who divided the year into only two seasons: summer and winter. At summer's end, they held a festival called Samhain, also known as the Celtic New Year.

2. Samhain was a time to celebrate the harvest, acknowledge the past, and look toward the future.

3. Those who had died in the past year were remembered and food was left for their spirits, which were said to be present as the year changed.

4. On Samhain night, all home fires were extinguished to represent the end of the year.

5. A huge new fire was built by Celtic priests (druids) and everyone re-lit their hearth fires with embers from the sacred fire.

6. It is said that Celts carried the embers from the sacred fire back to their home in hollowed out turnips, (the early version of the jack o' latern)

7. The Celts believed that the transition from the old year to the new created a sort of wrinkle in time, events that took place on this night existed outside of real time.

8. During this crossroads between past and present, magical creatures such as fairies were especially active, the fairy mounds were open on Samhain, and fairies were free to come out and create mischief.

9. Humans needed to protect themselves from tricky fairies, so some believe that wearing disguises to confuse the fairies may have been part of the Samhain ritual.

10. As Christianity took hold in Britain and Ireland around the seventh century, they developed a new spin on the nature spirits and gods that the Celts had believed in. They were recast as demons, devils, and witches.

___these ten facts are taken from the book "Halloween" by Joanne O' Sullivan

Monday, October 25, 2004

Lest We Forget!

Oh Yes, the Count down has begun.....7 days to go till Manson at the Warfield!!

And, I have updated the covenphoto blog for your viewing pleasure.
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Friday, October 22, 2004

The Crying Game

I got my hair colored today. Got rid of the grey! Yahoo!! While I was getting my hair colored my stylist's assistant (I'll call her Red) is telling me the story of how she accidentally hit her hand on her steering wheel the other day and ripped her acrylic nail (including actual nail) right off her finger. Well, it didn't actually rip off, it kinda flipped up and stayed there. So now, she has her finger bandaged up but is in major pain as you can imagine.

So, my hairstylist and I are telling her she should go to the doctor to get it checked out before it gets infected. So we start telling her that she will probably get a shot in her finger to numb the pain so they can rip the the rest of the nail off. She is looking at us like we are insane, and she is holding on to her finger. So I said, "yeah, and what if they decide it is beyond the "Paula Abdul" stage and they need to hack your finger right off."

Now, at this point for some reason my hairstylist and I think this is funny, and start laughing about Paula Abdul and her bondage thumb. We are laughing and making more jokes about Paula Abdul, and then we look in the mirror to see Red sitting at the front desk, crying her eyes out!!

What are you crying for I ask? She says, what if they do have to give me a shot and take my finger off?? We totally freaked her out! Wow. That was pretty interesting to be able to bring someone to tears like that. I have only been able to do that on one other occasion that I know of.

This goes way way back to when Satan was still in England before he lived here. I had spoken with Satan on the phone and he had confirmed that he was definitely coming out at Christmas to see me. Well, it is official I thought. So what do I do about the guy I had been seeing up until now. Well, I better tell him, I don't want to be with him anymore.

The dude I was seeing comes over to my house, and I am like, ok this is the night I tell him. So, he is sitting in my house, and I tell him I don't want to see him anymore. And I do the it's not you, its me. I am not interested in you, and don't want to lead you on, so I think it is best if we end it. He just sits there staring at me. And suddenly, these huge crocodile tears are welling up in his eyes and rolling down his face!!! He starts bawling his eyes out! And I'm like what the fuck dude, sooner or later you would have told me this, and I have just beaten you to the punch. So I just sit there staring at him. And he is all, "do you mean it? Do you really want me to leave?" And by now he has the crying induced snot happening and he is trying to wipe his eyes and his snotty nose. So I say, "Uh yeah, I do mean it."

Now being I had never made a man cry before, I just sat there in disbelief thinking, ok dude...its not like we have been seeing each other for very long...And I am kinda glad I found out about your clingyness now before we progressed.

So we sat in silence (well I sat in silence, he sobbed) for about 10 minutes, and then he gathered himself together, and says, ok, well, if that's what you really want......." (Uh yeah, otherwise I wouldn't have said it).... And then got his jacket and left. I never saw him again.

But it is a very odd feeling to bring someone to tears. However, I didn't feel bad about the dude, but Red was really sad, watching her cry out of fear of her finger being hacked off. So I went over to her and gave her a hug, and said, just think of the great story you will have to tell me in four weeks when I am back here!! She just looked at me, and smiled and started to laugh. See, I may be evil, but I am not heartless!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Devil's Candy

Was out with my coworker yesterday. Need I say more. Didn't shop too much, as I actually didn't buy anything yesterday...But on Sunday when we were on our way to our meeting, stopped off at Nordstrom and bought some cool boots, because they were there.

Anyway, yesterday was having another melt down re: bipolar woman, and was able to rant to coworker about her. Got it out of my system, and this morning I woke up and was very calm. Called bipolar and actually had a civil conversation with her, so getting the rant out of my system worked.

But on Sunday, my coworker and I headed down to the meeting early as it is 3 hours from my house, so we stayed the night at a hotel. So we would be at the meeting for Monday on time, as we are notoriously late when we are together. Anyway, we were up till like 2:30 in the morning laughing our asses off. About what? Well let me tell you.

The other week I was with my coworker and she was craving chocolate and stuff, she is on the South Beach Diet, so she wanted to know what she could have, so we stopped at Walgreens and picked up some low carb stuff, and some low carb jelly bellys. So she starts tearing into the jelly bellys like no tomorrow, and I'm looking at her like, you are gonna be sorry in a couple of hours that you at that whole bag. What do you mean she says, as she can't stop eating them. For all of you out there who have had the low carb jelly bellys, you know the mountain of poo that you do within the four hours after you have eaten them. She had no clue. Until she got home, and couldn't believe what came out of her. Mount Poo.

Anyway, we have renamed those Jelly Bellys, they are now called the Devils Candy, and what comes out of your ass is none other than Satan's Sauce. This is what we were up laughing about till 2:30 in the morning, and decided we were going to go and find some Devils candy, and bring it to the meeting, put it in a bowl, and put it in the center of the table, and watch bipolar and our other coworkers snark on the Devils candy and watch what happens at the fourth hour of the meeting. Heh Heh heh....... oh yes, my coworker is just as evil as I.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Captive on the Carousel of Time

New opportunities are coming into view which I am very excited about!! I think that I have set the wheel in motion, that I am starting to see the potential of what can actually be for a great career and money making venture!! The key right now is not to to stop the motion, as in so many instances I have done just that, where I have seen the possibilities of certain things, but then have sat back and have done nothing. Which of course led me to nothing.

But I see this as something completely different than anything I have ever done, and I see that it is possible! And now with MC sparking an interest in this new adventure as well, I think that it will be even better with her help too!! I know I am being vague, about just "what" it is I am preparing to do, however, I don't want to give the "farm" away just yet, if ya know what I mean.

The interesting thing about this whole new "venture" is that this time last year, is when I started to question what I am supposed to be doing...and that I wasn't happy at where I was with work...and what my future held for me. This feeling I had, had nothing to do with my personal self, as my "home" is in good working order with Satan and the "kids", it was more me and what my soul needed out of life.

So, in looking through all my journals of last year, I do see that it was about this time last year I started my soul search. I didn't know what it was, but I knew I needed to change in order for me to feel happy and worthwhile. Now, I see the searching is starting to pay off sort of speaking, and if I don't get with the things that are starting to come my way, I will be back to where I was, which was frustrated and wandering what could have been. And the funny thing is, if I look back at to the very beginning of starting this blog, it was just that too that I was looking for, was an answer to what it is I am supposed to do with my life. Someone is listening...or something is listening.... the universe works in mysterious ways.......

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

About A Boy

Today was one of those days that doesn't happen very often. I actually had a pretty good day. So as usual when this happens, I don't have much to say, as when I am in a good mood, I can't think of anything to write.

However, I will tell you about my Hugh Grant encounter today. I had a meeting with a prospective new account today. So I meet him, and we go to Starfucks for some coffee, and I am sitting there talking to him thinking, ok I know this guy, or I have seen him somewhere before...Duh....He looks just like Hugh Grant minus the accent. I am such a retard sometimes. Anyway the meeting went well, and turns out he is actually someone who has "serious" connections in this business, and wanted to know what my background was, as he said I was very informative and had such good business sense.. I told I have been in this industry for 16 + years and that in the next few years I plan to have my own business.. So we get talking about all the contacts he knows, and if I am "serious" about it, he could totally help me out. So yet, another contact falls in my lap regarding my career move. So the universe is definitely sending me these people for a reason. And re: my last blog, if I stay in my current job for much longer than needed, I will get kicked again by corporate America. No thanks, been there done that, I'm getting off the Corporate America ride of death thank you very much.

Oh yes, and on my way to my next appointment, I got a call from an account that I thought wasn't interested, and turns out they want to open one asap!! And the account that I went to next is opening a new location by the end of the month, and gee, could they open another one please.....

Like I said, these good days don't happen that often...Oh and by the way...I didn't see or speak to my boss all day today...Could it get any better? Maybe I should go out and get a Lotto ticket or something......

Monday, October 11, 2004

BOHICA (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again)

This lovely term I got from my friend, Hil, however, it is a well used term, I can tell you. I just found out today that we will be getting a new V.P. of Sales starting in November, and wouldn't ya know it, he comes from the same fuckin' company I just left 7 months ago!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! The only thing that I am happy about is by the time he gets his full claws into this position, I will be graduating and giving a big middle finger salute "adios amigos, I'm so outta here!!!!! "

So my timing couldn't be much better. And it only makes me more aware that I am on the right track of getting out of this business!! If you are in it long enough, the shit you flushed down the toilet and left behind, will back up and come flooding out once again!!

Also, I can feel the ole hormones a knocking on October's door and they aren't the friendly ones I can tell you this, it looks like a raging fest will be had by these fuckers this month. Oh happy day. Well, it would be only Monday now wouldn't it??? Motherfuckersonofabitch, this weeks forecast looks: FUCKED UP!!

Friday, October 08, 2004


Devil Worshipper
You've probably been called possessed loads of times, you're pure rebellion, you won't let anyone tell you what to do, and you wouldn't set foot in a Christian church unless to blaspheme it. If anyone was ever stupid Enough to mess with you, you'd probably murder them!

Reach Out Touch...FATE!

The skies here are starting to cloud over, that means rain is on its way. I am actually quite happy to see the darker skies (although ask me again how much I enjoy it in February). I can feel All Hallows Eve approaching as well. And I like it.

I am still quite intrigued how you meet people at different times of your life for a reason. Case in point the woman who I met a couple of months ago who is starting up her own salon. It made me start thinking of how that is what I want to do . So the ball started to roll. I have been in touch with her since our first meeting... And she is going to be having an extra room at her place and wants to know if I would like it for when I get my license. She called today and the ball keeps rolling along, we talked about me doing makeup at her studio on weekends which I can do without a license, but will get my foot in the door with clients so when I do get my license, I will have the clientele.. She is excited as she isn't good at makeup, but always wanted to have the salon to do makeup as well, so now she is going to add that on to her list of services.

There was a reason I met her at this time of my life. Interesting how we seem to talk like we have known each other for years. If anyone has read Sacred Contracts or know of it, I feel like she was one of those "spirits" who said, I will meet you at this date in time in your life. See you then. It is a trip. I can't explain it any other way. There have been random times in my life where people have come into my life for a reason, and I know it when I meet them. I am just thankful that I am "aware" of them. Satan was definitely one of those people. There was such an instant chemistry there that had never had been with anyone. So the moral of this story, is be "aware" of who you come in contact with, you never know what message they will have for you, all you have to do is just.....Listen.........................

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

View From Padded Cell Block 3

As I sat in class today we were discussing what gross things people can get such as scabies, ringworm, pink eye, head lice....and my instructor says "everyone will have head lice at least once in their life...especially if you are a mom you will have to deal with your kids coming home with head lice.unless you are a superhero or I know with my 3 kids all of them have come home with it"

Ok, I have never had lice, nor do I believe I ever will, and growing up my sisters and I never had was my mum a superhero? Well, I know to me she was, but I never knew she actually was to the outside world as well. I think she just educated us about these things and made sure that we didn't share combs and things with our fellow classmates...

So anyway, I just thought I needed to send "props" to my mum yet again, for being that amazing woman, who took care of her kids, kept them out of trouble (yes, you too Mangey), kept them clean and healthy, free of any broken bones, and head lice. And oh, by the way, did I tell you we all lived in a padded cell??

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

House of Wax

I can't believe how exhausted I feel at this moment in time. It could be that Satan and I went climbing tonight, and that always makes me way tired...But having school added to my day, when I have been used to doing fuck all for what seems like forever...I am wondering if my old body will get used to this.

However, at school today we learned how to apply fake eyelashes (OOHH AAHHH) and how to wax!! (look out Satan, here comes wax practice!) It seems really odd that I am going to school to learn girlie things. However, I already knew how to apply fake eyelashes, but it was good learning the single application ones, and waxing I have done, but not with someone teaching me, so that is good to know the correct way now! I only have 574.5 hours left before I get my license!! Is someone counting down the days and hours?? What ever gave you that idea??

On one other note, my boss I think tried to "catch" me going to school and not working......However, she forgot one thing about me.....I am very devious, and I will prevail! HA!!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Weekend Update

Satan's parents are back home. We dropped them off at the airport yesterday. It was sad to see them go, but it is nice to have my house back. I am very anti social, and having guests in my house for an extended period of time, is exhausting. But Satan's parents are very sweet, and I love them dearly, so it was good having them here.

Nothing really new to update, just work, school, and work basically. My boss is still bipolar, she is now freaking out that I am at school. Whatever. School is still great, I now give Satan daily facials for practice, and he loves it. He is now asking for them before I ask him if I can practice!

Oh and the most exciting news of the weekend: We got tickets for Marilyn Manson who will be in San Francisco at the Warfield on November 1st! Yippee!! Very excited, as I missed him last time he came around. So it should be alot of fun, as Satan is going and so is our friend Chris! I asked Liz if she wanted to go, but it is her birthday then, so I don't think spending it with Marilyn is her idea of fun. Oh well. Maybe next time Liz!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Doll Parts

There are three things that I can think of that I have phobias of.
1. Clowns- they are scary and evil, I can't look at them, I can't be by one, just the sight of one on tv makes me get the willies
2. Rodents- I become a screaming, leaping on chair girly girl when one is around, again, I can't even look at them when they are on tv
3. Dolls- especially hideous porcelain dolls with the blinking eyes, but all dolls in general give me the heebie geebies, except for Barbie, I think because I can smack her to the floor and stomp on her plastic body that her plastic head shoots off, I am ok with this, but the bigger dolls, no thanks.

You can imagine my delight at when at school they tell us that before we go and start doing facials on human victims, we get to practice on doll heads! Big scary doll heads that the hair stylists use when they are learning how to cut hair.

So, here I am trying to do a facial on this freakin doll that keeps looking at me with its freaky plastic eyes, and its scary plastic smile is giving me the willies, so I have to look away. I am now doing a facial looking away from my doll. I have now mastered the blind mans facial! What's next, doing facials with my hands tied behind my back..that's the bondage facial I will be learning that next week!

Monday, September 27, 2004

Your Really Lovely, (As I Peel Your Face Right off) Under Neath It All

School starts tomorrow. Not nervous, just anxious. Is that the same thing?? Looking forward to it, went and purchased a new book bag (Satan wanted to know why I had to buy a new bag, when I could start up my own bag shop), and pencils, pens, highlighting...ya know, the regular school stuff. Liz wanted to know if I purchased a lunch box. There is one I want and it is from the collection of Edward Gorey. I must purchase next time I see it. Then I can really be the weird old Goth chick in class.

So don't know how I will be blogging over the next few days, as I am also with my boss for the next two ( who had to ask me again, how I will manage school and work, yeah, like I work full time!) days, and starting school, and my inlaws are still here, plus I have to leave this house at the ungodly (or should I say Unsatan like hour) hour of 6:30 am....My sleeping patterns are gonna suck for the next 8 months...But still really excited that I am going to school.

So I will probably be in need of a few guinea pigs who will like to try all the latest face peels, waxs, and who else knows what. I already have had the conversation with Liz, I ain't doin no stinkin (and I do mean stinkin) Brazilian wax'! Liz was frightened, thinking I would have to do them, (and she didn't volunteer either)....So anyone in the bay area who is in need of a facial, and wouldn't mind an evil vampyre practicing on them, do let me know!! I will let you know when the practice sessions begin!! Heh Heh Heh..........

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Father Father, Help Us, Send Some Guidance From Above

I have a cell phone. Yes, I use it more than I should. However, when I drive, I do have a hands free set, so both hands are on the wheel. When I am in a store I either have it off, or leave it in my car. Right now, it is in my car as I am home, and have regular phone anyway if I need it.

However, people really piss me off with their over usage of the cell phone. Yesterday, we are in the climbing gym when Mr. Prick Climber (he is always a prick, but yesterday he was king of all pricks) is talking on his cell phone while belaying his climbing partner. (for those of you who don't climb, he was the one on the floor making sure that his partner would be safe as she climbed). Obviously, the person on the phone was more important to him than the life of his climbing partner. What a fuckin' Prick.

Next, we have mega bitch at the nail salon, getting her nails done, and yapping away on the phone very very loudly, while totally oblivious to Asian woman doing her nails. She was obviously oblivious to the rest of us in there who were giving her evil death ray looks while she yapped to her gal pal about their lunch plans. Who the fuck cares, lady get off the phone!

Fat bastard last weekend while we are at the "We Will Rock You" show in Vegas decides to leave his phone on, and gets a call during the show. He is in the row ahead of us, and we are in row 7. Excuse me asshole, didn't pay $97 to listen to you yap through this show, thanks.

And last but certainly not least, to the inconsiderate fuck head who decides to call everyone he or she has ever known while at the movie theater. What the Fuck??? Is it really that important to let everyone know you are at the movie theater?

What happened to the day when you walked out of your house and didn't use the phone until you came home again. Or if you really needed to talk to someone while you were out, you went and found a pay phone to use. Our lives have not gotten anymore important than it had 20 years ago, we just think we have.

I sometimes wonder what my father would say, who died 21 years ago, what he would think of this new techno age. Same thing he always said probably, God Damn sons of bitches, you don't need to speak to someone that bad, unless your dead, than it doesn't matter anyway.

As you can see I have my fathers sunny disposition!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Evil is As Evil Does

Yes, I do know I have been a big blogger week to go with the inlaws, then I should be back to my blogging self...but I also have school starting next week, so we will see how this goes....

Speaking of school, I told my boss yesterday. Now, she understands the evil of my ways...just releasing that evil everyday on the selected few is what I am here for.

Anyway, I went to take a class for work, and was at our main office, so when she came later on I said to her in my "serious voice" with my "serious face" on, "I need to speak with you in your office when you have a moment."

She gets this seriously worried look on her face, and says that she can talk to me now, so we go into her office. We sit down, and I just sit there not saying anything, ( as I wanted her to be the first to say something) so she goes, (still looking way worried) "so what's up? Is everything alright?"

So I say, " Well, you know I have put a lot of thought into my carrer over the last few weeks, and I feel like I need to do something more, so I just wanted to make you aware that as of this Tuesday........I will be going parttime to school."

WAAAAAAA!!!!! She thought I was going to say as of this Tuesday I am leaving!!! She was so relieved, and said, "oh my god, why did you do that too me, I thought it was going to be really bad news..that was so evil of you....Oh, that is great that you are going to school, you do know it is going to be hard working full time and going to school?" No duh, lady, but I said, " yes I do know this, however I am not getting any younger, and this is something I need to do."

So all is good on the school front with I just have to get used to these damn early mornings I will have to be up for over the next 8 months....that is what is gonna suck more than anything....

Beware! New photos of Red Rocks on PhotoBlog!

Monday, September 20, 2004

What Happened in Vegas, Didn't Stay in Vegas

Just got back from Vegas...had a good time...didn't win...but spent money...bought cool pants.....went to Red Rocks......climbed.....shouted at people for stopping in middle of road to stare at a donkey....its a fuckin donkey.....move out of the way if you want to stare at a donkey...its a fuckin donkey.....went to Queen musical, We Will Rock You, was really good......bought t-shirt...bought Kylie stuff for Mangey. gambled...lost....gambled...won....gambled...lost...looked at stuff....gambled.....dodged mexican guys handing out free porn photos on Vegas Strip...(do they go to "how to hand out free porn on the strip school??).....bought hysterical astrology book talking about the negative aspects of the zodiac.......came home....

going to bed now as I am one tired vampyre...have to get up early and go to work...oh yeah, and to figure out away to tell boss that I am going to school...goodnight everyone...

oh yeah, took liz quiz, and came out to be Marilyn Monroe.......and I am not even blonde....what the fuck??????????????

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Going To Sin City, Gonna Have Some Fun

Quick post today as I need to start packing for Vegas!! We leave in the morning tomorrow, and as none of us are morning people, we better get packing tonight!!

It is official, I am now a student!! I enrolled this afternoon in the school I have wanting to go to!! School starts Sept. 28th and finishes April 28th!! And they do official graduation ceremonies and shit, so Mangey, looks like you can come watch me graduate this time if you like!!

Alright, kids, I'm off to Sin City....wish me luck that I win big, as I now have a big school bill to come back to!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sympathy for the Devil

12 years ago today, I went to England with a friend that I had only been hanging out with for about 2 months. He was a friend by "association" with other friends I had.

He came to see me at work one day and told me he was going to England, I told him I wanted to go to, and he said, sure, there is this guy over there we can stay with.

Now, I am usually very nontrusting of people, and this would have been one of those times that I normally say no to, or not speak up, as I have that gut feeling that something isn't quite right. However, I didn't have that feeling 12 years ago, if anything, I had the gut feeling of this is the right thing to do. So here I am going to a foreign country with someone I have really only known for 2 months, to stay with "some" guy I don't even know....I have no idea where we are staying, who this guy is we are staying with as my friend is always rather vague on I leave...with no phone numbers to track me down with, no address to follow up on my whereabouts ....this is so unlike me..I am usually overly telling people where I am who I am with, what time I will be there till,, and every number you could ever imagine getting ahold of me with...a little paranoid I am (thanks to my over protective mother)....but not this time.

So why did I just up and leave on a wim? Well, when I have that feeling of I need to do this right now, I always act on it, and that is what I knew I had to do was go to England. Don't know why, I just had to go...right this minute 12 years ago on this very day, my gut instinct played into fates hands, as at the airport to pick us up, was this "guy" we could stay with.

Please to meet you, hope you guess my name...........

yes, 12 years ago, I met Satan, and life hasn't been the same since!

Monday, September 13, 2004

The Adventures of Stunt Nerd

I was chatting with Liz earlier this evening, and we were talking about how you tend to make that sound of air rushing out of your lungs and through your windpipe when you trip really hard.....and I suddenly had a flash going back at least 26 years of my friend flying through the air on her nerd bike, and crashing to the ground, not falling off, still holding on to the handle bars but crashing down hard on the seat. But not falling over....the sound she made of the air rushing out of her lungs, up threw her mouth and her head gear chattering as her head bobbled up and down from the force of the impact.....yes, the poor girl had to wear that "sixteen candles" head gear...not the full back jacket head gear, but ugly green velcro looking head gear...

She was a supreme nerd, and her death defying stunts on her nerd bike were priceless...however I couldn't help but laugh at her, laugh like I am about to pee laugh at her, laugh like I am crying my eyes out laugh at was the funniest thing I had ever seen, and she was soo mad at me...she rode on ahead of me to school not speaking to me...she didn't cry, which is amazing as she hit that seat well hard to make the strongest of men break down and cry...but not a wimper out of stunt nerd, except of course for the sound of the wind escaping her mouth as she crashed down on her bike seat.

Stunt nerd didn't speak to me for at least a good 3 days after that..she still showed up at my house to ride to school with me, but didn't speak to me...maybe her head gear had clamped her mouth shut, and I thought she was pissed at me for laughing at her??

Stunt nerd also had a mean right hook, as I remember on the last day of 6th grade she punched this girl that had been teasing her all year square in the nose, blood flying everywhere down this chicks pristine white blouse.... and the look of sheer satisfaction on stunt nerds face, was something I will never forget...All hail Stunt Nerd!!

There's A Bad Moon On the Rise

Mondays suck..just thought I should state the obvious. I did my yoga this morning, so I should be feeling all enlighted and crap, but unfortunately I am not.

It is another one of those days where I feel like throwing things..books, shelves, door stops, garbage cans(my father used to do that) but I don't think that would help, as I would just have alot of broken crap to pick up after my fit was over with.

See my good days don't last too long as my evil bad days seem to creep up and grab me. Although nothing too bad has happened, I just have that bad mood feeling coming on....

Yesterday I had to warn Satan's parental units (Satan Sr. mostly) that I was contents under pressure and to handle with care, as I was likely to erupt with no warning..that at least kept him at bay for most of the day....

We are going to Vegas on Friday (YIPPEE) so hopefully we can win big, and leave our fucking jobs and wander the universe searching for strange and unusual things!! That would be great...but I am sure I would still get these evil mood swings with all the money in the world, nothing can get rid of those....gee, I can only imagine what menopause will be like...I think I will preorder my padded cell for that lovely event, and speaking with my mother in law yesterday, she said that her menapause lasted for 5 years!! MOTHERFUCKERSONOFABITCH!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Photos of the Damned

3 New photos added to the coven photos!! ooh ahhh

Beauty School Drop In

Well, here's a big shocker, my boss is back to being a freak....I just agreed with everything she said...and it seemed to passify her...whatever...

Anyway...I went to the school I want to enroll in yesterday to get more facts about it..and it is actually going to be way easier than I thought!! I only need to go 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, and I can have my license in 8 months!! And I can also break up that 4 hours into 2 hour sessions, I can go in the morning, and also in the that would be cool, as I could go before work for 2 hours, then after work for 2 more hours...and on my so called "office" days I could pack as many hours into them as I I now just have to talk it over with Satan again, to make sure we can do this financially, as it is going to cost $7100...however, if I pay in full they knock $1000 that is an incentive!!

This is all I have been thinking about today, and not doing my so called "office day" work...however, I have been able to semi blog, as the parental units are outside in the garden today as it is not blistering hot like it has been for the last week.....

Now do I tell my bipolar boss that I am enrolling in school, I probably should, and I also remember hearing from when I went to new hire training that they pay for classes...I believe it is after you graduate, but still it would be nice to get a refund...must look into this...will look into that before telling boss, because if they do pay for school, than she cannot have any objections if corporate allows us to go to school...fuck it..why do I need a freaking boss' approval anyway...try and fire me...I will just go and collect unemployment, then I could go to school full time and graduate sooner....hmmmmm,,,,,,evil thoughts going through mind........

Thursday, September 09, 2004

No Good Day For You

ok, obviously I am not supposed to write about my good day...I just wrote this long fucking blog about how I had a good day and give a glimpse of what a good day to a Vampyre is...and what do ya know, I go to post it, and blogger decideds to dump the whole thing!!!Motherfuckersonofabitch....

Fuck this, I am going to watch the Apprentice....Blogger, you are so fired!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

This Is A Public Service Announcement

I haven't had time for blogging lately, and it is making me sad...I had to work yesterday...And no, not shopping working, I went and took a class from our school and it was actually quite good. My boss was in a good bipolar mood, so it was nice speaking with her..

As I was in class the instructor started talking about "free radicals" which are molecules gone bad basically, a quick science lesson: a stable molecule has 2 electrons for each of the protons...When the molecule goes bad, the electrons either aren't enough for the protons, or they have too many for the protons..And hence you get a free radical...Why does this concern you...Well these free radicals, are roaming around in the atmosphere looking for the electrons they are missing and steal from good electrons or just from other electrons in general, creating more damage...These free radicals mainly come from the sun, pollution, smoking, ect...And if left untreated, may cause cancer, or if they don't cause cancer, they will break down your collagen molecules and cause you to start premature aging....

Anyway, scientists have just started finding that there are more oral cancers starting to crop up,,,and most people would think it is due to smoking...Well they are finding that it is actually coming from all the whitening products they are now putting in toothpaste!!!!! So beware of whitening toothpaste that have hydrogen peroxide in them, as they may be cancer causing!!!

This has been a public service message to anyone who gives a shit...So lather on the spf kids, and stop whitening your teeth!!!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Yet, Another List of Crap About Me....

...Thirteen Random Things I Like:
1. sleeping in
2. makeup
3.Saturday Mornings
4. wet dog kisses
5. climbing
6. dogs
7. ghost hunting
8. eating chocolate
9. laughing to the point of peeing
10. Friday evenings
11. shoe shopping
12. autumn mornings
13. vampires

Twelve Good Movies:
1. Little Nicky
2. Practical Magic
3. Interview With the Vampire
4. Dracula (with Gary Oldmen)
5. the Wedding Singer
6. Love Actually
7. The Waterboy
8. The Lost Boys
9. Sid and Nancy
10. Harry Potter and the Sorcers' Stone
11. Lord of The Rings, the Fellowship of the Rings
12. Underworld

Eleven Good Bands or Artists:
1. Marilyn Manson
2. Aerosmith
3. The Cure
4. Black Eyed Peas
5. Evanesence
6. George Michael
7. Queen
8. Sisters of Mercy
9. Peter Murphy
10. Dead or Alive
11. Concrete Blonde

Ten Ways To Describe Me
:1. Black Hair
2. Hazel Eyes
3. Black Clothes
4. evil grin
5. evil laugh
6. 5'5 1/2
7. pale skin
8. wavy hair
9. widow's peak
10. small nose

Nine Good Friends
:1 Satan
2. Mangey
3. Rantboy
4. Liz
5. English boy
6. Tannis
7. Hilary
8. Chris

Eight Favorite Foods or Drinks
:1. Chocolate
2. Pizza
3. coffee
4. Brownies
5. chicken salad
6. chinease food
7. thai food
8. hamburgers

Seven Things I Wear Daily:
1. wedding ring
2. underwear
3. makeup
5. clothes
6. braclets

Six Things That Annoy Me:
1. children
2. stupid people
3. working
4. driving behind slow people
5. Monday morning conference calls
6. gaining weight

Five Things I Touch Everyday:
1. my dogs
2. Satan
3. my bed
4. my face
5. the remote control

Four Shows I Watch:
1. Days of Our Lives
2. What not To Wear (BBCAmerica)
3. Little Britan (BBCAmerica)
4. Amazing Race

Three People I Have A Crush On:
1. Satan
2. Marilyn Manson
3. Pete Burns (from the 80's)

Two Things I Hate:
1. People who hurt animals
2. Idiots

One Thing I Love:
1. My Husband

Breakfast In America

OK, OK Mangey, I am posting!!! Geezzz!!! Anyway, the parental units have arrived...and brought loads and loads o' chocolate!! So by the time October arrives I will probably be 10 pounds, I won't do that to myself as I know how hard it will be to get those 10 pounds off..... them out of the house for a bit, as Satan has taken them to Walmart and I gave Satan Sr. a mission to count how many obese greasy haired white trash people he can find in Walmart, as they should be out in full force at this time of the I said, I am not one for being pc......

And speaking of pc......on Sunday Liz, Jen, Hil, evil spawn, and I went to breakfast...and had majorly bad service, I told Liz she had better not leave a tip...and Liz and Jen being the good women that they are felt bad not leaving a tip, however, Hil (who can be quite evil herself, hence she created evil spawn) absolutely refused to leave a tip as well....and again from my previous post from before, why do we have to feel obligated to leave a tip when the service is so bad..isn't leaving a tip meant to say ,"hey thanks chick for the great service, you went out of your way to make my dining experience a pleasurable one." Now a days it like, "Hey my boss is a scum bag and only pays me barely minimum wage, and now I am counting on you to pay for the rest of my salary!" Well, again, in that same token, if I am your "said " boss " for the hour that I am dining in your establishment, that I am gonna treat you like I am the boss. And if you do what you are supposed to do , then you will get your tip.

HOWEVER, if you can't seem to know the difference between a wine glass and a cup, then you are not off to a good start, and when you need to be asked twice for that cup...don't tell me you have 6 things going on at once, well, yeah, you are a waitress....... and gee, then lets serve us, but forget evil spawns scrambled eggs....and say oh, its coming....when you just served us omletes, what, your chicken can't lay eggs that fast, and you had to wait for the scrambled eggs?? And then look at us like we are the ones with the problem, when we are finished with our meal, and finally bring evil spawns breakfast, and we now ask for a container for it as we need to go.....and then take forever retrieving plastic container, and then wait another 15 minutes bringing us our bill, and then never return to get the bill, and we have to hunt you down to pay...... sorry this boss says you are a fuckin' lousy waitress who needs to get out of the service industry and find something you are capable of doing...and no I am not going to leave you a tip for your lousy service, not to mention, your eye rolling skills............

I know there are alot of waiters and waitresses out there who should be paid alot more and should get the tips that they deserve, and for those of you who are those people, I applaud you as you get a lot of shitty customers.....but for the rest of the crap servicers out are not getting my hard earned money to pay for your lousy service...not gonna happen.....

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my 1st rant of the week....I was speaking to Jen on Saturday, and did tell her, I am not pissed off all the time...I am quite a happy individual, but I usually don't write about my happy experiences as I don't have a problem with those...but if any of you would like a happy story...I am sure I can dig them out of the cob webbed coffin, and write a few of them out for you.....

Friday, September 03, 2004

The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming!

As the weekend approaches, I reminded Satan that this is the last two days that he will be able to run around the house butt naked until Oct. 4th.. Why you ask...Because his parental units are arriving on Sunday at 1:50pm at San Francisco airport..That is where I will be to pick them up...

Satan has a work party to go to (thank god I was able to get out of it, thanks to the parental units showing up!) so I will be going solo to pick up the parents of Satan...So what do you call satan's parents anyway....The Devil and Mrs. D....Lucifer and Luicifina......Devil dude and his wife.....The old red bastard and the Mrs.... I am at a loss....

Oh well. I actually do like my inlaws...I actually love my inlaws. As weird as that sounds. Satan has really cool parents...Could be because they are just as evil as he is...Although his mum is actually a sweetheart...But she does have her evil side, she would have to, being that she was the only female in the house of hell...Satan has an older brother, who actually was the founder of Team Satan...And is more evil than Satan.....Is that possible...Oh yes, yes it is...

I will have to find a the family portrait that I have, and post it on my photo blog...But it may take me awhile...I'll let you know when it has been posted.

That means with their arrival on Sunday, there is gonna be some massive quantities of chocolate in this house, Satan's mum has been buying up English chocolate for the past month to bring out here!! Yipee!! Also all the stuff that I forgot to pack and bring back here when we were in England in April will arrive! Yay, as I have a belt that has been missing and a pair of boots too.

So what are we doing for the whole month with guests?? Well we do have a planned trip to Las Vegas, which should be fun, and we can always use them as slaves, as we have alot of things that need done around the house....And that also means, no cleaning or doing dishes for a whole month for me, as Satan's mum tends to clean and do dishes before I can get to them...Oh darn what a shame, and I was so looking forward to cleaning too.....

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Time to Release More Evil......

I did see Big Foot today, he was alive and well, and walking across the Golden Gate Bridge with some woman, oh wait a minute, no it wasn't, it was just this really hideously large hairy man with huge hairy man teets. Yes Teets. Not tits, Teets, they looked like they could be on any herd of cow grazing up and down Sonoma County. It was a vile vile eyesore....Which got me to thinking....

Why am I the one that gets a look of disgust or a look like, that sooo wasn't politically correct..When we have hairy man teets sans shirt walking up and down the bridge, thinking it is a ok, to look this way...if I was that large and hairy, would I get the same treatment.....NO...

Next...Last weekend Liz and I are sitting in TGI Fridays when piercing..piercing baby yells are coming from the table across the way...And the parents do NOTHING!! This child could cut glass with that scream...I was so angry that I nearly started throwing things, however, Liz and I did move to the very back of the restaurant to be as far far away from evil spawn as possible...And again...What if I decided to let out loud piercing scream in the middle of a restaurant...I would be asked to leave, wouldn't I?? But no one says shit to the parents re: evil spawn..... Yeah, spawn might not know that yelling at that high a level can be murderous...But the parents do..And they just sit there smiling, knowing no one is gonna say shit to them.....

Next....Another evil spawn this time staggering toward me in the mall...I am trying to get out of the way of on coming evil spawn....But no kid plows right into me, stares and goes running off....Parent just glares at me, and goes running after child...Oh yeah, its my fault your fuckin evil spawn ran into me, when you saw me trying to get out of the way...What if I had my dogs off the leash and one of them came towards would be yelling at me to put my dog back on the leash......

And what about the suck up society?? Where everyone is kissing someone else's ass to get ahead, or be popular, instead of putting in their own dues at work or having their own brain and own personality to have friends . Don't they find that so much ass kissing only leads to having shit for brains...Or finding that the smell of shit under their nose , just doesn't go away??

Ok, and last but not least,,,,what is up with all these less than skinny chicks thinking it is ok to wear belly shirts with their fat guts hanging out and their tramp stamps embossed on their backs, and it is ok, because Britney Spears is part of the "norm of society", but I get the freak stares because I resemble Morticia Adams more than I do Britney Spears......And I am the one who is wearing more clothes.....

And per usual, it sounds like I am pissed....No just stating facts,,,fucked up facts...But just facts none the less....And if I had the powers of a real vampyre...These people that I just wrote about would be first on my list to be devoured nightly...I wouldn't be a starving Vampyre thats for damn sure.