Monday, October 15, 2007

Between Breaths

Hello My Lovelies!

I know its been almost a year. I have come up for some air, as with the rains starting again, there is nothing worse than water dripping on your forehead. May I say, it sucks!

So bizznezzz in the esthetician world is still great, if not more busy than ever before which is fabulous. I have new clients, and upgraded my shop as well as gotten a designer to help with my logos and branding, which is kick ass. The new logo is here on this site for your viewing pleasure.

I went to see the Cure and AFI at the Download Festival last Saturday (Oct. 6th) and as you can imagine, it kicked some Major Ass!

The Lovely Liz (if you all remember her) and I went to see Blaqk Audio back in August at Popscene in SF. There were a ton of younglings there. It was quite scary. I felt uncomfortably old that evening. However, I danced. I nearly got to the front, however having now reached a new level of suckiness of hot flashes, one kicked in and had to bail right before I got to see Davey Havok up close. Figures........

Other than that life has been rather quite. Satan is still evil and doing well. The hounds from hell are still great and hellish.

So my lovelies, if you are still around, do say hello, and let me know how you are.