Sunday, September 24, 2006

Satan's Butterfly

Satan took this cool groovy photo of the butterfly that was hangin' in the garden this morning. oooh! Pretty!!!!

Run down of excitement this week:


oooooh, pretty butterfly in the garden!!!!

yeah, we are the center of fun times here....way fun times!! Party on Wayne!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blog Slacker

Yeah, I have been a major slacker. Haven't even turned on the computer barely this past week.

Heres the run down of the excitement:

- still going to see my personal trainer. Have lost 5 pounds since starting on the 7th.

- my battery died in my car. luckily I was at home.

- my oldest dog decided she couldn't hold in her pee long enough for us to get home the other
day as we had to keep them inside due to the PG&E guy coming to read the meter (thats the
electric company) So she pee'd all over the living room. Luckily she didn't crap. As that
would have really sucked.

- work has been really busy. No freakish things going on their. No ass waxing or gross butt
stained individuals getting body treatments. Just regular facials, and eyebrow waxings. Oh
yeah, my makeup up has been selling really well!!

- the inlaws are coming in two weeks. So trying to get the bathroom finished. Still some tiles left
to put on the floor.

Thats about it. As you can see, I have moved to Boredomville, and no excitement happens here. Ciao for now!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Have Entered into A New Kind Of Fatness.....

Oh yes it is true, but hopefully not for long.

The salon owner at work started working out with a personal trainer, and I went with her last week to check out her workout. Well, after talking to her trainer, I too decided I would like to be a lean mean fighting yesterday I went to get all my vital stats on paper and see what body fat % I am.

So up the stairs I go to be weighed in, now at this point I am thinking, yeah, this is gonna be good as I have lost 13 pounds on my own since July so I was hoping my home scale was off, and this scale would tell me I have actually lost 20.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! My stupid fucked up home scale is 8 pounds off, but not in a good way........fuck, this means I was fatter at the start than I thought I was......and the downhill from there.

We go and get measured, oh yes, the fatness continues, yes, only I could have one side fatter than the other side. So now I will only pose facing with my left side at people. Does this side make me look thinner?

Oh yes, and then we have body fat testing. Just to put the icing on the cake.........(I was feeling good before I walked in as I took a body fat test on which said I was in the perfect zone for my age, weight......oh yeah, forgot my scale sucks.....) body fat testing shows that I am........FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goddamnsonofabitch!!! How depressing was this day? However my coworkers when I got back to the salon were trying to cheer me up, "at least you know now Vampy, and you have lost weight already, and it doesn't show....and you have a goal to work towards!!"

UH, yeah, I had a goal to work toward already, before the scale decided to stuff 8 pounds back on me and then tell me my body fat %!

Anywayz, today was the first day of my actual weight training with my personal trainer. I kicked down the money (yeah, mangey some of us are not as lucky as you...) and began my grueling 30 minutes of lifting weights.....oh yeah, did I tell you I hate lifting weights? Maybe thats why I am so FAT!! I like the aerobics, you know the tae bo, the walking the dogs, that type of exercise, that, I can do, however, its not enough. so now three days a week I will be grunting like a pig and sweating like one as well as I try and get my body fat % down to the reasonable zone. Reality sucks. I want my fantasy of I am not fat back. Damn it!!

However, when I can start to actually see muscle defintion in my bicep I will be lovin the pain. Until that day however, it SUCKS!!!!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Gardening 101

Just when I thought I had given up on my veggie garden for the year, I went out today to pull weeds and chop down the pathetic corn that barely did anything. However, when I got out there, I actually have a few things starting to grow. Not the corn, that is a waste of space and I pulled all of them out. But my little cherry tomatoes are now really coming on good and alot were red, and I have a ton more little green ones!! I also spied an actual cucumber. I had really written them off. As I keep getting the flowers on them, and the next day I am out something has eaten them. But low and behold I have one cucumber braving it on his own out there.

I then went to my watermelons, ready to dig them up and call it quits, when I spied two little melons! Yipeee! They are about the size of tennis balls at the moment but none the less they are growing!

So I guess my green thumb hasn't all but vanished, it just took way longer than normal for my veggies to do anything.

I did manage to weed and pull out the never ending raspberry canes that keep on popping up in other locations besides where they should be, and I got some serious scratches from them as well. At one point the raspberries were trying to pull off my pants, and they were doing a bloody good job of it too! Pervs! Now I am just feeling like I have been in a scratching fight with all these marks on me.

So thats how my labor day was. Hope yours was just as groovy. Going to go and make me a salad now!