Monday, January 19, 2009

Runnin With the Devil

So its been awhile since I last posted on here I see. This year I have decided to train for a marathon. My friend and I are going to be running in the SF marathon in July.

Its going quite well, this week we are going for 6 miles. Only 20 to go after this week! We are planning to add a mile a week so that by the time the marathon comes along we can do it.

Everyday I am either out running the pavement or on my tredmill. The tredmill run has been pretty good. I thought I would be bored with it, however being that I throw in a dvd to watch while running it does make it better. So far I am finding AFI's "I Heard A Voice" dvd has been the best to run to.....hmmm could it be the songs, or the eye candy? I think its a bit of both actually.......

Are we actually planning to win this race? But of course! I can just see the headlines: First time marathon chicks win SF Marathon beating out Kenya boy.......(I heard he runs bare foot, note to self, make sure to have tacks in pocket, maybe they will mysteriously come out of pocket and on to path in front of him.....hmmmmmm, how did that happen????) Thats cheating you say? Never!!!