Sunday, February 26, 2006

Leo and his Backpack

Leo needed a backpack. Not for his school books, he is too young for school. The dog whisperer said if your dog is still pulling on the leash when on walks, get a back pack. And oh man, what a difference a back pack makes. Its like a totally new dog on the walk.

As you can see Mr. Leo totally luvs his new back pack too. Note the pose. He wanted to make sure that if a model maybe needed, he wants everyone to know he is avaliable for future back pack modeling...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Week In Review.....

Another boring week has led me to not updating. Here are the few highlights if you would like to call them that of the past week:

Tuesday: jammed packed day at work full of facials and waxing. Oh, and Satan delivered flowers to my work for V Day. I think the daily beatings are starting to pay off!

Wednesday: Had lunch with my hairdresser. Went to Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased a balance ball, (whatever they are called, the kind you exercise on...) and a dog grooming mit. Oh yeah, and drank too much coffee.

Thursday: Nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. Oh wait........hmmm, new tae bo dvd's arrived in the I said, nothing.......

Friday: Got my hair colored. AND got a new hair cut. Not to worry my hair is still long, just got bangs, or as the Brits call it Fringe. Will post photo once I get the art of fixing them correctly down. At the moment, they are just hanging in my eyes. Oh yeah, and a Hairstylist at work got arrested!!! But I fuckin' missed it as I was in my room waxing ass at the time. What the fuck? Why why do I miss all the interesting shit that goes down at work.

Saturday: Had to work. Oh and the owner of the salon has to tell me about Nick asking Jessica for alimony. Yeah, well she did make more than he did. And no pre nup what do expect? So the owner asks me if Satan and I have a prenup.....what? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa! no we don't. I am never getting a divorce. She looked at me and said, but you never know. To that I replyed: It's till death do we part.....and if that's the only way out for him,,,,, so be it......muhahahahahahahahahaha! She just looked at me in horror. I just love offending the masses.

Monday, February 13, 2006

In the Garden of Evil Delights

The weather has been so amazingly warm the last two weeks that my flowers are all starting to pop up! My daffodiles are all over my garden at the moment! But the weather is supposed to change starting tomorrow! Fuck!!! That means if it all goes back to cold and rain, all my spring flowers will drown!! This really sucks for my plum tree as last year all the blossoms came out early, and then this huge rain and wind storm happened. And no plums for Vampy or Satan last this year it better not do it again.....

In other news....I have lost a total of 9 pounds since starting my ishape diet last month! woo hoo. However, being that I have been used to my lo carb diets from the past, this is what would have taken me 2 weeks to lose on those. But, I guess I am doing it the more "healthy" way which will keep it off for good. And I did make sure to write in my book of things to do this year, was to lose weight and keep it off.....not just lose. As I am good at being a loser. I just need to keep being a loser.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Year Of The Dog

Leo was so happy that his photo was chosen to be poster boy for year of the dog. So as the year of the dog is now upon us, here are some interesting facts regarding the year of the dog:

Dog is the eleventh animal in the chinese mythology. Dog was chosen by the Jade Emperor due to his loyal protective nature. The element of dog is Earth. This works in harmony with the element of metal but is overwhelmed by the element of wood. Color is yellow, the color that was reserved for the Chinese emperors. It stands for fame, achievement, and progress. In Yin/Yang the dog is both Yin and Yang. The dog's element is earth, which holds yin and yang in equal balance a combination associated with care and thought. The compass direction of dog is west-northwest. A direction associated with the close of autumn and with mid evening.

Leo just says woof.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Spirit, the Stoner.....

"I am sooo baked!"
Spirit is trying to impress his Auntie Mangey, in hopes she will come for a visit soon!

Oh yeah, puppy weigh in update:
Spirit: 85 pounds
Leo: 80 pounds....
both are 6 months old now.

Friday, February 03, 2006

What Am I Turning Into?????

So yesterday at work I realized I have become way to comfortable at my job. Case in point....I not only had it happen once yesterday, but serveral times, women coming up to me asking if there pubes were long enough for a bikini wax. And oh yes, they have no problem just dropping undies in front of me and showing me there twats. And I realized when the last person did this, I realized that I had no reaction......only that no they needed to grow another week before it could be done.

That is one reason I will not be doing brazilians. I don't need someone walking up to me and showing me not only there twat but their little brown eye too. Gross. Not going there. Ever.