Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Boys and Their Poo......

Left work early today to go and see my little guys. How cute are they? Ok, Spirit is definitely a Spirit, and so will be like Ghostie when he is older, full of mischief.....the other little guy who is still nameless, is going to be such a mama's boy. When I got into their pen with them today, he just came over and curled up under my legs, and was so huggy and cuddly......just love them.....however, I was covered in poo when I left. As their pen had poo in it, they had poo on their feet, which in turn got all over me. So of course when I got home had to shower immediately. Their sisters of course wanted to know where I had been, as they could smell their brothers. But couldn't stop for the sniff, as the poo smell was just too gross. 4 days to love them!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Mama's Boys

So, we never made it down to where Billy Wilder was, however, on Saturday, I had a feeling I needed to go to the local Humane Society in town,......and what did we find, not one, but two boys!
They are both brothers, 8 weeks old! There is a total of six of them at the shelter, but because Satan and I couldn't decide, we got two of them. They get to come home this coming Sunday, as they are still on watch for any worms, or other oddities puppies may have. They will also both be getting snipped soon too.

We are still trying to decide on names. The white/tan one we have thought of calling him Spirit, as he looks very much like he is malamute. The other little guy, is still waiting for a name. I was thinking of Bear. So any other names are greatly appreciated.

So as you all can imagine, I so can't wait for Sunday to arrive.........

Friday, September 23, 2005

Ok, Just A Quickie, Now.......

Just a quickie, as I am heading out for a much needed hair coloring appointment.

Yesterday, my alarm didn't go off, so I woke up 15 minutes before I was supposed to leave for a 3 hour drive to a training. FUCK! So I was able to wash face, slap something that I thought was makeup on, and put my hair in ponytail, I even laundry basket dove for clothes (?) thats what happens when woken out of a sleep and needing to drive......

Saw old evil boss, evil as ever, biyatch! However, wasn't able to do anything to me, so she was deflated in her wanting to bitch at me....ha ha.

And last but not least, way too much chocolate in this house due to inlaws arriving, I feel by the end of the weekend I shall have gained a good 20 pounds just by breathing in all the chocolate fumes....
Oh yeah, my colds gone, but now Satan has it..........and you know what Satan is like when he has a cold, he turns into bambino Satan.........good job his mummy's to get my hair done now! Ta TA!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Great Green Globs of Greasy Grimey Gopher Guts

Now I am sounding like an old gross man. The cold has moved into my chest, and I am coughing up gross brown and green globs....mmmm, yummy. But the hack I am doing before it comes up would rival any old man in a nursing home and their demon cough.

Tomorrow my inlaws arrive, for six weeks. Satan and I are thinking of little trips to have them go on. However, their being here plays nicely into getting another dog. As they would be able to look after him or her during the "adjusting" period. See I am always trying to find ways to work it. And this just might work. Satan was also thinking this as well, see evil minds think alike.

So my st00pid esthetic license still hasn't arrived. Motherfuckers. So I reluctantly went online to find how much it was to send off for a duplicate license. Looks like it is only $10.00, so I sent in the form plus my ten bucks, so they better send something this time. I am just tired of dealing with the idiots on the phone who don't have an answer for me, and tell me they will get back to me....yeah right. So as usual, I am taking matters into my own hands. So you know, the st00pid original license will show up this week, right? Figures..................

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fashion Victim #45

Oh yeah, my fashion don't is at number 45 on this list! I was impressed that pale pasty face and black clothing made the list.....but then again, I am on the don't list!

While I was being a couch potatoe today, as I have had a cold for the last 3 days, I was channel surfing between the TV Guide channel with the emmy red carpet show featuring everyone's favorite plastic surgery victim, Joan Rivers and her freak of a daughter and E!'s red carpet show, with that cow Star Jones......well the E! show finished first and so the do's and don't were on next...couldn't help but to sit and watch in all my laundry day fashions glory!

So you can imagine how estatic I was to see the "Goth" look with clips of my darlink Marilyn, Angelina when she went goth for a sec, Elvirah herself, not to mention a ton of clips from the under 18 group of was rather amusing.....

Oh yeah, and then had to turn over to vh1 to catch the last episode of the reality show portion of Rockstar: Inxs. It is down to Marty, JD, and Mig. Marty creeps me out as he looks just like a freaky old boyfriend of mine, except mine had black spikey hair, other than that, dead on,...JD needs to stop tweezing his eyebrows like a girl, and Mig, well Mig is just too cute....however, I do like them all, so we will have to see on Tuesday who INXS picks. I'm rooting for Mig, just cuz' he is too cute and sweet for words. Although I think JD fits more. (Could it be he tries to be like Michael Hutchance, or is that really natural?)

I think I have had too much time on my hands with this cold, that I am actually having this kind of debate with the voices in my head...........

Friday, September 16, 2005

Meet Billy. He Likes Long Walks, Good Conversation, and Likes to Cuddle....

This is Billy Wilder. He is currently at the Sonoma Humane Society. How Cute is he!!!
Satan and I are starting to look for another pupster to join the coven! So I have been going on line to the local shelters to see who is around. And I came across Billy today. It says he is about 3 years old (which would be the same age as Willow) Says he is a Rotweiler/sheperd mix.

He is just the cutest little guy (next to you Animas George!) So I will have to show him to Satan tonight when he gets seems Billy has been hangin at the shelter since June...poor guy. It also says on his info he likes to cuddle. Now how can you a resist a guy that likes to cuddle...........

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

So the "precious" today decides to kick the dog next door's ass through the fence......don't ask how she did it, but she did.

I think it may have been her sliding feet of fury into the fence line that did it. However, she didn't go unscathed. Notice the scabby nose.

She is so proud of her nose. She is so looking forward to doing more of her kung fu tomorrow on the other dog next door.

In other strange sightings today, as I am in my car stopped in a line of other cars for road construction. I look in my rearview mirror. There is this middle aged woman, hair all perfect for going to work, makeup all just perfect, wearing earrings and necklace....looks like she is going to the she is sitting there in her car primping herself in her rearview mirror, she suddenly starts pickin her nose! Not just a dainty pick, oh no, she was pickin' a winner for sure! I think I saw her knuckle disappear into the nasal cavity........too bad I didn't have my camera!

And then as I am having lunch with my old work bud, (who is now a facial client!) we are lookin out the window and we are fascinated by the dude havin a full on conversation with the pavement. Don't know if the pavement was answering him back, but it was rather a heated discussion he was having.

Being that it looks like there is a full moon ahead on Sunday, we have only just begun......

Monday, September 12, 2005

Hummingbird Crack........

This is all I have today. These hummingbirds at my house are taking over. And this is just a small mob. I have little sugar junkies bombarding me as I go out on to the back deck if their feeders are out of the juice.

I can hear them chattering in the trees right now. They are saying, "hey beeeoootcchh, our feeders empty, we be needin the sug juice! Get out here and bring us our supply!"

Nice knowing you all, I'm off to be the hummingbird's sugar bitch.........

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Time has come to a stand still here in my office. Clock on the wall is stuck at 3:50. Don't know if it was a.m., or p.m. though........its really sad watching the second hand trying to move forward, but alas, going nowhere.........anyway...............

So a few posts ago I wrote about having to go to partys where I don't know anyone....and how I loathe it....well my coven friends, karma always comes back to kick me up the ass......I found out today that I WASN'T INVITED to a "beauty school reunion party" where all my fellow beauty school esthetic graduates went too......

Oh, no, we can't invite that pasty white vampyre back here.....mmmmmHmmmmm! Now I know how you really feel about if I would have gone to that stupid party....."I got my OWN stuff to to do ANYWAY!!!!!! (to be read in a Nancy Spungen voice from the film, Sid and Nancy)

May I add, that I am the only one of my fellow grads that has a job in the esthetic world anyway...other than a couple of them who got jobs as receptionists for a couple of spas...(you went to beauty school and all that torture, to be a fuckin receptionist?? what the fuck??) And that only 5 of us out of my grad. class actually passed the state board.........

yeah, thats right.....don't invite me ya LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!

I will get my just desserts in the end!!!!!!!!

Yeah, whatever, I wouldn't have gone anyway, as I had a full day of "real" clients to attend to.....I would have just liked to have been then TURN YA DOWN! HA! What do ya think about that????????????????

Can someone say, Vampy is a little bit pms'd this week?

Monday, September 05, 2005

Possessed By My Father

Tonight I think I really out did Satan on the swearing. Thats what happens when I spill my drink all over my desk......and I am trying to help him make up his brochures for his upcoming Sonoma Home Show. It was most amusing seeing Satan run around not knowing what to do as I was yelling my lungs out! MotherFuckerSonOfABitch! GodDamnIt! ForFucksSake!! And then he comes running in with a stream of paper towels, then runs out again, dodging the magazines, unpaid bills and other shit I was slinging off my desk!

However, I can't help this swearing. I believe I am possessed by my dad, and he would be ever so proud. Mum on the other hand would not be. Satan said I was swearing so loud he thinks our neighbors heard....and as we live out in the middle of nowhere, I must have been pretty loud.

So other than yelling at the top of my lungs over spilt water, I also have an aching back...(where is that Mangey when you need her most) from pulling weeds in my veggie patch this weekend. And can I just say how I hate those fuckin' squirrels who have totally eaten all the good veggies. They even ate my green peppers. Squirrels eating peppers. Is there such a thing? There must be. They have also eaten all of my cucumbers, and have started in on the strawberries. Fuckers. Who ever said squirrels were cute, must never have been a gardner.

And to make matters worse, one must of died under our deck, as we also had flies and the stench of a dead thang. Unless, I had an unexpected Vampyre visitor who had taken up residence over the weekend. Didn't he know he was welcome in the house? Maybe he too had had enough of my swearing!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Call of the Wild

After reading Ms. Bees Knees blog, I saw on her side bar the website of the humane society for the animals in need from the hurricane.

Feeling helpless all week watching the news, I have been wanting to do something. Giving blood is not in a vampyre's capasity when such large doses are needed. I was wanting to send money, but where will it go exactly.....

So when cruzin' the Bees Honey Hive, and I saw the address, I understood where I had to donate. So if any of you out there who like me, are feeling like you don't know what to donate and just where to, and are also a massive animal lover.

The animals have no clue what is going on, I saw the little pony farm on the news last night where several ponies have died, so sad, and they have run out of hay.

Just thought for us animal lovers we could help the ones who truly can't help themselves during times like these.

The Humane Society relief fund for animals of the hurricane