Monday, September 26, 2005

Mama's Boys

So, we never made it down to where Billy Wilder was, however, on Saturday, I had a feeling I needed to go to the local Humane Society in town,......and what did we find, not one, but two boys!
They are both brothers, 8 weeks old! There is a total of six of them at the shelter, but because Satan and I couldn't decide, we got two of them. They get to come home this coming Sunday, as they are still on watch for any worms, or other oddities puppies may have. They will also both be getting snipped soon too.

We are still trying to decide on names. The white/tan one we have thought of calling him Spirit, as he looks very much like he is malamute. The other little guy, is still waiting for a name. I was thinking of Bear. So any other names are greatly appreciated.

So as you all can imagine, I so can't wait for Sunday to arrive.........

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