Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

So the "precious" today decides to kick the dog next door's ass through the fence......don't ask how she did it, but she did.

I think it may have been her sliding feet of fury into the fence line that did it. However, she didn't go unscathed. Notice the scabby nose.

She is so proud of her nose. She is so looking forward to doing more of her kung fu tomorrow on the other dog next door.

In other strange sightings today, as I am in my car stopped in a line of other cars for road construction. I look in my rearview mirror. There is this middle aged woman, hair all perfect for going to work, makeup all just perfect, wearing earrings and necklace....looks like she is going to the office....as she is sitting there in her car primping herself in her rearview mirror, she suddenly starts pickin her nose! Not just a dainty pick, oh no, she was pickin' a winner for sure! I think I saw her knuckle disappear into the nasal cavity........too bad I didn't have my camera!

And then as I am having lunch with my old work bud, (who is now a facial client!) we are lookin out the window and we are fascinated by the dude havin a full on conversation with the pavement. Don't know if the pavement was answering him back, but it was rather a heated discussion he was having.

Being that it looks like there is a full moon ahead on Sunday, we have only just begun......

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