Monday, March 31, 2008

R.I.P. Oden

What movie says it all about an era gone by? None other than the Decline of Western Civilization, The Metal Years.!! I was watching that movie the other day as it was on the IFC channel. Oh my god, how hilarious! Were we really all that stupid? Why yes!! Although I was never one for "actressing" but I do believe the members of ODEN ODEN ODEN all must be dead by now, as they said in their hot tub interview, that if they didn't make it into super stardom there was nothing left but to kill themselves.

I must say nothing has ever quite compared to that era of big hair, makeup and spandex. Somewhere I heard that glam metal was making a come back. I don't think I will be breaking out my aqua net just yet. And as for all my spandex of days gone by? They have definitely been given a proper burial into Spandex heaven.........where I do believe Oden must be at this moment! Glam on boys!