Monday, August 25, 2008

4 Life

So while at the gym the other day, this older lady (lets say 65) came up to me while I was in the locker room putting on my makeup....she says, "wow, I was watching you workout. that was sure a workout. Are you training for something in particular?" She stood there looking at me all beeming (like I was her child). "uh, just in training for life." I said to her.
She just looked at me like she didn't understand. "you workout that hard just for yourself?" she said.
"uh, yeah." I said.
"oh. " She said.Her beeming face being replaced by a blank stare.
So I found this quite odd, that to workout intensly for a marathon, an ass kicking tournament, a bitch slapping event, the olympics, or what ever it is that calls for training intensly is a good thing and will have older ladies looking at me proudly as if I am there daughter. But to workout intensly so I will have better health, gets an odd look. I didn't have a response for her. I just turned back to the mirror. On got my glamour on.