Monday, August 25, 2008

4 Life

So while at the gym the other day, this older lady (lets say 65) came up to me while I was in the locker room putting on my makeup....she says, "wow, I was watching you workout. that was sure a workout. Are you training for something in particular?" She stood there looking at me all beeming (like I was her child). "uh, just in training for life." I said to her.
She just looked at me like she didn't understand. "you workout that hard just for yourself?" she said.
"uh, yeah." I said.
"oh. " She said.Her beeming face being replaced by a blank stare.
So I found this quite odd, that to workout intensly for a marathon, an ass kicking tournament, a bitch slapping event, the olympics, or what ever it is that calls for training intensly is a good thing and will have older ladies looking at me proudly as if I am there daughter. But to workout intensly so I will have better health, gets an odd look. I didn't have a response for her. I just turned back to the mirror. On got my glamour on.


Pisser said...

Maybe you should of told her you were werking out so's you could go home and boff Satan. I wonder how she would have looked at you then?

vampyregirl said...

That is true, however....she may have been carrying holy water in that water bottle of hers....and I didn't need to have it thrown on me that early in the morning, and all the burning and steam rising off of me wouldn't have looked that good either!