Sunday, October 29, 2006

.....And Down Came a Spider........

Not as good as Mangey's spider photos, but trying to photograph thru glass with glare is not always good, however, it is quite a cool looking spider when you see it live and in person.

He has been hanging out outside the pantry window each night, Satan has been going outside and catching moths to chuck into his web, so he is quite happy living outside our pantry window.

I thought he would make a good Halloween mascot.

Hope all my lovelys have a fantastic Hallows eve. As I may not be posting for a couple o days....I best get my wishes in now.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bridezillas, inlaws, and trainers....oh my!!

yeah, I'm still here, its just still been hard to post.

Had to do a bridezilla makeup and her maid of horror the other day. yikes.

inlaws are still here.

My trainer is still kicking my ass. I get weighed measured, and told how fat I still am on Monday. so until then, I am sticking to the diet, and exercising the last fat pounds I can off of me that want to jump off. However according to my scales, I have lost 25 pounds.

Still not able to fit into clothes from 2 years ago. But I am only 10 pounds away from that! yippee!

Ok, till the next time I can get here...peace out!

Monday, October 09, 2006

I've been riding on The freeway of Grooviness.....

Yeah, its been awhile, but with inlaws in town for a month, and my new massage classes for the ultra in grooviness it has been rather hard to post.

Not to fear I am still around, (or fear if you like), I am still going to my trainer, have lost three more pounds for a total of 22 pounds lost so far!! yipppeeee, but still so sad, as I still can't fit into my groovy (there is that word again) clothes from 2 1/2 years ago....I have 10 more fat pounds to go, and I may get there....I get officially weighed, measured, poked, and proded next week for my fat testing again...wish me luck as I have been so soar with all this weight training that I better have lost some of those fat % measures, or else!!

Ok, best get back to trying to be groovy, in other words, its time to feed the hounds of hell, eat dinner, and get to bed.....get up and do it all over again!

Groovy man, simply groovy.