Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Doll Parts

There are three things that I can think of that I have phobias of.
1. Clowns- they are scary and evil, I can't look at them, I can't be by one, just the sight of one on tv makes me get the willies
2. Rodents- I become a screaming, leaping on chair girly girl when one is around, again, I can't even look at them when they are on tv
3. Dolls- especially hideous porcelain dolls with the blinking eyes, but all dolls in general give me the heebie geebies, except for Barbie, I think because I can smack her to the floor and stomp on her plastic body that her plastic head shoots off, I am ok with this, but the bigger dolls, no thanks.

You can imagine my delight at when at school they tell us that before we go and start doing facials on human victims, we get to practice on doll heads! Big scary doll heads that the hair stylists use when they are learning how to cut hair.

So, here I am trying to do a facial on this freakin doll that keeps looking at me with its freaky plastic eyes, and its scary plastic smile is giving me the willies, so I have to look away. I am now doing a facial looking away from my doll. I have now mastered the blind mans facial! What's next, doing facials with my hands tied behind my back..that's the bondage facial I will be learning that next week!

Monday, September 27, 2004

Your Really Lovely, (As I Peel Your Face Right off) Under Neath It All

School starts tomorrow. Not nervous, just anxious. Is that the same thing?? Looking forward to it, went and purchased a new book bag (Satan wanted to know why I had to buy a new bag, when I could start up my own bag shop), and pencils, pens, highlighting...ya know, the regular school stuff. Liz wanted to know if I purchased a lunch box. There is one I want and it is from the collection of Edward Gorey. I must purchase next time I see it. Then I can really be the weird old Goth chick in class.

So don't know how I will be blogging over the next few days, as I am also with my boss for the next two ( who had to ask me again, how I will manage school and work, yeah, like I work full time!) days, and starting school, and my inlaws are still here, plus I have to leave this house at the ungodly (or should I say Unsatan like hour) hour of 6:30 am....My sleeping patterns are gonna suck for the next 8 months...But still really excited that I am going to school.

So I will probably be in need of a few guinea pigs who will like to try all the latest face peels, waxs, and who else knows what. I already have had the conversation with Liz, I ain't doin no stinkin (and I do mean stinkin) Brazilian wax'! Liz was frightened, thinking I would have to do them, (and she didn't volunteer either)....So anyone in the bay area who is in need of a facial, and wouldn't mind an evil vampyre practicing on them, do let me know!! I will let you know when the practice sessions begin!! Heh Heh Heh..........

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Father Father, Help Us, Send Some Guidance From Above

I have a cell phone. Yes, I use it more than I should. However, when I drive, I do have a hands free set, so both hands are on the wheel. When I am in a store I either have it off, or leave it in my car. Right now, it is in my car as I am home, and have regular phone anyway if I need it.

However, people really piss me off with their over usage of the cell phone. Yesterday, we are in the climbing gym when Mr. Prick Climber (he is always a prick, but yesterday he was king of all pricks) is talking on his cell phone while belaying his climbing partner. (for those of you who don't climb, he was the one on the floor making sure that his partner would be safe as she climbed). Obviously, the person on the phone was more important to him than the life of his climbing partner. What a fuckin' Prick.

Next, we have mega bitch at the nail salon, getting her nails done, and yapping away on the phone very very loudly, while totally oblivious to Asian woman doing her nails. She was obviously oblivious to the rest of us in there who were giving her evil death ray looks while she yapped to her gal pal about their lunch plans. Who the fuck cares, lady get off the phone!

Fat bastard last weekend while we are at the "We Will Rock You" show in Vegas decides to leave his phone on, and gets a call during the show. He is in the row ahead of us, and we are in row 7. Excuse me asshole, didn't pay $97 to listen to you yap through this show, thanks.

And last but certainly not least, to the inconsiderate fuck head who decides to call everyone he or she has ever known while at the movie theater. What the Fuck??? Is it really that important to let everyone know you are at the movie theater?

What happened to the day when you walked out of your house and didn't use the phone until you came home again. Or if you really needed to talk to someone while you were out, you went and found a pay phone to use. Our lives have not gotten anymore important than it had 20 years ago, we just think we have.

I sometimes wonder what my father would say, who died 21 years ago, what he would think of this new techno age. Same thing he always said probably, God Damn sons of bitches, you don't need to speak to someone that bad, unless your dead, than it doesn't matter anyway.

As you can see I have my fathers sunny disposition!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Evil is As Evil Does

Yes, I do know I have been a big blogger week to go with the inlaws, then I should be back to my blogging self...but I also have school starting next week, so we will see how this goes....

Speaking of school, I told my boss yesterday. Now, she understands the evil of my ways...just releasing that evil everyday on the selected few is what I am here for.

Anyway, I went to take a class for work, and was at our main office, so when she came later on I said to her in my "serious voice" with my "serious face" on, "I need to speak with you in your office when you have a moment."

She gets this seriously worried look on her face, and says that she can talk to me now, so we go into her office. We sit down, and I just sit there not saying anything, ( as I wanted her to be the first to say something) so she goes, (still looking way worried) "so what's up? Is everything alright?"

So I say, " Well, you know I have put a lot of thought into my carrer over the last few weeks, and I feel like I need to do something more, so I just wanted to make you aware that as of this Tuesday........I will be going parttime to school."

WAAAAAAA!!!!! She thought I was going to say as of this Tuesday I am leaving!!! She was so relieved, and said, "oh my god, why did you do that too me, I thought it was going to be really bad news..that was so evil of you....Oh, that is great that you are going to school, you do know it is going to be hard working full time and going to school?" No duh, lady, but I said, " yes I do know this, however I am not getting any younger, and this is something I need to do."

So all is good on the school front with I just have to get used to these damn early mornings I will have to be up for over the next 8 months....that is what is gonna suck more than anything....

Beware! New photos of Red Rocks on PhotoBlog!

Monday, September 20, 2004

What Happened in Vegas, Didn't Stay in Vegas

Just got back from Vegas...had a good time...didn't win...but spent money...bought cool pants.....went to Red Rocks......climbed.....shouted at people for stopping in middle of road to stare at a donkey....its a fuckin donkey.....move out of the way if you want to stare at a donkey...its a fuckin donkey.....went to Queen musical, We Will Rock You, was really good......bought t-shirt...bought Kylie stuff for Mangey. gambled...lost....gambled...won....gambled...lost...looked at stuff....gambled.....dodged mexican guys handing out free porn photos on Vegas Strip...(do they go to "how to hand out free porn on the strip school??).....bought hysterical astrology book talking about the negative aspects of the zodiac.......came home....

going to bed now as I am one tired vampyre...have to get up early and go to work...oh yeah, and to figure out away to tell boss that I am going to school...goodnight everyone...

oh yeah, took liz quiz, and came out to be Marilyn Monroe.......and I am not even blonde....what the fuck??????????????

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Going To Sin City, Gonna Have Some Fun

Quick post today as I need to start packing for Vegas!! We leave in the morning tomorrow, and as none of us are morning people, we better get packing tonight!!

It is official, I am now a student!! I enrolled this afternoon in the school I have wanting to go to!! School starts Sept. 28th and finishes April 28th!! And they do official graduation ceremonies and shit, so Mangey, looks like you can come watch me graduate this time if you like!!

Alright, kids, I'm off to Sin City....wish me luck that I win big, as I now have a big school bill to come back to!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sympathy for the Devil

12 years ago today, I went to England with a friend that I had only been hanging out with for about 2 months. He was a friend by "association" with other friends I had.

He came to see me at work one day and told me he was going to England, I told him I wanted to go to, and he said, sure, there is this guy over there we can stay with.

Now, I am usually very nontrusting of people, and this would have been one of those times that I normally say no to, or not speak up, as I have that gut feeling that something isn't quite right. However, I didn't have that feeling 12 years ago, if anything, I had the gut feeling of this is the right thing to do. So here I am going to a foreign country with someone I have really only known for 2 months, to stay with "some" guy I don't even know....I have no idea where we are staying, who this guy is we are staying with as my friend is always rather vague on I leave...with no phone numbers to track me down with, no address to follow up on my whereabouts ....this is so unlike me..I am usually overly telling people where I am who I am with, what time I will be there till,, and every number you could ever imagine getting ahold of me with...a little paranoid I am (thanks to my over protective mother)....but not this time.

So why did I just up and leave on a wim? Well, when I have that feeling of I need to do this right now, I always act on it, and that is what I knew I had to do was go to England. Don't know why, I just had to go...right this minute 12 years ago on this very day, my gut instinct played into fates hands, as at the airport to pick us up, was this "guy" we could stay with.

Please to meet you, hope you guess my name...........

yes, 12 years ago, I met Satan, and life hasn't been the same since!

Monday, September 13, 2004

The Adventures of Stunt Nerd

I was chatting with Liz earlier this evening, and we were talking about how you tend to make that sound of air rushing out of your lungs and through your windpipe when you trip really hard.....and I suddenly had a flash going back at least 26 years of my friend flying through the air on her nerd bike, and crashing to the ground, not falling off, still holding on to the handle bars but crashing down hard on the seat. But not falling over....the sound she made of the air rushing out of her lungs, up threw her mouth and her head gear chattering as her head bobbled up and down from the force of the impact.....yes, the poor girl had to wear that "sixteen candles" head gear...not the full back jacket head gear, but ugly green velcro looking head gear...

She was a supreme nerd, and her death defying stunts on her nerd bike were priceless...however I couldn't help but laugh at her, laugh like I am about to pee laugh at her, laugh like I am crying my eyes out laugh at was the funniest thing I had ever seen, and she was soo mad at me...she rode on ahead of me to school not speaking to me...she didn't cry, which is amazing as she hit that seat well hard to make the strongest of men break down and cry...but not a wimper out of stunt nerd, except of course for the sound of the wind escaping her mouth as she crashed down on her bike seat.

Stunt nerd didn't speak to me for at least a good 3 days after that..she still showed up at my house to ride to school with me, but didn't speak to me...maybe her head gear had clamped her mouth shut, and I thought she was pissed at me for laughing at her??

Stunt nerd also had a mean right hook, as I remember on the last day of 6th grade she punched this girl that had been teasing her all year square in the nose, blood flying everywhere down this chicks pristine white blouse.... and the look of sheer satisfaction on stunt nerds face, was something I will never forget...All hail Stunt Nerd!!

There's A Bad Moon On the Rise

Mondays suck..just thought I should state the obvious. I did my yoga this morning, so I should be feeling all enlighted and crap, but unfortunately I am not.

It is another one of those days where I feel like throwing things..books, shelves, door stops, garbage cans(my father used to do that) but I don't think that would help, as I would just have alot of broken crap to pick up after my fit was over with.

See my good days don't last too long as my evil bad days seem to creep up and grab me. Although nothing too bad has happened, I just have that bad mood feeling coming on....

Yesterday I had to warn Satan's parental units (Satan Sr. mostly) that I was contents under pressure and to handle with care, as I was likely to erupt with no warning..that at least kept him at bay for most of the day....

We are going to Vegas on Friday (YIPPEE) so hopefully we can win big, and leave our fucking jobs and wander the universe searching for strange and unusual things!! That would be great...but I am sure I would still get these evil mood swings with all the money in the world, nothing can get rid of those....gee, I can only imagine what menopause will be like...I think I will preorder my padded cell for that lovely event, and speaking with my mother in law yesterday, she said that her menapause lasted for 5 years!! MOTHERFUCKERSONOFABITCH!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Photos of the Damned

3 New photos added to the coven photos!! ooh ahhh

Beauty School Drop In

Well, here's a big shocker, my boss is back to being a freak....I just agreed with everything she said...and it seemed to passify her...whatever...

Anyway...I went to the school I want to enroll in yesterday to get more facts about it..and it is actually going to be way easier than I thought!! I only need to go 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, and I can have my license in 8 months!! And I can also break up that 4 hours into 2 hour sessions, I can go in the morning, and also in the that would be cool, as I could go before work for 2 hours, then after work for 2 more hours...and on my so called "office" days I could pack as many hours into them as I I now just have to talk it over with Satan again, to make sure we can do this financially, as it is going to cost $7100...however, if I pay in full they knock $1000 that is an incentive!!

This is all I have been thinking about today, and not doing my so called "office day" work...however, I have been able to semi blog, as the parental units are outside in the garden today as it is not blistering hot like it has been for the last week.....

Now do I tell my bipolar boss that I am enrolling in school, I probably should, and I also remember hearing from when I went to new hire training that they pay for classes...I believe it is after you graduate, but still it would be nice to get a refund...must look into this...will look into that before telling boss, because if they do pay for school, than she cannot have any objections if corporate allows us to go to school...fuck it..why do I need a freaking boss' approval anyway...try and fire me...I will just go and collect unemployment, then I could go to school full time and graduate sooner....hmmmmm,,,,,,evil thoughts going through mind........

Thursday, September 09, 2004

No Good Day For You

ok, obviously I am not supposed to write about my good day...I just wrote this long fucking blog about how I had a good day and give a glimpse of what a good day to a Vampyre is...and what do ya know, I go to post it, and blogger decideds to dump the whole thing!!!Motherfuckersonofabitch....

Fuck this, I am going to watch the Apprentice....Blogger, you are so fired!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

This Is A Public Service Announcement

I haven't had time for blogging lately, and it is making me sad...I had to work yesterday...And no, not shopping working, I went and took a class from our school and it was actually quite good. My boss was in a good bipolar mood, so it was nice speaking with her..

As I was in class the instructor started talking about "free radicals" which are molecules gone bad basically, a quick science lesson: a stable molecule has 2 electrons for each of the protons...When the molecule goes bad, the electrons either aren't enough for the protons, or they have too many for the protons..And hence you get a free radical...Why does this concern you...Well these free radicals, are roaming around in the atmosphere looking for the electrons they are missing and steal from good electrons or just from other electrons in general, creating more damage...These free radicals mainly come from the sun, pollution, smoking, ect...And if left untreated, may cause cancer, or if they don't cause cancer, they will break down your collagen molecules and cause you to start premature aging....

Anyway, scientists have just started finding that there are more oral cancers starting to crop up,,,and most people would think it is due to smoking...Well they are finding that it is actually coming from all the whitening products they are now putting in toothpaste!!!!! So beware of whitening toothpaste that have hydrogen peroxide in them, as they may be cancer causing!!!

This has been a public service message to anyone who gives a shit...So lather on the spf kids, and stop whitening your teeth!!!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Yet, Another List of Crap About Me....

...Thirteen Random Things I Like:
1. sleeping in
2. makeup
3.Saturday Mornings
4. wet dog kisses
5. climbing
6. dogs
7. ghost hunting
8. eating chocolate
9. laughing to the point of peeing
10. Friday evenings
11. shoe shopping
12. autumn mornings
13. vampires

Twelve Good Movies:
1. Little Nicky
2. Practical Magic
3. Interview With the Vampire
4. Dracula (with Gary Oldmen)
5. the Wedding Singer
6. Love Actually
7. The Waterboy
8. The Lost Boys
9. Sid and Nancy
10. Harry Potter and the Sorcers' Stone
11. Lord of The Rings, the Fellowship of the Rings
12. Underworld

Eleven Good Bands or Artists:
1. Marilyn Manson
2. Aerosmith
3. The Cure
4. Black Eyed Peas
5. Evanesence
6. George Michael
7. Queen
8. Sisters of Mercy
9. Peter Murphy
10. Dead or Alive
11. Concrete Blonde

Ten Ways To Describe Me
:1. Black Hair
2. Hazel Eyes
3. Black Clothes
4. evil grin
5. evil laugh
6. 5'5 1/2
7. pale skin
8. wavy hair
9. widow's peak
10. small nose

Nine Good Friends
:1 Satan
2. Mangey
3. Rantboy
4. Liz
5. English boy
6. Tannis
7. Hilary
8. Chris

Eight Favorite Foods or Drinks
:1. Chocolate
2. Pizza
3. coffee
4. Brownies
5. chicken salad
6. chinease food
7. thai food
8. hamburgers

Seven Things I Wear Daily:
1. wedding ring
2. underwear
3. makeup
5. clothes
6. braclets

Six Things That Annoy Me:
1. children
2. stupid people
3. working
4. driving behind slow people
5. Monday morning conference calls
6. gaining weight

Five Things I Touch Everyday:
1. my dogs
2. Satan
3. my bed
4. my face
5. the remote control

Four Shows I Watch:
1. Days of Our Lives
2. What not To Wear (BBCAmerica)
3. Little Britan (BBCAmerica)
4. Amazing Race

Three People I Have A Crush On:
1. Satan
2. Marilyn Manson
3. Pete Burns (from the 80's)

Two Things I Hate:
1. People who hurt animals
2. Idiots

One Thing I Love:
1. My Husband

Breakfast In America

OK, OK Mangey, I am posting!!! Geezzz!!! Anyway, the parental units have arrived...and brought loads and loads o' chocolate!! So by the time October arrives I will probably be 10 pounds, I won't do that to myself as I know how hard it will be to get those 10 pounds off..... them out of the house for a bit, as Satan has taken them to Walmart and I gave Satan Sr. a mission to count how many obese greasy haired white trash people he can find in Walmart, as they should be out in full force at this time of the I said, I am not one for being pc......

And speaking of pc......on Sunday Liz, Jen, Hil, evil spawn, and I went to breakfast...and had majorly bad service, I told Liz she had better not leave a tip...and Liz and Jen being the good women that they are felt bad not leaving a tip, however, Hil (who can be quite evil herself, hence she created evil spawn) absolutely refused to leave a tip as well....and again from my previous post from before, why do we have to feel obligated to leave a tip when the service is so bad..isn't leaving a tip meant to say ,"hey thanks chick for the great service, you went out of your way to make my dining experience a pleasurable one." Now a days it like, "Hey my boss is a scum bag and only pays me barely minimum wage, and now I am counting on you to pay for the rest of my salary!" Well, again, in that same token, if I am your "said " boss " for the hour that I am dining in your establishment, that I am gonna treat you like I am the boss. And if you do what you are supposed to do , then you will get your tip.

HOWEVER, if you can't seem to know the difference between a wine glass and a cup, then you are not off to a good start, and when you need to be asked twice for that cup...don't tell me you have 6 things going on at once, well, yeah, you are a waitress....... and gee, then lets serve us, but forget evil spawns scrambled eggs....and say oh, its coming....when you just served us omletes, what, your chicken can't lay eggs that fast, and you had to wait for the scrambled eggs?? And then look at us like we are the ones with the problem, when we are finished with our meal, and finally bring evil spawns breakfast, and we now ask for a container for it as we need to go.....and then take forever retrieving plastic container, and then wait another 15 minutes bringing us our bill, and then never return to get the bill, and we have to hunt you down to pay...... sorry this boss says you are a fuckin' lousy waitress who needs to get out of the service industry and find something you are capable of doing...and no I am not going to leave you a tip for your lousy service, not to mention, your eye rolling skills............

I know there are alot of waiters and waitresses out there who should be paid alot more and should get the tips that they deserve, and for those of you who are those people, I applaud you as you get a lot of shitty customers.....but for the rest of the crap servicers out are not getting my hard earned money to pay for your lousy service...not gonna happen.....

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my 1st rant of the week....I was speaking to Jen on Saturday, and did tell her, I am not pissed off all the time...I am quite a happy individual, but I usually don't write about my happy experiences as I don't have a problem with those...but if any of you would like a happy story...I am sure I can dig them out of the cob webbed coffin, and write a few of them out for you.....

Friday, September 03, 2004

The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming!

As the weekend approaches, I reminded Satan that this is the last two days that he will be able to run around the house butt naked until Oct. 4th.. Why you ask...Because his parental units are arriving on Sunday at 1:50pm at San Francisco airport..That is where I will be to pick them up...

Satan has a work party to go to (thank god I was able to get out of it, thanks to the parental units showing up!) so I will be going solo to pick up the parents of Satan...So what do you call satan's parents anyway....The Devil and Mrs. D....Lucifer and Luicifina......Devil dude and his wife.....The old red bastard and the Mrs.... I am at a loss....

Oh well. I actually do like my inlaws...I actually love my inlaws. As weird as that sounds. Satan has really cool parents...Could be because they are just as evil as he is...Although his mum is actually a sweetheart...But she does have her evil side, she would have to, being that she was the only female in the house of hell...Satan has an older brother, who actually was the founder of Team Satan...And is more evil than Satan.....Is that possible...Oh yes, yes it is...

I will have to find a the family portrait that I have, and post it on my photo blog...But it may take me awhile...I'll let you know when it has been posted.

That means with their arrival on Sunday, there is gonna be some massive quantities of chocolate in this house, Satan's mum has been buying up English chocolate for the past month to bring out here!! Yipee!! Also all the stuff that I forgot to pack and bring back here when we were in England in April will arrive! Yay, as I have a belt that has been missing and a pair of boots too.

So what are we doing for the whole month with guests?? Well we do have a planned trip to Las Vegas, which should be fun, and we can always use them as slaves, as we have alot of things that need done around the house....And that also means, no cleaning or doing dishes for a whole month for me, as Satan's mum tends to clean and do dishes before I can get to them...Oh darn what a shame, and I was so looking forward to cleaning too.....

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Time to Release More Evil......

I did see Big Foot today, he was alive and well, and walking across the Golden Gate Bridge with some woman, oh wait a minute, no it wasn't, it was just this really hideously large hairy man with huge hairy man teets. Yes Teets. Not tits, Teets, they looked like they could be on any herd of cow grazing up and down Sonoma County. It was a vile vile eyesore....Which got me to thinking....

Why am I the one that gets a look of disgust or a look like, that sooo wasn't politically correct..When we have hairy man teets sans shirt walking up and down the bridge, thinking it is a ok, to look this way...if I was that large and hairy, would I get the same treatment.....NO...

Next...Last weekend Liz and I are sitting in TGI Fridays when piercing..piercing baby yells are coming from the table across the way...And the parents do NOTHING!! This child could cut glass with that scream...I was so angry that I nearly started throwing things, however, Liz and I did move to the very back of the restaurant to be as far far away from evil spawn as possible...And again...What if I decided to let out loud piercing scream in the middle of a restaurant...I would be asked to leave, wouldn't I?? But no one says shit to the parents re: evil spawn..... Yeah, spawn might not know that yelling at that high a level can be murderous...But the parents do..And they just sit there smiling, knowing no one is gonna say shit to them.....

Next....Another evil spawn this time staggering toward me in the mall...I am trying to get out of the way of on coming evil spawn....But no kid plows right into me, stares and goes running off....Parent just glares at me, and goes running after child...Oh yeah, its my fault your fuckin evil spawn ran into me, when you saw me trying to get out of the way...What if I had my dogs off the leash and one of them came towards would be yelling at me to put my dog back on the leash......

And what about the suck up society?? Where everyone is kissing someone else's ass to get ahead, or be popular, instead of putting in their own dues at work or having their own brain and own personality to have friends . Don't they find that so much ass kissing only leads to having shit for brains...Or finding that the smell of shit under their nose , just doesn't go away??

Ok, and last but not least,,,,what is up with all these less than skinny chicks thinking it is ok to wear belly shirts with their fat guts hanging out and their tramp stamps embossed on their backs, and it is ok, because Britney Spears is part of the "norm of society", but I get the freak stares because I resemble Morticia Adams more than I do Britney Spears......And I am the one who is wearing more clothes.....

And per usual, it sounds like I am pissed....No just stating facts,,,fucked up facts...But just facts none the less....And if I had the powers of a real vampyre...These people that I just wrote about would be first on my list to be devoured nightly...I wouldn't be a starving Vampyre thats for damn sure.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Working, Shopping, and Being Stalked by Debbie Harry

I actually worked today.. what a concept, well my kind of working anyway..

In talking with Liz this fine evening on my home from my long ass day at work (not as long as Liz' as she was still at work), I realized I am one if not all of the following: a psycho samatic, insane in the membrane, a freak on a leash, dazed and confused, ...the list goes on and on...but then again, being evil isn't easy. It takes alot of work... to be continued....

I notice when I am at work, I need to keep taking shopping breaks, this is good and bad...good because, I love shopping, bad because it keeps making a dent in the check book.

I went to 3 accounts this morning before my first shopping break occured, my first appointment was at 10am, by 12:30 my shopping break had me at Borders..where I purchased in cds (hey they had a sale, couldn't help it, it was a sale): Concrete Blonde's Bloodletting (great album from 1990, but only had it on vinyl so had to get the cd), the Church's Starfish (again great album, only had it on vinyl, so needed the cd), the new Cure cd (of course, just saw them in concert ), and as it was by 3 get 1 free, got Brides of Destruction for Satan (this is the new band that consists of Nikki Sixx, and Traci Gunns). Then also purchased the Lost Boys DVD, and Little Nicky also on DVD.....ok back to work I went....went to 4 more accounts, and oh god, its shopping break time!!! I am now on Fillmore street at California...really cute shops and places to eat, of course it is break time...and look its the MAC I purchased Viva Glam III lipstick, Siren lipstick, and Mahogany lipliner....could have spent more money in there, but controlled myself....

Now I am rounding corner onto California street, and hey, isn't that the salon that my coworker bud gets her hair done at...and didn't she say she was getting her hair done today...why yes, she did,,,,and look there she is!!!!!!! So what does this call for....a lunch meeting of course!!(it was more like late afternoon lunch meeting it was 3:30-4pmish) Went to this great Thai food place called Zao's..(oh and they are playing Blondie in here...I am being stalked by Blondie today, as they have been on in nearly every place I have been to today, including my accounts, what could this mean? Debbie Harry wants something?)..then we went two of her accounts (she did have to work too after all)...

Gee would ya look at the's time to go home.....think I will give Liz a call on the way home and see what she is up too....