Sunday, October 31, 2004

All Hallows Eve

Tomorrow is almost here!!!!


As I have been having crickets jumping out at me over the past several days, in the bathroom, the kitchen, in my office, and jumping along the fireplace....I thought I would check it out in my animal-wise book, for anyone else who is being stalked by crickets or if any of you give a shit:

Crickets in the home were often thought of as the familiar that watched over and guarded the home's occupants-especially against bad spirits. In the 1800s many people believed that crickets were lucky to have about the house and would do no harm if treated well.

Crickets are also known as bushcrickets, and although they are related to the grasshopper, they have a distinct symbology. They have been kept as pets. Many believing them to be the reincarnation of relatives. They have been considered a familiar by some and the devil by others, (either one would be hanging out in my house, that I am sure of!)

The appearance of cricket heralds an awakening of sensitivities and the finding of light within the dark. This is primarily because of their nocturnal activity and their darker coloration. Their appearance reminds us to trust our own intuition, as it is much more accurate than we may believe.

So either my parents are hanging out with me right now in the form of cricket, (as day of the dead is 2 days away). Or, there was a cricket in my house, and now has decided to give birth, hence the cricket explostion.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Don't Like This Ride I Am On Today...Can I Get off Of It Now?

4 days to go.....

Why is it that I will have a few good days and then I get this bummed out feeling come back? And I realized the other day that I have pretty much had this bummed feeling with me as long as I can remember.

I remember in grade school right through high school, I had it and thought it was just the feeling of teenage angst. But now that I am in my 30's I still have it. It usually comes on when I am by myself for long periods of time. Here I am having an office day today, and I have that bummed feeling again. I wouldn't call it depression, as I have been depressed, and it is definitely not that. Maybe it is boredom and I take it for bummed. Hmm...don't know...or maybe it is just that dark personality which is me.

Anyway, I hate feeling this way. There is no reason for me to be bummed today. I am home, the sun is out, I am here with my girls, but still the feeling doesn't go away. Mangey, are you like this? I seem to remember you feel this way when you are around people. Interesting.

It also could be that I haven't been out of this house all day as it has been to fucking cold to go outside. I think the high today is like 39 degrees. That is just plane wrong. Ok, well guess I will try and get out of this funk...maybe I will try and exercise...however, I am one big ache and pain today as I over exercised on Tuesday and yesterday Satan and I went climbing, so just breathing hurts today. Damn situps...why do we need them?

It is quite ironic, I just read the preview of my blog and looked at the photo I chose today for Manson....and how he looks in the photograph is basically how I am feeling right just imagine that is me...but with more hair.....

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A Brief History Lesson

6 days and counting.....

As my mind is of a blank (gee what's new) tonight, I will leave you with some fascinating facts about Halloween you may or may not know about:

1. Historians can trace the source of Halloween to the Celts of the British Isles, who divided the year into only two seasons: summer and winter. At summer's end, they held a festival called Samhain, also known as the Celtic New Year.

2. Samhain was a time to celebrate the harvest, acknowledge the past, and look toward the future.

3. Those who had died in the past year were remembered and food was left for their spirits, which were said to be present as the year changed.

4. On Samhain night, all home fires were extinguished to represent the end of the year.

5. A huge new fire was built by Celtic priests (druids) and everyone re-lit their hearth fires with embers from the sacred fire.

6. It is said that Celts carried the embers from the sacred fire back to their home in hollowed out turnips, (the early version of the jack o' latern)

7. The Celts believed that the transition from the old year to the new created a sort of wrinkle in time, events that took place on this night existed outside of real time.

8. During this crossroads between past and present, magical creatures such as fairies were especially active, the fairy mounds were open on Samhain, and fairies were free to come out and create mischief.

9. Humans needed to protect themselves from tricky fairies, so some believe that wearing disguises to confuse the fairies may have been part of the Samhain ritual.

10. As Christianity took hold in Britain and Ireland around the seventh century, they developed a new spin on the nature spirits and gods that the Celts had believed in. They were recast as demons, devils, and witches.

___these ten facts are taken from the book "Halloween" by Joanne O' Sullivan

Monday, October 25, 2004

Lest We Forget!

Oh Yes, the Count down has begun.....7 days to go till Manson at the Warfield!!

And, I have updated the covenphoto blog for your viewing pleasure.
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Friday, October 22, 2004

The Crying Game

I got my hair colored today. Got rid of the grey! Yahoo!! While I was getting my hair colored my stylist's assistant (I'll call her Red) is telling me the story of how she accidentally hit her hand on her steering wheel the other day and ripped her acrylic nail (including actual nail) right off her finger. Well, it didn't actually rip off, it kinda flipped up and stayed there. So now, she has her finger bandaged up but is in major pain as you can imagine.

So, my hairstylist and I are telling her she should go to the doctor to get it checked out before it gets infected. So we start telling her that she will probably get a shot in her finger to numb the pain so they can rip the the rest of the nail off. She is looking at us like we are insane, and she is holding on to her finger. So I said, "yeah, and what if they decide it is beyond the "Paula Abdul" stage and they need to hack your finger right off."

Now, at this point for some reason my hairstylist and I think this is funny, and start laughing about Paula Abdul and her bondage thumb. We are laughing and making more jokes about Paula Abdul, and then we look in the mirror to see Red sitting at the front desk, crying her eyes out!!

What are you crying for I ask? She says, what if they do have to give me a shot and take my finger off?? We totally freaked her out! Wow. That was pretty interesting to be able to bring someone to tears like that. I have only been able to do that on one other occasion that I know of.

This goes way way back to when Satan was still in England before he lived here. I had spoken with Satan on the phone and he had confirmed that he was definitely coming out at Christmas to see me. Well, it is official I thought. So what do I do about the guy I had been seeing up until now. Well, I better tell him, I don't want to be with him anymore.

The dude I was seeing comes over to my house, and I am like, ok this is the night I tell him. So, he is sitting in my house, and I tell him I don't want to see him anymore. And I do the it's not you, its me. I am not interested in you, and don't want to lead you on, so I think it is best if we end it. He just sits there staring at me. And suddenly, these huge crocodile tears are welling up in his eyes and rolling down his face!!! He starts bawling his eyes out! And I'm like what the fuck dude, sooner or later you would have told me this, and I have just beaten you to the punch. So I just sit there staring at him. And he is all, "do you mean it? Do you really want me to leave?" And by now he has the crying induced snot happening and he is trying to wipe his eyes and his snotty nose. So I say, "Uh yeah, I do mean it."

Now being I had never made a man cry before, I just sat there in disbelief thinking, ok dude...its not like we have been seeing each other for very long...And I am kinda glad I found out about your clingyness now before we progressed.

So we sat in silence (well I sat in silence, he sobbed) for about 10 minutes, and then he gathered himself together, and says, ok, well, if that's what you really want......." (Uh yeah, otherwise I wouldn't have said it).... And then got his jacket and left. I never saw him again.

But it is a very odd feeling to bring someone to tears. However, I didn't feel bad about the dude, but Red was really sad, watching her cry out of fear of her finger being hacked off. So I went over to her and gave her a hug, and said, just think of the great story you will have to tell me in four weeks when I am back here!! She just looked at me, and smiled and started to laugh. See, I may be evil, but I am not heartless!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Devil's Candy

Was out with my coworker yesterday. Need I say more. Didn't shop too much, as I actually didn't buy anything yesterday...But on Sunday when we were on our way to our meeting, stopped off at Nordstrom and bought some cool boots, because they were there.

Anyway, yesterday was having another melt down re: bipolar woman, and was able to rant to coworker about her. Got it out of my system, and this morning I woke up and was very calm. Called bipolar and actually had a civil conversation with her, so getting the rant out of my system worked.

But on Sunday, my coworker and I headed down to the meeting early as it is 3 hours from my house, so we stayed the night at a hotel. So we would be at the meeting for Monday on time, as we are notoriously late when we are together. Anyway, we were up till like 2:30 in the morning laughing our asses off. About what? Well let me tell you.

The other week I was with my coworker and she was craving chocolate and stuff, she is on the South Beach Diet, so she wanted to know what she could have, so we stopped at Walgreens and picked up some low carb stuff, and some low carb jelly bellys. So she starts tearing into the jelly bellys like no tomorrow, and I'm looking at her like, you are gonna be sorry in a couple of hours that you at that whole bag. What do you mean she says, as she can't stop eating them. For all of you out there who have had the low carb jelly bellys, you know the mountain of poo that you do within the four hours after you have eaten them. She had no clue. Until she got home, and couldn't believe what came out of her. Mount Poo.

Anyway, we have renamed those Jelly Bellys, they are now called the Devils Candy, and what comes out of your ass is none other than Satan's Sauce. This is what we were up laughing about till 2:30 in the morning, and decided we were going to go and find some Devils candy, and bring it to the meeting, put it in a bowl, and put it in the center of the table, and watch bipolar and our other coworkers snark on the Devils candy and watch what happens at the fourth hour of the meeting. Heh Heh heh....... oh yes, my coworker is just as evil as I.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Captive on the Carousel of Time

New opportunities are coming into view which I am very excited about!! I think that I have set the wheel in motion, that I am starting to see the potential of what can actually be for a great career and money making venture!! The key right now is not to to stop the motion, as in so many instances I have done just that, where I have seen the possibilities of certain things, but then have sat back and have done nothing. Which of course led me to nothing.

But I see this as something completely different than anything I have ever done, and I see that it is possible! And now with MC sparking an interest in this new adventure as well, I think that it will be even better with her help too!! I know I am being vague, about just "what" it is I am preparing to do, however, I don't want to give the "farm" away just yet, if ya know what I mean.

The interesting thing about this whole new "venture" is that this time last year, is when I started to question what I am supposed to be doing...and that I wasn't happy at where I was with work...and what my future held for me. This feeling I had, had nothing to do with my personal self, as my "home" is in good working order with Satan and the "kids", it was more me and what my soul needed out of life.

So, in looking through all my journals of last year, I do see that it was about this time last year I started my soul search. I didn't know what it was, but I knew I needed to change in order for me to feel happy and worthwhile. Now, I see the searching is starting to pay off sort of speaking, and if I don't get with the things that are starting to come my way, I will be back to where I was, which was frustrated and wandering what could have been. And the funny thing is, if I look back at to the very beginning of starting this blog, it was just that too that I was looking for, was an answer to what it is I am supposed to do with my life. Someone is listening...or something is listening.... the universe works in mysterious ways.......

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

About A Boy

Today was one of those days that doesn't happen very often. I actually had a pretty good day. So as usual when this happens, I don't have much to say, as when I am in a good mood, I can't think of anything to write.

However, I will tell you about my Hugh Grant encounter today. I had a meeting with a prospective new account today. So I meet him, and we go to Starfucks for some coffee, and I am sitting there talking to him thinking, ok I know this guy, or I have seen him somewhere before...Duh....He looks just like Hugh Grant minus the accent. I am such a retard sometimes. Anyway the meeting went well, and turns out he is actually someone who has "serious" connections in this business, and wanted to know what my background was, as he said I was very informative and had such good business sense.. I told I have been in this industry for 16 + years and that in the next few years I plan to have my own business.. So we get talking about all the contacts he knows, and if I am "serious" about it, he could totally help me out. So yet, another contact falls in my lap regarding my career move. So the universe is definitely sending me these people for a reason. And re: my last blog, if I stay in my current job for much longer than needed, I will get kicked again by corporate America. No thanks, been there done that, I'm getting off the Corporate America ride of death thank you very much.

Oh yes, and on my way to my next appointment, I got a call from an account that I thought wasn't interested, and turns out they want to open one asap!! And the account that I went to next is opening a new location by the end of the month, and gee, could they open another one please.....

Like I said, these good days don't happen that often...Oh and by the way...I didn't see or speak to my boss all day today...Could it get any better? Maybe I should go out and get a Lotto ticket or something......

Monday, October 11, 2004

BOHICA (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again)

This lovely term I got from my friend, Hil, however, it is a well used term, I can tell you. I just found out today that we will be getting a new V.P. of Sales starting in November, and wouldn't ya know it, he comes from the same fuckin' company I just left 7 months ago!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! The only thing that I am happy about is by the time he gets his full claws into this position, I will be graduating and giving a big middle finger salute "adios amigos, I'm so outta here!!!!! "

So my timing couldn't be much better. And it only makes me more aware that I am on the right track of getting out of this business!! If you are in it long enough, the shit you flushed down the toilet and left behind, will back up and come flooding out once again!!

Also, I can feel the ole hormones a knocking on October's door and they aren't the friendly ones I can tell you this, it looks like a raging fest will be had by these fuckers this month. Oh happy day. Well, it would be only Monday now wouldn't it??? Motherfuckersonofabitch, this weeks forecast looks: FUCKED UP!!

Friday, October 08, 2004


Devil Worshipper
You've probably been called possessed loads of times, you're pure rebellion, you won't let anyone tell you what to do, and you wouldn't set foot in a Christian church unless to blaspheme it. If anyone was ever stupid Enough to mess with you, you'd probably murder them!

Reach Out Touch...FATE!

The skies here are starting to cloud over, that means rain is on its way. I am actually quite happy to see the darker skies (although ask me again how much I enjoy it in February). I can feel All Hallows Eve approaching as well. And I like it.

I am still quite intrigued how you meet people at different times of your life for a reason. Case in point the woman who I met a couple of months ago who is starting up her own salon. It made me start thinking of how that is what I want to do . So the ball started to roll. I have been in touch with her since our first meeting... And she is going to be having an extra room at her place and wants to know if I would like it for when I get my license. She called today and the ball keeps rolling along, we talked about me doing makeup at her studio on weekends which I can do without a license, but will get my foot in the door with clients so when I do get my license, I will have the clientele.. She is excited as she isn't good at makeup, but always wanted to have the salon to do makeup as well, so now she is going to add that on to her list of services.

There was a reason I met her at this time of my life. Interesting how we seem to talk like we have known each other for years. If anyone has read Sacred Contracts or know of it, I feel like she was one of those "spirits" who said, I will meet you at this date in time in your life. See you then. It is a trip. I can't explain it any other way. There have been random times in my life where people have come into my life for a reason, and I know it when I meet them. I am just thankful that I am "aware" of them. Satan was definitely one of those people. There was such an instant chemistry there that had never had been with anyone. So the moral of this story, is be "aware" of who you come in contact with, you never know what message they will have for you, all you have to do is just.....Listen.........................

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

View From Padded Cell Block 3

As I sat in class today we were discussing what gross things people can get such as scabies, ringworm, pink eye, head lice....and my instructor says "everyone will have head lice at least once in their life...especially if you are a mom you will have to deal with your kids coming home with head lice.unless you are a superhero or I know with my 3 kids all of them have come home with it"

Ok, I have never had lice, nor do I believe I ever will, and growing up my sisters and I never had was my mum a superhero? Well, I know to me she was, but I never knew she actually was to the outside world as well. I think she just educated us about these things and made sure that we didn't share combs and things with our fellow classmates...

So anyway, I just thought I needed to send "props" to my mum yet again, for being that amazing woman, who took care of her kids, kept them out of trouble (yes, you too Mangey), kept them clean and healthy, free of any broken bones, and head lice. And oh, by the way, did I tell you we all lived in a padded cell??

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

House of Wax

I can't believe how exhausted I feel at this moment in time. It could be that Satan and I went climbing tonight, and that always makes me way tired...But having school added to my day, when I have been used to doing fuck all for what seems like forever...I am wondering if my old body will get used to this.

However, at school today we learned how to apply fake eyelashes (OOHH AAHHH) and how to wax!! (look out Satan, here comes wax practice!) It seems really odd that I am going to school to learn girlie things. However, I already knew how to apply fake eyelashes, but it was good learning the single application ones, and waxing I have done, but not with someone teaching me, so that is good to know the correct way now! I only have 574.5 hours left before I get my license!! Is someone counting down the days and hours?? What ever gave you that idea??

On one other note, my boss I think tried to "catch" me going to school and not working......However, she forgot one thing about me.....I am very devious, and I will prevail! HA!!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Weekend Update

Satan's parents are back home. We dropped them off at the airport yesterday. It was sad to see them go, but it is nice to have my house back. I am very anti social, and having guests in my house for an extended period of time, is exhausting. But Satan's parents are very sweet, and I love them dearly, so it was good having them here.

Nothing really new to update, just work, school, and work basically. My boss is still bipolar, she is now freaking out that I am at school. Whatever. School is still great, I now give Satan daily facials for practice, and he loves it. He is now asking for them before I ask him if I can practice!

Oh and the most exciting news of the weekend: We got tickets for Marilyn Manson who will be in San Francisco at the Warfield on November 1st! Yippee!! Very excited, as I missed him last time he came around. So it should be alot of fun, as Satan is going and so is our friend Chris! I asked Liz if she wanted to go, but it is her birthday then, so I don't think spending it with Marilyn is her idea of fun. Oh well. Maybe next time Liz!