Sunday, October 31, 2004


As I have been having crickets jumping out at me over the past several days, in the bathroom, the kitchen, in my office, and jumping along the fireplace....I thought I would check it out in my animal-wise book, for anyone else who is being stalked by crickets or if any of you give a shit:

Crickets in the home were often thought of as the familiar that watched over and guarded the home's occupants-especially against bad spirits. In the 1800s many people believed that crickets were lucky to have about the house and would do no harm if treated well.

Crickets are also known as bushcrickets, and although they are related to the grasshopper, they have a distinct symbology. They have been kept as pets. Many believing them to be the reincarnation of relatives. They have been considered a familiar by some and the devil by others, (either one would be hanging out in my house, that I am sure of!)

The appearance of cricket heralds an awakening of sensitivities and the finding of light within the dark. This is primarily because of their nocturnal activity and their darker coloration. Their appearance reminds us to trust our own intuition, as it is much more accurate than we may believe.

So either my parents are hanging out with me right now in the form of cricket, (as day of the dead is 2 days away). Or, there was a cricket in my house, and now has decided to give birth, hence the cricket explostion.


Elizabeth said...

Hm, most interesting, especially with Buns Done!

No pressie yet - I hope it comes tomorrow!

Thank you again for my bday gifts and dinner!!

Jennifer said...

ooooo.. I don't like crickets t'all.. I could only stand them if I truly thought they were in the form of a loved one.

Two birds hang out at my mother's all the time... we think it's my grandmother and grandfather. so cute.

Garrison Steelle said...

Hmmmm ... don't crickets have a relatively short life span? I know they do with cats around the house.


bunny said...

I really dig that symbolism. I'll try to keep that in mind during the next TX cricket plague.

Happy Day(s) of the Dead! Tomorrow's probably the more appropriate one for your parents. I had high hopes about building an altar this year but doesn't look like it's gonna happen. Maybe next year. And have fun at MM! Tonight - I've got Interpol tickets.

mangey cur said...

hey there blessed bee...happy Samhain! Hope you have an excellent time with Mr. Manson this eve.I'll be dancing naked around the bonfire around that time..but shall be thinking of you just the same hehehe.

Elizabeth said...

Oh shit, I totally forgot that was tonight - hope you have fun!!