Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fly Away

Leo says it smells like cow shit around here. What is up with that? There are no cows in my neighborhood, yet when I came back from my dog walk this morning, the air was thick with cow shit smell. Where do you think this is Petaluma??? (if any of yous have been to Petaluma on a hot summer day, you will understand this!!)

So I have one of those cranky/irritable/throwing stuff around my room kinda moments right now, and I don't know where it has come from.....I don't have pms. I didn't have a bad day. Nothing is wrong at the moment.....hmmmmm...

However I did pick up a message from one of my fair weather friends (please tell me I am not the only one who tends to pick up these kind o friends, you know them, the ones you never here from unless they either want something, need to brag, need to vent, or they just remembered you for a mere nanosecond....)

Anyway, I think that has what has gotten me irritated at the moment. Don't call me out of the blue acting all like we are bestest friends, when you haven't spoken to me in about three months and the only times you called before was to ask a question about something you needed.

So fuckin irritating. Mangey gets weird psycho path friends that latch on to her and stalk her. I just get "I will only be nice to you when I know I need something from you."

Well to you I say "Fuck Off". I do know I have had these types o' friends throughout my history. Starting as a young vampy they would be nice to me because I had the correct answers in grade school, later on it was because I knew somebody they wanted to know, or because I could get them into some place cool. My mum used to say they were "hangers on" and I didn't understand what she meant. But I sure do now. They like to hang on to me as to think they can get something from me.

Well I say, no more my fair weather friend, it doesn't work that way anymore. So I will do as I always do to people that piss me off. I cut you off. Thats right, no more mz. nice vampy. You are cut off the list. Do your own homework. Get a clue. I don't need friends like you.

And Leo says, yeah, it does smell like shit around here.....Bull Shit!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lets Do The Time Warp Again!!!!!!!!

So my excitement of Sunday is picking out my free CD from my CD club. Yeah, I know what you ar thinking, "wow Vampy you are one power packed excitement weekend warrior!" Yes, I know........

Anyway here are my choices so far:

The Babys Anthology: songs include: Isn't It Time, Every Time I Think of You, If you've Got The Time......(all those great classics from the 70's and early 80's...)

David Bowie: Young Americans: songs include: Fame, Young Americans, Across the Universe, Fascination, Who Can I be Now...( I am on a David Bowie kick at the moment, so this would go well with my grooves in the car....)

The Best of Alice Cooper: Mascara and Monsters: songs include: Schools Out, Poison, No More Mr. Nice Guy, I'm Eighteen.....( Alice is always good to drive too......)

Peter Frampton: Greatest Hits: songs include: Show Me The Way, I'm In You, Baby I love Your Way, Do You Feel Like We Do (songs to curl up under a fern and be mellow too....)

Heart: Bebe Le Strange: songs Include: Even It Up, Sweet Darlin, Down On Me, Raised on You, Break, Pilot ( Mangey has been in a Bebe Le Strange mood, and being the copy cat little sister, thought I would too....)

INXS: Kick: songs include: New Sensation, Never Tear Us Apart, Devil Inside, Need You Tonight, Mediate, Wild Life (what can I say, Michael Hutchance was at his hottest on this album)

Rick James: The Definitive Collection: songs include: Super Freak, Give It To Me Baby, Loosey's Rap, Can't Stop, Ebony Eyes......(SJ and Mangey will definitely be up for this one!)

Janes Addiction: Nothings Shocking : songs include: Idiots Rule, Jane Says, Had A Dad.....(wait a minute, I think I have this already.......or do I have it on vinyl? Have to check.....)

The Best of Morrissey: songs include: Everyday Is LIke Sunday, The More You Ignore Me, November Spawned, Suedehead, We Hate It...( depression at its best!!!)

The Steely Dan STorey: Showbiz Kids; songs include: Rikki Don't Lose That Number, Peg, My Old School, FM....(you can never have enough Steely Dan....)

What? You think I am stuck in a time warp rut? None of these artists are new? Well until you can give me something better than The Pussycat Dolls (you gotta be kidding, this is a cd choice?), Ashley Simpson (no Comment) Nick Lashay (see last quote), Carrie Underwood (no country idol for me thanks,)KT Tunstall (that cherry tree song makes me want to hurl) Ne-Yo (who-yo?) and many others, I think I will stick to my 80's and 70's classics thanks.......

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Leo, the Dog Star

He was nearly named Sirius for the dog star. But Satan couldn't commit to the name. So Leo he became. As it is the dog days of summer and because Sirius is the brightest star in the sky at night, Leo also wanted to be the brightest too. So for your viewing pleasure, I give you Leo, the dog star......

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Grapes of Wrath......................

Its been at least a couple of years since we first planted our grapevines, and now they are finally producing fruit! We also have green grapes now too! These red ones are believed to be "seedless". Yeah, right. How come I have yet to have actually bitten into a red grape and to have no seeds with it. Every single red grape I do believe I have had over the years have had seeds in them. False advertising is all I can say.

Satan and I were very thrilled though to see our first grapes appear! Now if we can only keep them away from the great grape thief, Spirit, we will be able to actually eat our grapes.

Spirit hasn't yet found the grape stash, as we have carefully hidden them with the grape leaves. Cunning, aren't we....................

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's An Evil Day In The Neigborhood......

It's always a fab event when I get a call in the middle of the day from the fabulous Chicken and she lets me rant!! I was rantin' and rollin! Sorry chicken that this isn't one of the chickens that roam my street, they have been camera shy as of late, so I thought you may like this instead!!

I was telling Mz. Chicken that I was having a day of cancellations....which were making me irritable, and I told her one of my waxing clients cancelled because she woke up with a cold sore...and can't get a lip wax with cold sore....and then chicken says, well its better there than having one down below and them not telling you before you bikini wax them. Uh, gross! and so true.

So although the cancelations, I was able to make up the dosh by selling my make up line to the unsuspecting victims that came up my stairs today.... muhhahahhahahahhahahahha!

You will buy this makeup and you will love it! And if I don't have the color you want, you will still give me money! muhahahhahhahahahhahahhahahhaha!

ok, going to go watch Rockstar SuperNova now....toodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

A New Level of Evil

Whats more evil than laughing at someone who is in pain? Laughing at them while you are inflicting the pain. And not just hee hee haa haa, kind of laughing, but gut renching, crouched over holding stomach, no sound coming out of mouth hysterical laughing. yes that was me.

Can I have my new evil crown as I enter this next level? Thank you.

Oh, and did I tell you that it was a waxing victim. did I tell you it was a fury man/beast? and that he was really a nice guy, which makes me even more evil.

However as I look back to find where I got this kind of evil from, I do notice that my sweet sweet mother had this evilness to her. I do remember as a child while walking on the beach with her while my sistas were at school, our family dog came up behind me and took out my legs while chasing after our other dog. Now being barely five at the time, you would have thought my mother would have come running over to see if her darling youngest girl was ok as she lay flattend in the wet sand face implanted in a tide pool. But no, as I adjusted my five year old eyes out of the tide pool I remember seeing my mother bent over gut renching laughing at me trying to say to me are you ok, but all that was coming out of her mouth was wind. Yeah. That was my mum. My oldest sister (not mangey, who infact is quite sympathetic to those in pain) has this evil gene as well. Too many countless times do I remember watching her bent over double laughing at one of our misshaps of getting injured.

So where did the evil gene pass down from. I do believe it was my grandfather. Evil man he was. So sorry furry man/beast for laughing so hard last night while ripping wax off your chest. It was the evil gene in me that made me do it. Luckily you were a good sport and could see the sad humor in it too.

And what about the Pandas you ask? They kick ass. Plain and simple.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Channeling the Dosha....

Not much happenin here as of late. So enjoy another dragonfly pose.

Hopefully this week will be more exciting. As I am going to a Ayurvedic Diagnosis class tomorrow to get intouch with my dosha.

Peace Out!