Saturday, December 31, 2005

Out With The Old.......

Wow, this is my last post for the year. What a trip. I keep forgetting it is New Years Eve today. Maybe cuz I am still not believing that this year is over. Wow how time flies, and not necessarily all when you are having fun. It just flies. Someone said to me the other day it is a sure sign that you are older when time flies, as when you are a kid time feels like it never moves.

How true is that. And how sad. True that time did stand still when I was younger, and how sad that I am

So what are the things that I will remember about this year? Lets see.......I graduated esthetics school, passed the state board, started my own two adorable boys who are both now bigger than their sis, Willow (and they are only 5 months old..).........

other excitement of 2005: got to see my first Giants baseball game at SBC park for Satan and my anniversary, saw Lestat the musical (woo Hoo!), went to Vegas, and didn't gamble at all (now that is a 1st!) as I was too busy shopping for work to quit working for The Man, attended my last EVEAH corporate sales meeting!!!!!....

things I wish I could of done: exercised more, read more books, took a vacation to England, changed my eating habits, gone climbing, seen mangey cur......

Things I will do in 2006: Exercise more, read more, take a vacation to England, finally change my eating habit and stick to it, see Mangey Cur, watch my buzinezz really take off and have at least 60 repeat clients a month!! save money! get a new car!

Ok, I think I just wrote my resolutions.....

Happy New Year to all my beautiful creatures of the night! And to all of you lovely day creatures too!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Alright all you sinners......Swing!!!!!

Alright everyone, from my latest stats it looks like I have pervs browsing thru my blog.

Here are the top 5 ways pervs have gotten to my site:

1. Thong and how to wear them

2. Nails ripped off

3. Grannie Panties

4. Grannie Ass (ok this is just way to gross....)

5. Whats Under her skirt

The other 5 were non pervie:

6. Vampyre

7. Lestat Musical Merchandise

8. Dogs D' Mour

9. Faux Hawk photos

10. Marilyn Manson

So to all you pervs out there who are perusing the vampyre lair, hello, how are ya, sorry to have dissappointed you with your search for granny ass, I maybe old, but not that old...........

Monday, December 26, 2005

The Bible Thumper, the Grinch, and the Looking Glass...................

By the looks of people today, I noticed the christmas spirit has gone far far away. Either that or the Grinch must of hung out with alot o peeps this year.

First off my bible thumping neighbor. I am on my 2nd dog walk of the day when I see her with her evil spawn in toe pulling in the trash cans (oh yes, she is about 4 months prego with 2nd evil spawn on the way) her dog comes running over to the fence to say hi to me and Leo, and their new puppy is dancing around by her feet. When I first saw her, I think she was trying not to make eye contact. Which is fine by me. However, because her dog came over to fence to say hi to Leo...her plan was foiled. So she is calling her dog to come over and has to look up at me....."oh, hi vampy. Did you have a good christmas?" " why yes I did thanks...... was yours good?" ( yes I am trying to be nice....) "mmmm hmmmm" (she says in the most annoyed response ever) and then she proceeds to pull dog away from fence and walk back towards her house......

Ok, whatevah......Satan says she was probably having one of those preggo moments where everything is shot to hell....hubby at work and she is having to deal with dog, puppy, evil spawn, and evil spawn on the way, as well as bring in garbage cans......

However do I feel sorry for her....uh no. She is the one who wanted more evil spawn, and a new puppy......

Next at the grocery store ( I always seem to have a merry time there) and nothing but bitter old people well as that stupid fat white trash chick and her million and one kids I seemed to always run into........and the checker was a miserable old fuck as well.

Oh yeah, and the first signs of me getting old.....ok, maybe the the first is the grey hairs on my head ( but I can cover those up with hair color).....I had to buy my first pair of reading glasses today. Yes GLASSES! Now for those of you who have had to wear glasses practically all your life, you probably think this is no biggie. However, I was always the one with the superior eye sight. The eye doctors were always amazed how great my eyesight was and would make me do all these impossible tests just to see how well I could see. I was better than 20/20 vision in fact. However, today I am not. And to make matters worse staring back at me through the mirror as I tried on Safeway reading glasses was none other than my mother. Just keep me away from the red lipstick and Neil Diamond music or the transformation will be complete......I will post photos of sad girl wearing reading glasses shortly.........

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Vampyre Express

stolen from american express ad.......

My Name: VampyreGirl

Childhood Ambition: to dance on Broadway......

Fondest Memory: the night I became a Vampyre

Soundtrack: The Crow......

Retreat: My coffin

Wildest Dream: To win the lottery....

Proudest Moment: Starting my own business

Biggest Challenge: Getting up in the morning

Alarm Clock: Leo and Spirit growling at each other

Perfect Day: sleeping in all day long!!

First Job: Aerobic Instructor

Indulgence: SHOES!!!!

Last Purchase: a necklace

Favorite Movie: Interview with the Vampire and Practical Magic

Inspiration: my mum

My Life: could be better, could be worse, can't complain......

My Card: Vampyre Express

Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me.........!!!!

Happy Birthday to me.....Happy Birthday to me.....Happy Birthday dear meee.....Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went and saw Lestat last night. It was really good. Would I go again? Yes. Yes, I would.
Was the audience what I Middle age, and balding. Satan said it was probably the draw of Elton John.

The musical stuck to the story line pretty well, didn't do the whole book, as I would probably still be there as it was 3 hours long. The dude that played Lestat was pretty good. I liked him better than Tom Cruise...although Liz liked Tom Cruise better, but she hasn't read the book, and the Musical dude was more like Lestat from the book. Not Tomstat.

The chick who played Gabrielle (Lestat's mom) was really good, she had a killer voice too, made me wish I could break into song like that....well I could, but I don't think I would be getting the audience nearly standing and clapping after each of my numbers though......

I was most disappointed by the merchandise though. Barely anything. I did get a Lestat tank top. But that is all they had.

Ok, must get ready to go now, Satan is taking me to see Harry Potter this afternoon. Vampires, witches and wizards....can this birthday get any better????

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Big Eyes......I Keep Falling For Those......

Just because I haven't posted a photo of Darlink Marilyn in awhile, thought this was a good one.
He got married at the beginning of the month. If it had been my teenage youth, I would be very upset right now.

You see, I had a major major crush on Robin Zander of Cheap Trick when I was 13. Needless to say he got married when I was I think in 7th grade. And I was crushed, heartbroken. I think this was the first time my heart was broken. Yes, as a matter of fact it I would stare at my Cheap Trick posters on my wall every night, wondering how he could of done this to me!!!! Didn't he realize I was the one he should of waited for and married!!!!!!!! I want you to want me Robin Zander!! Damn you Robin Zander!! Damn you!!!!!!!

Fast forward many years later when I came face to face with Robin at the Stone in San Francisco.....yeah, you see me now Mr. Zander and you are seeing what you missed out on.....mmmm should of should of waited......silly boy.......

Anyway, in looking at the photo of Marilyn, maybe I should try a fauxhawk for the Lestat Musical? uh, no........doesn't really work for people with large heads.......

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

And Now For the Wardrobe....

What to Wear to The Theater Des Vampyres?
So I do know what I will be wearing on my feet. My bitchin boots.....they are way too cool to sit at home for a night of vamp-ing at its best. But that means, I need to wear a skirt to get the total shock and awe of the boots....but can I fit into the skirt I used to wear with these boots....hmmmmm.......Houston, we may have a problem.....................

Ok, lets forget about my ever expanding waist line for a moment, and go to the top, should my hair be curly or straight for a night of vampyres? You have all seen my hair curly or straight, yes? Hmm...I am thinking straight these days makes me look old....and who wants to be seen with an old vampyre...................................dilemmas, people, I have dilemmas!

You think this is bad, you should of seen me getting ready to go somewhere BEFORE I was married! Mangey knows the agony of it all............................................................

Sunday, December 11, 2005

One Week To Go......

Got the Lestat the Musical tickets in the mail yesterday.....I am so excited I can't wait!!
I went surfing google to see if there was any news on it.....
and I came up with the official website.

It has three songs to listen to and a forum for people to chat it was rather interesting. Another site which is a playbill site has a photo of the cast. Of course they are out of character so I am trying to picture the dude as Lestat. It says the dude that will be Lestat also was the Phantom of the we shall see........ever hopeful that this will be good, and not a severe disappointment like Queen of the Damn was as a movie......that was just heartbreaking.....

So now to pick the right outfit for the know this will become my new obsession this week..........

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Day Yoda Came to Town

So yesterday, I am driving home from work, and I call Satan to tell him I am on my way. I ask if everything is cool at the house as I usually do. He says uh......yeah...except something odd. Odd? Like what? I will tell you when you get home, he says......

Uh, no, tell me now otherwise I am going to be wondering the whole way home.....

So Satan says, "Yoda".
"Yeah, you know, Yoda, the little green dude the force is strong with him, hangs out in swamps.."
"ok, whats up with Yoda."
" Well, did the dogs carry him home today?"
"No......I am not understanding this conversation at the moment...."
"Yoda was sitting right in the middle of our driveway, about half way down....staring at the house......I saw him as I was driving in.....wondered if the dogs may have put him there...."

Ok, now for those of you that think what the see we live out in the middle of one ever comes to our house, our driveway is very long about 200 ft....s0 no one ever goes down there......except for Yoda......

When I got home, there is little Yoda sitting on the mantle of our fireplace....hmmm..I went over to him and asked, "why did you show up Yoda?"

Is the force strong with us here at the coven?
Do you see the Dark Side here at the coven?
Are you hear to tell me that fear leads to hate.....hate leads to the dark side?

Nothing.....he just sat there.

Then I heard Yoda's voice in my head:

"Nothing to blog about, you have. Take care of that, I will."

Thanks Yoda.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Scooby Dooby Doo, Where Are You?

Well the other day after exercising I go to take a shower. Now Willow always has to come in the bathroom with me when I shower. Don't know why. Maybe it is because we kept her in there when we were at work when she was a puppy, and she feels it is still her home.....anyway, so we are in there. Get out, get dressed. and notice it is really really quiet in the rest of the house. I look at Willow like hmmm....I wonder what is going on....she looks at me like "I dunno...."

So I venture out of the bathroom, noticing there are no puppies in the house. The precious is sitting on the couch with a look on her face like, "what, I didn't do anything...." so I go to the door and call for them thinking they are in the backyard getting up to no good. Nothing.......
I yell again......still nothing....just an eerie silence answering me. Ok this is not good. I look frantically through the house to see if they are maybe under the bed or something which I they aren't. so I quickly put some shoes on, take the turban that is holding my wet hair off, and go out to my backyard. I start calling....Spiiiirriiiitttt, LLEEEEEOOOOO..........nothing.....walk down to one shed, yell again....Spiirrrriiiiit, Leeeeooooooo......nothing.....oh god. I am now thinking....did they get did they get out???

I walk up past the ponds looking in to see if there are any puppy floaters in I start my call again, Spirit.....Leo.....? My calls are getting shorter and more frantic.......where do I start looking, down the street behind us, if they shimmied thru the back fence, or do I start looking out the front.......when do I call Satan,,,,,to tell him I have lost the boys.....shit......mother fucker!!!! Ok one last call....Spirit......Leo.......still nothing.....

I go back inside. Willow is now looking at me like, "oh my god, whats going on!!!!" The precious is still looking at me from the couch, looking rather sheepishly......ok precious, what have you done to the boys.....

I then think wait a minute, they couldn't have......would they have?????? I walk into the kitchen and open the pantry door......and what do I see, two dog butts in the air, tails wagging, face first into the bag of puppy kibble, and a box of Scooby snacks on the floor...........they had obviously heard me and the little pigs picked up the pace of the frantic eating before they got caught.

Of course I was so excited to see them they didn't get into trouble. I just realized I need to completely shut the pantry door from now on......however, I do believe the precious had lured them in there with dreams of the promised land of puppy food..........