Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Day Yoda Came to Town

So yesterday, I am driving home from work, and I call Satan to tell him I am on my way. I ask if everything is cool at the house as I usually do. He says uh......yeah...except something odd. Odd? Like what? I will tell you when you get home, he says......

Uh, no, tell me now otherwise I am going to be wondering the whole way home.....

So Satan says, "Yoda".
"Yeah, you know, Yoda, the little green dude the force is strong with him, hangs out in swamps.."
"ok, whats up with Yoda."
" Well, did the dogs carry him home today?"
"No......I am not understanding this conversation at the moment...."
"Yoda was sitting right in the middle of our driveway, about half way down....staring at the house......I saw him as I was driving in.....wondered if the dogs may have put him there...."

Ok, now for those of you that think what the see we live out in the middle of one ever comes to our house, our driveway is very long about 200 ft....s0 no one ever goes down there......except for Yoda......

When I got home, there is little Yoda sitting on the mantle of our fireplace....hmmm..I went over to him and asked, "why did you show up Yoda?"

Is the force strong with us here at the coven?
Do you see the Dark Side here at the coven?
Are you hear to tell me that fear leads to hate.....hate leads to the dark side?

Nothing.....he just sat there.

Then I heard Yoda's voice in my head:

"Nothing to blog about, you have. Take care of that, I will."

Thanks Yoda.

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