Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Vampyre Express

stolen from american express ad.......

My Name: VampyreGirl

Childhood Ambition: to dance on Broadway......

Fondest Memory: the night I became a Vampyre

Soundtrack: The Crow......

Retreat: My coffin

Wildest Dream: To win the lottery....

Proudest Moment: Starting my own business

Biggest Challenge: Getting up in the morning

Alarm Clock: Leo and Spirit growling at each other

Perfect Day: sleeping in all day long!!

First Job: Aerobic Instructor

Indulgence: SHOES!!!!

Last Purchase: a necklace

Favorite Movie: Interview with the Vampire and Practical Magic

Inspiration: my mum

My Life: could be better, could be worse, can't complain......

My Card: Vampyre Express

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