Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bite Me.

Life has been pretty dull around the coven here lately. Which I guess isn't too bad, considering this time last year I was frantically trying to get thru school, and deal with my evil boss. So dull is pretty good. However living a dull life has problems when it comes to trying to think of things to write about.

However, when conversing with hairdressers last week, about my non existent color in my wardrobe.....(yes, again, can't people just leave me the hell alone with my color choice...) I was told by one of the hairdressers, that at the christmas party she didn't even recognize me as I looked so different. (Meaning I actually fixed my hair instead of the usual pony tail she sees me in) She said "you clean up real nice." .................ok, what is that supposed to mean. I love being on the end of a backhanded compliment. And I told her this as well. She then of course proceeded to try and backpeddle herself out of what she said. Too late, blondie, you already said it. Deal with my reaction now. Then she proceeded to ask why I don't dress up like that all the time, and wear more makeup like I did that night.

Well, you see blondie, I work in a dark room for most of the day with steam coming at my face. Steam doesn't do well with hair and makeup. If I were staring at myself in a mirror all day such as yourself, I maybe up to fixing the old hair and makeup more. However, being pale is who I am. So deal with it.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Devil Inside.....

Oh yeah, all I got is four words for ya: Satan Quit Smoking Today. And he was not very happy when he came home this evening. Luckily the doobage is not off the list, otherwise I think I would kill myself (or him, can you say mr. crabby pants has entered the building!!) . But good luck to my dear Satan, and hope this is the last time you will ever have to do this!

Other than that I have nothing. No, not a thing. My dog whispering skills are still at work, and I had a most excellent walk this morning with the pups.

Oh yeah, I was tagged for a list of things, so I guess I will do that. It is the five unusual/weird things about oneself, so here for your reading pleasure are mine. But I am sure most of you know these already, like mz. mangey cur can probably give you a list of 20, but thats for another day. So here we go kids:

1. I always have to tell people when they are leaving to "drive safely"......because when I haven't said this, strange vehicle things have happened to them. And I have been told when I have seen them again, it was because I didn't say, "drive safely!"

2. I tend to dream of things that end up happening. Good or bad, those dreams are there. Its kinda like having a preview of my week or month coming up.

3. I used to wish for bad things to happen to people if they had done me wrong, and it would happen! Only trouble with this is my Karma works rather fast, and I was hit with bad Karma coming back to me. So I have since aborted this evil way. Unless I am really pushed over the edge!!

4. I can pick up things with my toes. This may not be too unusual, but being that I hate feet, its Ironic that I can do this.

5. I tend to dance or do ballet type poses all the time without knowing I am doing it, until someone points it out. Like Mangey's Rantboy, he always found this rather amusing, and still does when he sees me. What can I say, I got the music in me!!

Ok how fascinatingly dull and boring was that! Ok, so now I have the evil pleasure of passing this on to 5 other people. Take it or leave it, do it or don't. But either way you have been tagged:

Mangey Cur

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Silence of the Walk.....

I have a new obsession. It is ishape, from shape magazine. I signed up for it, and they send me emails everyday with a menu and a workout schedule. I found out I really do have an obsession problem with stuff. I can't checking my email to see what ishape has sent me, what food I will eat for the next couple of days, what things I will be doing to exercise my fat ass. Its truly addicting. And I am real sad. As this is all the excitement I have in my life right now. However, I have lost 4 pounds on ishape. Another obsession, weighing myself every morning to see if another pound of pudge has moved along. I am a freakin nut case.

Lets see what other things have I been up to.............Got a book in the mail today on Tibetan Meditation. And I am listening to the CD it came with right now. And it is seriously sending me into a trance. Or am I sleep typing? hmmmm......I think I will have to bring this CD into work and play it for my clients....As I do believe this would seriously send them into a dream state.

oh yeah, another obsession, Satan and I have found a new program to watch on TV.....The dog whisperer. We can't stop watching this dude and his way of controlling dogs. It is really amazing. We have now become obsessed with being dog whisperers ourselves. Their is only one problem with this. I am not the calm mannered person for this job. However, I tried not to talk to my dogs on their walk this morning. And this is what I found. 3 out 4 dogs prefer me to shut the hell up and walk! And who is the one who enjoys their mom talking incessantly to them......Well, my little boy Leo that's who! He just wasn't happy with the silence of the walk. Although Spirit, Willow, and the Precious so enjoyed their Silence of the walk, that they actually got to hear the birds chirping and not their mom squawking! And the three of them were so much more behaved than usual. So it wasn't them acting up all this time at all, they were just in their doggy way trying to tell me to shut the fuck up!..........

Sunday, January 15, 2006

This Drools for You!

When first looking at this photo, Spirit looks o so sweet, but you will need to click on it to see the line of drool coming from his mouth all the way to the floor! You see he still hasn't learned to close his mouth after getting a drink of water, so now we are experiencing puddles everywhere in the house due to Spirits lack of mouth closure.

Whats worse is when you are sitting on the couch not noticing that he has gone for his daily drool, and he then proceeds to hop up on the couch right next to you, and the droolage gets drained all over you. Gross!

I think I will need to start wearing waders around the house just because of the excessive amounts of drool. either that or make him wear a bib, however I don't think that will help as he isn't drooling on himself.

Due notice in this photo of the unsuspecting precious, her ass is Spirits next drool target.

This also is his favorite party trick so far, so I am thinking of renting him out for showers, you know, baby showers, bridal showers, it will so bring a whole new meaning to the term shower!
(oh and by the way, he did piss all over Leo's dog bisket today, so he is also ready for those golden showers!)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hammin' it For the Camera

Give us your best smile!! Leo likes to show some tongue with his smile where as Spirit just likes to give out cheesie smiles... Spirit also looks like a pig in this photo....odd. But so cute none the less! Boys.....what are ya gonna do with them????

Monday, January 09, 2006

Random Thoughts

As I have nothing that exciting to post about today, thought I would give you some random crap from over the weekend. Lets begin.....

Purchased new scales. Which I found out SUCKS as my old scales were 5 pounds off, in a good way.....now I have had to add 5 pounds on to my already expanding waist line...fuck!

Purchased step/mileage monitor. For walking the dogs. Got it out of the package to find the $3.98 piece of shit is broken. Had Satan fix it. Works fine now. It was the piece o' plastic that you attach to your clothing that broke. Figures. Anyway, used it today, and found out I walk 4.2 miles with four dogs. Not bad. Still makes the 5 pounds added to the scale still suck, as I thought I was doing good.....

Purchased Madonna's new CD. Finding out.....it sucks....next.....

Found out that I definitely need to keep bleach on hand at work. As my client on Friday had an "accident" of the menstration kind on my sheets. Gross. However, I did manage to get the stains out. Maybe I should add to my menu, if you are on the rag, please bring your own sheets....

Found out my ex boss (who I still hate), still hates me! Yeah! She has told the chicks who work in the education department that I am under "no circumstances" allowed free classes. Ha Bitch! Too bad the chicks in the education dept. like me better, as they said that they will not listen to her, and still give me classes for free! WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Thats about it.....till next time......Party on Wayne........

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Why Must You Be Such An Angry Young Vampyre?

Ok why do I look so pissed off? Is it because...........

1. I just had to pay all the fuckin bills......
2. I am not pissed off, this is my normal face, thanks.....
3.I am having to wear my glasses.
4. My eyesight sucks.
5.I didn't win the lottery.
6.Its only Wednesday and there are 2 more days left till the weekend.
7.Its cold. And I hate being cold.
8.I am not angry, I am pms'd! Don't you know the difference?????
9.I've got a fuckin Styx song stuck in my head.....
10.These glasses give me a headache.

oh yeah, happy new year. woo hoo.