Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bite Me.

Life has been pretty dull around the coven here lately. Which I guess isn't too bad, considering this time last year I was frantically trying to get thru school, and deal with my evil boss. So dull is pretty good. However living a dull life has problems when it comes to trying to think of things to write about.

However, when conversing with hairdressers last week, about my non existent color in my wardrobe.....(yes, again, can't people just leave me the hell alone with my color choice...) I was told by one of the hairdressers, that at the christmas party she didn't even recognize me as I looked so different. (Meaning I actually fixed my hair instead of the usual pony tail she sees me in) She said "you clean up real nice." .................ok, what is that supposed to mean. I love being on the end of a backhanded compliment. And I told her this as well. She then of course proceeded to try and backpeddle herself out of what she said. Too late, blondie, you already said it. Deal with my reaction now. Then she proceeded to ask why I don't dress up like that all the time, and wear more makeup like I did that night.

Well, you see blondie, I work in a dark room for most of the day with steam coming at my face. Steam doesn't do well with hair and makeup. If I were staring at myself in a mirror all day such as yourself, I maybe up to fixing the old hair and makeup more. However, being pale is who I am. So deal with it.

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