Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Why Must You Be Such An Angry Young Vampyre?

Ok why do I look so pissed off? Is it because...........

1. I just had to pay all the fuckin bills......
2. I am not pissed off, this is my normal face, thanks.....
3.I am having to wear my glasses.
4. My eyesight sucks.
5.I didn't win the lottery.
6.Its only Wednesday and there are 2 more days left till the weekend.
7.Its cold. And I hate being cold.
8.I am not angry, I am pms'd! Don't you know the difference?????
9.I've got a fuckin Styx song stuck in my head.....
10.These glasses give me a headache.

oh yeah, happy new year. woo hoo.

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