Monday, January 23, 2006

The Devil Inside.....

Oh yeah, all I got is four words for ya: Satan Quit Smoking Today. And he was not very happy when he came home this evening. Luckily the doobage is not off the list, otherwise I think I would kill myself (or him, can you say mr. crabby pants has entered the building!!) . But good luck to my dear Satan, and hope this is the last time you will ever have to do this!

Other than that I have nothing. No, not a thing. My dog whispering skills are still at work, and I had a most excellent walk this morning with the pups.

Oh yeah, I was tagged for a list of things, so I guess I will do that. It is the five unusual/weird things about oneself, so here for your reading pleasure are mine. But I am sure most of you know these already, like mz. mangey cur can probably give you a list of 20, but thats for another day. So here we go kids:

1. I always have to tell people when they are leaving to "drive safely"......because when I haven't said this, strange vehicle things have happened to them. And I have been told when I have seen them again, it was because I didn't say, "drive safely!"

2. I tend to dream of things that end up happening. Good or bad, those dreams are there. Its kinda like having a preview of my week or month coming up.

3. I used to wish for bad things to happen to people if they had done me wrong, and it would happen! Only trouble with this is my Karma works rather fast, and I was hit with bad Karma coming back to me. So I have since aborted this evil way. Unless I am really pushed over the edge!!

4. I can pick up things with my toes. This may not be too unusual, but being that I hate feet, its Ironic that I can do this.

5. I tend to dance or do ballet type poses all the time without knowing I am doing it, until someone points it out. Like Mangey's Rantboy, he always found this rather amusing, and still does when he sees me. What can I say, I got the music in me!!

Ok how fascinatingly dull and boring was that! Ok, so now I have the evil pleasure of passing this on to 5 other people. Take it or leave it, do it or don't. But either way you have been tagged:

Mangey Cur

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