Monday, November 20, 2006

Everybody must get Stoned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, Hot Stone Massage kicks ASSSSSS!!!!!!

Had the two day class this past weekend and it was awesome! Satan totally digs the hot stones too! So now everyone who comes near me will have to get stoned!!

I will be done with the whole massage thing in two more weeks! That will make me very happy.

Oh, and side note to blogger, "BITE ME!" As it told me I wasn't good enough to get the new updated blogger...that is part of google.... it is only for a select number of bloggers. Yeah, well screw you.....I have my own stuff to do ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!
NO Hot stone massage for you can kiss my hot stone ass!!!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Shopping Here We Come!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I am going to another face and body expo! Yipeeee! Its really sad how gleefully happy I can be when the thought of buying more skincare products fill my head. Yes. its true, I am sad. I get excited over simple things.

Its quite amazing that I am actually able to lift my arms up to the keyboard today to actually write this. As yesterday my trainer kicked my ass, AGAIN. This time on my arms, as I told him, I want nice defined arms. And on Wednesday he worked out my arms pretty well and told me I would probably be sore on Thursday. But I wasn't. So this retard tells him yesterday, only to receive the most painful arm workout todate. But I am still not as sore as I thought I would be. But I do feel some pain.

Oh, and this time next weekend, I will be in massage hell again, as I am taking a hot stone massage two day course. groovy hippies and me will be burning our backs in time to groovy new age massage music. but this time next month, I will be a certified holistic massage therapist. I find that quite funny, as you would expect to see some groovy hippie at the end of that certificate, and lo and behold you have a living dead girl instead! go figure!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Trying To Play Catch Up

Ok, I feel like I am way behind on everything. I haven't paid bills yet this month.....I haven't cleaned the house in forever, I am still trying to wash the clothes from last week.....not to mention I haven't been here in a while..........

so whats up? lets see......

I had round two of massage classes over the weekend. one more weekend session and I will be a holistic massage therapist.....

I went and saw Aerosmith and Motley Crue last week. Motley Crue sucked really REALLY BAD! So bad that it was embarrasing! It was more Vince Neil than the rest of the band, but it was sad..... Aerosmith Kicked ass per usual and being that Steven Tyler had a throat operation over the summer, he sounded amazing.

In laws went home on Sunday. The house is real quiet and the puppies keep looking for their grandmum and granddad....its kinda sad. their little faces all happy to run to the spare room only to find no one there, so they come back with heads down all bummed...

Ok, well best go and pay some bills before my electricity gets turned off while I am writing this! eeeek!