Saturday, November 11, 2006

Shopping Here We Come!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I am going to another face and body expo! Yipeeee! Its really sad how gleefully happy I can be when the thought of buying more skincare products fill my head. Yes. its true, I am sad. I get excited over simple things.

Its quite amazing that I am actually able to lift my arms up to the keyboard today to actually write this. As yesterday my trainer kicked my ass, AGAIN. This time on my arms, as I told him, I want nice defined arms. And on Wednesday he worked out my arms pretty well and told me I would probably be sore on Thursday. But I wasn't. So this retard tells him yesterday, only to receive the most painful arm workout todate. But I am still not as sore as I thought I would be. But I do feel some pain.

Oh, and this time next weekend, I will be in massage hell again, as I am taking a hot stone massage two day course. groovy hippies and me will be burning our backs in time to groovy new age massage music. but this time next month, I will be a certified holistic massage therapist. I find that quite funny, as you would expect to see some groovy hippie at the end of that certificate, and lo and behold you have a living dead girl instead! go figure!

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