Friday, August 11, 2006

A New Level of Evil

Whats more evil than laughing at someone who is in pain? Laughing at them while you are inflicting the pain. And not just hee hee haa haa, kind of laughing, but gut renching, crouched over holding stomach, no sound coming out of mouth hysterical laughing. yes that was me.

Can I have my new evil crown as I enter this next level? Thank you.

Oh, and did I tell you that it was a waxing victim. did I tell you it was a fury man/beast? and that he was really a nice guy, which makes me even more evil.

However as I look back to find where I got this kind of evil from, I do notice that my sweet sweet mother had this evilness to her. I do remember as a child while walking on the beach with her while my sistas were at school, our family dog came up behind me and took out my legs while chasing after our other dog. Now being barely five at the time, you would have thought my mother would have come running over to see if her darling youngest girl was ok as she lay flattend in the wet sand face implanted in a tide pool. But no, as I adjusted my five year old eyes out of the tide pool I remember seeing my mother bent over gut renching laughing at me trying to say to me are you ok, but all that was coming out of her mouth was wind. Yeah. That was my mum. My oldest sister (not mangey, who infact is quite sympathetic to those in pain) has this evil gene as well. Too many countless times do I remember watching her bent over double laughing at one of our misshaps of getting injured.

So where did the evil gene pass down from. I do believe it was my grandfather. Evil man he was. So sorry furry man/beast for laughing so hard last night while ripping wax off your chest. It was the evil gene in me that made me do it. Luckily you were a good sport and could see the sad humor in it too.

And what about the Pandas you ask? They kick ass. Plain and simple.

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