Saturday, September 25, 2004

Father Father, Help Us, Send Some Guidance From Above

I have a cell phone. Yes, I use it more than I should. However, when I drive, I do have a hands free set, so both hands are on the wheel. When I am in a store I either have it off, or leave it in my car. Right now, it is in my car as I am home, and have regular phone anyway if I need it.

However, people really piss me off with their over usage of the cell phone. Yesterday, we are in the climbing gym when Mr. Prick Climber (he is always a prick, but yesterday he was king of all pricks) is talking on his cell phone while belaying his climbing partner. (for those of you who don't climb, he was the one on the floor making sure that his partner would be safe as she climbed). Obviously, the person on the phone was more important to him than the life of his climbing partner. What a fuckin' Prick.

Next, we have mega bitch at the nail salon, getting her nails done, and yapping away on the phone very very loudly, while totally oblivious to Asian woman doing her nails. She was obviously oblivious to the rest of us in there who were giving her evil death ray looks while she yapped to her gal pal about their lunch plans. Who the fuck cares, lady get off the phone!

Fat bastard last weekend while we are at the "We Will Rock You" show in Vegas decides to leave his phone on, and gets a call during the show. He is in the row ahead of us, and we are in row 7. Excuse me asshole, didn't pay $97 to listen to you yap through this show, thanks.

And last but certainly not least, to the inconsiderate fuck head who decides to call everyone he or she has ever known while at the movie theater. What the Fuck??? Is it really that important to let everyone know you are at the movie theater?

What happened to the day when you walked out of your house and didn't use the phone until you came home again. Or if you really needed to talk to someone while you were out, you went and found a pay phone to use. Our lives have not gotten anymore important than it had 20 years ago, we just think we have.

I sometimes wonder what my father would say, who died 21 years ago, what he would think of this new techno age. Same thing he always said probably, God Damn sons of bitches, you don't need to speak to someone that bad, unless your dead, than it doesn't matter anyway.

As you can see I have my fathers sunny disposition!


mangey cur said...

Ha! I'm down with that you know I'm the only surviving being on the planet who doesn't own a cell phone. And I don't intend to. I hate the phone anyway and will do everything in my power not to answer the damn thing. The only good thing about any phone is Caller ID.

Killy said...

I totally agree, Vampy. When I worked retail there would be assclowns who wouldn't pause their precious conversations for 2 fuckin' minutes to acknowledge my existance as a fellow human being. Bastards.

And don't even get me STARTED on all the people walking around on campus yakking away on their cell phones. I swear, 95% percent of the people who aren't walking alone are talking to someone on the phone. It's ridiculous. Are you THAT afraid of being alone, people??

Jennifer said...

mangey, you and bp, the only survivors of the cell phone age. He just doesn't see why he needs one. He's either at work or at home and if he's not, why would he want someone to bother him (that's how he feels about it)
Vampy, on my bus ride home from work, where I talk to people all day long via phone and/or email.. there were SIX, count them, SIX people on their cell phones on the bus!! It was so loud, I felt like I was at a party, totally ridiculous!!

Oh.. guy at the gym had his cell phone ready, I guess incase it rang... while he was working out? WTF??

Elizabeth said...

OK, I have to admit I have talked on the cell while getting the nails done! Only a few times... But I hate it when people do not turn off there phones during a movie or show - that is just rude and inconsiderate for the other paying patrons!

Smiley said...

I refuse to get a cell phone. When I leave my house I don't want people trying to track me down. Technology sucks!

SJ said...

I agree. Cell phones have made everyone so self important. When we used to have to circle the gas station for a pay phone or wait until (God forbid) we got home, now you can just spout your self-importance everywhere at any time.

bunny said...

I admit to some of those obnoxious behaviors with my cell phone. I worked in wireless telecom for 4 years, so doing cell phones kind of comes with the territory. And honestly, sometimes the wireless phone comes in handy, like when the asshole at Starbucks wants to know your star sign, etc. You just keep the phone at your ear, point at it with a "what can I do" smile and walk off. Works like a charm. But the imbeciles at the movies and on campus - uh, losers - need to be thrown off a cliff.

nongirlfriend said...

Paddy Mac doesn't have a cell phone. I, like Liz, have talked on the phone while getting my nails done. Sorry Vampy!!

Anonymous said...

People who use their mobile phone in the movies should be dragged out and banned. We had that when we went to the movies - a guy's phone rang, and he answered it and had a good chat to the person on the other end. Then later on, it rang again. Grrr. After the movie, my husband told him that he should leave his fucking phone off in the movies.

On Top of the World

Killy said...

UGH! That reminds me of this smug motherfucker in the library during finals last year! She was sitting across from me at a table (it was really crowded), and her phone rang, and she answered it, and I gave her the seething look of death, and she kept talking, and I cleared my throat, and she kept talking, and then I snapped and yelled at her to go the hell outside with her phone, and she looked at me like *I* was being rude!

miss macy said...

during my class last week, my teacher's cell phone went off and she made this big deal of "should i get that, oh i'm so embarrassed" then her phone rang again & she answered it...i kid you not, she spent 10 minutes dealing with her phone....and we had 15 minutes left of class...she should have just let us