Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Boys and Their Poo......

Left work early today to go and see my little guys. How cute are they? Ok, Spirit is definitely a Spirit, and so will be like Ghostie when he is older, full of mischief.....the other little guy who is still nameless, is going to be such a mama's boy. When I got into their pen with them today, he just came over and curled up under my legs, and was so huggy and cuddly......just love them.....however, I was covered in poo when I left. As their pen had poo in it, they had poo on their feet, which in turn got all over me. So of course when I got home had to shower immediately. Their sisters of course wanted to know where I had been, as they could smell their brothers. But couldn't stop for the sniff, as the poo smell was just too gross. 4 days to love them!

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