Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fashion Victim #45

Oh yeah, my fashion don't is at number 45 on this list! I was impressed that pale pasty face and black clothing made the list.....but then again, I am on the don't list!

While I was being a couch potatoe today, as I have had a cold for the last 3 days, I was channel surfing between the TV Guide channel with the emmy red carpet show featuring everyone's favorite plastic surgery victim, Joan Rivers and her freak of a daughter and E!'s red carpet show, with that cow Star Jones......well the E! show finished first and so the do's and don't were on next...couldn't help but to sit and watch in all my laundry day fashions glory!

So you can imagine how estatic I was to see the "Goth" look with clips of my darlink Marilyn, Angelina when she went goth for a sec, Elvirah herself, not to mention a ton of clips from the under 18 group of was rather amusing.....

Oh yeah, and then had to turn over to vh1 to catch the last episode of the reality show portion of Rockstar: Inxs. It is down to Marty, JD, and Mig. Marty creeps me out as he looks just like a freaky old boyfriend of mine, except mine had black spikey hair, other than that, dead on,...JD needs to stop tweezing his eyebrows like a girl, and Mig, well Mig is just too cute....however, I do like them all, so we will have to see on Tuesday who INXS picks. I'm rooting for Mig, just cuz' he is too cute and sweet for words. Although I think JD fits more. (Could it be he tries to be like Michael Hutchance, or is that really natural?)

I think I have had too much time on my hands with this cold, that I am actually having this kind of debate with the voices in my head...........

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