Sunday, February 19, 2006

Week In Review.....

Another boring week has led me to not updating. Here are the few highlights if you would like to call them that of the past week:

Tuesday: jammed packed day at work full of facials and waxing. Oh, and Satan delivered flowers to my work for V Day. I think the daily beatings are starting to pay off!

Wednesday: Had lunch with my hairdresser. Went to Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased a balance ball, (whatever they are called, the kind you exercise on...) and a dog grooming mit. Oh yeah, and drank too much coffee.

Thursday: Nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. Oh wait........hmmm, new tae bo dvd's arrived in the I said, nothing.......

Friday: Got my hair colored. AND got a new hair cut. Not to worry my hair is still long, just got bangs, or as the Brits call it Fringe. Will post photo once I get the art of fixing them correctly down. At the moment, they are just hanging in my eyes. Oh yeah, and a Hairstylist at work got arrested!!! But I fuckin' missed it as I was in my room waxing ass at the time. What the fuck? Why why do I miss all the interesting shit that goes down at work.

Saturday: Had to work. Oh and the owner of the salon has to tell me about Nick asking Jessica for alimony. Yeah, well she did make more than he did. And no pre nup what do expect? So the owner asks me if Satan and I have a prenup.....what? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa! no we don't. I am never getting a divorce. She looked at me and said, but you never know. To that I replyed: It's till death do we part.....and if that's the only way out for him,,,,, so be it......muhahahahahahahahahaha! She just looked at me in horror. I just love offending the masses.

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