Monday, September 04, 2006

Gardening 101

Just when I thought I had given up on my veggie garden for the year, I went out today to pull weeds and chop down the pathetic corn that barely did anything. However, when I got out there, I actually have a few things starting to grow. Not the corn, that is a waste of space and I pulled all of them out. But my little cherry tomatoes are now really coming on good and alot were red, and I have a ton more little green ones!! I also spied an actual cucumber. I had really written them off. As I keep getting the flowers on them, and the next day I am out something has eaten them. But low and behold I have one cucumber braving it on his own out there.

I then went to my watermelons, ready to dig them up and call it quits, when I spied two little melons! Yipeee! They are about the size of tennis balls at the moment but none the less they are growing!

So I guess my green thumb hasn't all but vanished, it just took way longer than normal for my veggies to do anything.

I did manage to weed and pull out the never ending raspberry canes that keep on popping up in other locations besides where they should be, and I got some serious scratches from them as well. At one point the raspberries were trying to pull off my pants, and they were doing a bloody good job of it too! Pervs! Now I am just feeling like I have been in a scratching fight with all these marks on me.

So thats how my labor day was. Hope yours was just as groovy. Going to go and make me a salad now!

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