Tuesday, December 07, 2004

3 Days Till Mangeyfest 2004

Again, thank you all for your kind words, I know I have been a rather depressing post to read as of late...but today I am starting to feel a bit better....maybe cuz' I am getting ready to see Mangey on Friday!! YAHOOOO!!!!

She has one fun filled action pact weekend for Liz and I!! Here are some of the highlights she has planned so far:

1. Border Crossing
2. Shopping, Shopping, and More shopping!!
3.Pony Ranch
4. Wild Life Museum (with real animals, not those stuffed kind!)
5.Ghost Town Excursions
6. Oh yes, and lest we forget, the Mangey Recital!!!!!

Yes, Mangey will be having a Holiday Recital with her Violin and her Violin class!! Should be quiet the extravaganza!! I will be bringing my video camera for that one for sure!!

Hope her computer is back in action, as I am sure Liz and I will be taking loads o' photos while we are there!! And we may even get photos of the Mountain Lion!!

There will be more fun and mayhem during the Mangey fest I am sure, as, if I know my sister, she lives to have fun.....so this should be good.......


Garrison Steelle said...

Sigh. Yet another major party I'll just have to miss. Ya'll have enough fun for me, too!


Elizabeth said...

Gawd I cannot fucking wait.

Jennifer said...

I'm soooooooooooo jealous!! Have fun!! You need it and deserve it!!

miss macy said...

have fun & i am so jealous!!!

Pisser said...

HoOray! Curs everywhere! :))

Raineydays said...

Oooh, I wish I was on my way to having fun too. I love that excited feeling of knowing that your about to do something really exciting.

Have fun!Be good!Spend lots of money!