Sunday, December 10, 2006

Shocking is As Shocking Does

Yeah. Its been awhile. Its not like I have been out jet setting, doing red carpet events, or even out par-taying it up like those Hilton whores...... no I have just put way tooo much stuff into the last couple of weeks. Why do I do this? who knows.

So in the last couple of weeks here is the run down:

Going to the gym way to early in the morning to get it over with.
Passed my final exam at Massage Hell, and got my Diploma!
Had to write an Outline on a book we had to read for Massage hell.
Working, working and more working....
December has been crazy at work and it is only the 10th today.

So you see, its not like I have been doing anything out landishly fun. I just have been getting home, making dinner, and then crashing on the couch and then waking up at like 2am on the couch wondering how I ended up sleeping thru my fave shows, the news, and the tonight show and not seeing any of it, but they were all running around in my dreams.

So this week, I have a christmas work party to go to tonight....oooh aahhh, there is a par-tay in all of this after all.
and then just facials, waxing, and massage clients to fill in the rest of the week, oh yeah and working out at the gym.

So thats life. Mine is ever so exciting. Would ya say? Whats that? you are asleep at the computer but this blog is running around in your dream? That really sucks for you.....

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