Friday, May 05, 2006

Creepy Weird

I purchased the new INXS cd the other day.

Can you say creepy weird. They (the old members) obviously picked that JD Fortune dude to sing because he can channel Michael Hutchance. If you didn't know he died, you would think it was him singing.

The new dude even has Michaels breathy deep voice singing bits down. Its creepy. Just creepy.
Can the old members of INXS just not let go of Michael? Or do they think they won't sell cd's if they don't have someone that sounds like Michael sing?

I was actually kind o dissappointed that he sounds so much like him. I think there is only two songs on the whole cd that he is singing in his normal voice. The rest is him channeling Michael.
Its creepy man, just creepy.

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