Monday, May 29, 2006

Wish I was Here

This photo was sent to me from Satan's dad. He and Satan's mum were driving I believe somewhere towards Sussex, England. His mum said, "you must stop to get some photos as Vampy would just love it!" Yes, Satan's mum, I do love it! So much so I wish I was going there.

This week, will be the busiest week of the year so far. Tuesday and Wednesday will be in San Francisco taking a two day Advanced Facial Massage class. Thursday I have an extremely full day at work as it is my only day there. Then Friday I leave for my weekend of spending way too much money in VEGAS BABY!!

So if this is they only post for the next week and a few days, you will know why. Don't worry though. I put all my excitement into one week. So the rest of the year will be pretty pradictable. I can't live on the edge all the time ya know. (that was sarcasam by the way).

Ciao bellas!

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