Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm Your Turbo Water......

(you will only get the title if you know the Judas Priest song.....)

Over the weekend our shower got fixed! And now it has turbo water! I feel like I am thrown to the other side of the shower by the force of the water! It is most excellent!

I also just gave myself a facial as I haven't had a chance to go and get my regular one! So sad. But I left on the peel to long as I got side tracked(which is way easy for me to do). And now my face stings and is red. So much fun. But at least I can say I burnt off all the bad shit on my face. Now I will definitely need my exta strength sunscreen when I go out. And of course the peel I used was my super strength professional one, not the wimpy over the counter variety. So this means for the next week I will be peeling like a mo fo.

Oh, and my excitement of the day is going to Wally world for dog food. And veggies for my veggie patch. However, I need to figure out how to Dog proof my veggie patch, as the pups have figured out how to jump the fence and get in there. Bad boys. Bad boys. What ya gonna do when they come for the veggies. Ok, yes, I am sad. It must have been the peel, its eating my brain cells now. Who would of thought, extra strength face peel will eat away all those most needed brain cells.

And last but certainly not least, Happy Beltaine to all my Pegan friends out there! Hope your May eve was a good one and today is a great kick off to summer! Blessed Be!

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