Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Under Construction.....

Tis the season to remodel. Or fix a leak. Or both. We got a call from the city water district last week telling us we used 40,000 gallons of water. We are either water hogs or we have a leak.

You guessed it, we have a leak. And its under our pantry. And its damaged our bathroom. And Satan hit another water line while trying to find the leaky water line. Oh, and our hot water heater decided to call it a day and packed it in too.

So now we have no water. No water means, having to flush the toilet with a huge bucket. (luckily our water to our garden hose works...don't ask, we don't know either but at least we can fill buckets up.) No water means having to take sponge bob (square pants) baths. No water means having to wash your hair with bottled water.

No water means we are now moving forward with the bathroom remodel sooner than expected. Which means bigger bathroom, way better shower. However, this sponge bob bathing is getting old. I am actually starting to contemplate overdoing it with the perfume and calling it a shower.

Out look for new bathroom completion: two weeks.
Out look for water main fix: tomorrow.
Out look for hot water again: two weeks.

So it looks like we will be having cold showers starting tomorrow night. Hmm, maybe sponge bob doesn't look so bad now. At least I have been boiling the water before I sponge.

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