Monday, April 24, 2006

You Know Gas Prices Are High When.......

On Friday while at work, I am sitting out in the reception area waiting for my client, when suddenly we in the salon suddenly here a CRASH BOOM BAH....... So we go to the front windows to see whats up, and there was a car that pulled out of our parking lot, into on coming traffic and got hit by the car going north bound. So this doesn't sound to exciting, but the funny thing about this accident was who were in the car going north bound........ a car full of hookers. Yes hookers. I guess they decided to car pool to their street corner. Even hookers need to conserve gas these days.

So it was quite funny to see them in their hookin' outfits all on their cell phones, (were they calling their pimps or their first appointments to tell them they were going to be late?) in the middle of the day with all these soccer moms driving by staring and glaring at them, and trying to divert their childrens eyes as they are staring out the window at them.

I can just hear soccer moms conversation to their kids: "now children, here is the number one reason to stay in school and go to colleage and get a good job, otherwise you will be forced to wear clothing like that, and walk the streets for your pay. Unless you get hit in the front by a landrover, then you will be forced to call your pimp and tell him why you can't go to work, while the rest of society drive by and judge you."

The other funny thing was there was a witness on a bike who looked like he was trying to work out a deal with one of them, maybe he thought as they now maybe strapped for cash he could get a good half price deal.

When the cops arrived, it was interesting that they kept them there longer than the average victim of a car accident. They probably recognized them. The landrover that hit them were even able to leave sooner than the hookers.

Poor hookers. Maybe that will teach them to carpool to work.

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