Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Shit goes down again!

So in trying to find new (let me rephrase that) old tunes I haven't listened to in awhile to listen to, I came across my LA Guns "Hollywood Vampires" tape. Yes, tape. I still have some odd tapes lying around. And my car actually comes with CD and tape player. (my car must of known ahead of time what owner it was getting....) but now I am totally hooked on this album again! I haven't listened to it in like 12 -13 years! It so made my drive to and from work kickin......

Anyway, in other news, why is it that I ALWAYS miss out on the drama at work? Why? So today, I go at lunch to get my car insurance switched over to the same company that our house insurance is under, and while I am gone for a mere 20 minutes, a fight, yes fight between the hairdressers breaks out! FUCK!!!!!!!!!! Why don't you guys wait for me to get back for this kinda shit! Anyway, turns out the new hairdresser used some perm rod papers that didn't belong to her, and just took them out of another hairdressers cabi, and all hell broke loose! New chick threw a wad of perm papers at one hair dresser who was merely getting a drink of water, then the other hairdresser called the new chick childish, in which the new chick then starts cussing and screaming at her telling her to (and I quote) " mind your own damn buziness,,,bitch!"
Ok, so this I was told not only sent the chick who got called a bitch out of the salon and her client as well, but the dueling hairdressers threatened to leave and go else where if this newbie isn't gone by tomorrow!

All of this in 20 minutes I'm tellin ya! When I got back there was like the owner, the chick that got beaned in the head with the perm paper, and the new chick there acting like nothing happened. But chick that got beaned, looks up at me and goes, Vampy, why are you always gone when shit goes down.....

So I have made new Vampyre rules at work:

if there is to be a fight, or a car chase, or some weird ass chick taking her clothes off across the street (yeah forgot to tell you about that one) or anyother weird ass shit going down, please make sure it is when I am here. Because, I am starting to believe that you are all messin with me. And it is so not April Fools Day anymore.

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