Monday, April 10, 2006

Way of The Warrior

My bohemian mellowness is just not working on dog walks. I don't think I have it in me to be truly bohemian. And I have tried.

So today, I tried a different imagery. One of the Indian Warrior. And I must say, it worked quite well. However, I did get the image of a dude warrior and not the dudess. Does this mean I was a dude in a past life? Anyway, there I was in my cool warrior garb, and my cool warrior headdress. Walking beside me were my two loyal dogs ever so quiet as not to disturb the landscape and also so we can sneak up on our enemies or our food for the day.

Does this sound like I am going crazy? No, just trying to get into a calm zone to walk the two boys as they definitely need calm assertive energy around them, and I am so known to be a spaz about everything. (mangey knows this better than anyone! ok, satan too....)

I now must conjure up my warrior when I go on walks now. As it worked really well. I still would like to be more bohemian. Its just that finding a mellow state of mind is hard for me. Its much more easier to be the dominant warrior. And yet warriors are pretty mellow too, once you get on their good side.

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