Thursday, April 13, 2006


Dumbasscus: noun (dum *ass*kus) he or she who is too stupid for words. One who does retarded things over and over again. the dog pictured here.

Used in a sentence: Spirit is the number one dumbasscus on the planet.

I was getting out of the shower yesterday morning, when I heard strange dog sounds on the other side of the door. So I wrapped a towel around myself and ventured out to see what was going on.

And what do I see, but none other than Spirit (dumbass) frothing at the mouth, banging his head on the ground, rubbing his face all over the floor. What the hell? I am thinking, was he stung by a bee? did he come in contact with a bad spider? oh god did he eat some drano? Do you suddenly have rabies? So I start looking around the room, and what do I see lying on the floor in my bedroom. But my pepperspray. Yes, dumb ass decided to chew on it, and it must have gone off one his face.

So I quickly went and got my robe on, got some ice cold wet towels and proceeded to hold them on his gums for the next 20 minutes. Poor stupid dumbass must have had his mouth feeling like it was on fire!

So after 30 minutes, dumbass is back to looking around for things to chew on. Did you not learn your lesson boy.....oh yeah, you are a dumbass.

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