Friday, April 21, 2006


Nothing exciting to post today.....worked my ass off yesterday. Unfortunately, my ass was able to jump back on me before I left though.....too bad as that would have been a good chunk of weight gone.....

So here is a photo of one of my tulips that finally decided to bloom in my garden this week. Funny what a little sun can do huh?

Although today we are expecting sprinkles. It better be just sprinkles.

Hey, I will probably see the lovely Liz this weekend. As she no longer graces us on her blog.
I am going to Pacifica this weekend to see our friend Hil, as she is hosting a Cabi party. You know the one where Liz spent $2500.00 on clothes, yeah, that party. I think I am pretty safe though as their spring collection has mainly white in it.

Have a good weekend Kids!

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