Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mom Always Said, Don't Play Ball In The House.....

Today I realized I have turned into my mother in the worst possible way: I lecture until I just can't lecture no more!

Speaking to one of the younglings at work today on the topic of sunscreen and why one needs it, I found myself saying things like: "I know you don't understand this right now, as you are too young", and "one day when you are my age, you will appreciate what I am trying to tell you", and then there is the kicker.."why are you arguing with me on this, my dear you are not going to win."

And as those words came from my mouth I think I was channeling my mother. Wholy shit, I am my mother! And in true being lectured at fashion, the youngling did put up a mighty good show of trying to be right. And it was bazzar to see myself 20 years ago trying to prove to my mother that I so knew what I was talking about.

Then I realized. My mom WAS always right. Shit.

And then I was sad, as I so wanted to call her up and tell her how sorry I was for all those stupid arguments I would get into with her, when I truly realize that I was the idiot and didn't know what I was talking about. But then I realized, somewhere in the great beyond she was right there with me today, I think that is why I was hit by the "you will appreciate what I am trying to tell you when you are my age" sound of her voice in me. I think she must have been sitting next to me egging me on, nudging me to go for the jugular with the final "you listen to me missy" tone in my voice.

I also realized something else today. There is another reason I do not want kids. As they would so loathe listening to me right now on ways to protect oneself against environmental aging.

Thats all I really wanted out of todays conversation anyway.

Just wear your sunscreen kids. You will thank me later.

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