Saturday, April 08, 2006

Saturday Morning Post

Weather Report: you guessed it: RAINING!!!

Sports: Leo and Spirit tug o war match on the deck. Willow dancing around as the ref. Or is she just the annoying sister who wants to join in and play?

News: Satan and Vampy will be celebrating their 13th anninversary on Sunday. Lucky 13 or is it EVIL 13!

Taxs are due next week, and still have not received anything back from the accountant. Is this good or bad? I have a feeling it is BAD........time to crack open the savings....God Damn IT!

The word is still out on whether or not the cat fighting hair stylist will be let go or not. Word has it that she is back in today, and so is all the other stylists, hmmmm, will we have round two on our hands today? Maybe I need to bring my camera to work.....

The diet I am on is starting to suck. I actually gained poundage this did that happen? Hmmm, maybe that's what happens when one adds "Cadburys Mini Eggs" to the menu...oh, did they mean an actual egg? oh well.......luckily Easter is next week, and the Mini Eggs will disappear again.....

Till next time, have a kick ass weekend!

And remember, it is always better to be the kicker of ass, and not the kickee of ass!

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