Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mystify Me.....

During my normal Sunday shopping at Safeway experience I found the following to be cornfusing. As I am walking in to the store from the parking lot, white trash family is in front of me. Dad looking like strung out tweeker, with trucker hat on, white dirty tshirt, jeans.....The mom, fat, hair pulled back in greasy pony tail, wearing a moo moo.....Child of about 5 years old in between them looking like she hasn't had a bath in weeks, nor anyone brushing her hair for that matter. Oh yeah, the most important part of this tale: both white trash mom and dad are smoking on their cigarettes profusely so they can go in the store, you know you can't just put it out, you got to get every bit of that nicotine, toxin shit in your lungs before you go in.

So I hurry on around them as not to inhale their pollutants.......Later on when I am nearly done shopping and I am over by the dead Caracas area looking at what dead Caracas looks good to have for the week, I notice white trash family approaching.....And what the fuck do they have in their shopping cart? Everything in their cart is the Safeway "O" organic brand. I am dumbstruck. You were puffing away like a chimney out in the parking lot inhaling every bad toxin imaginable into your body, and then you go and buy nothing but organic products? I was mystified. I guess its like eating a Big Mac and Fries and asking for a Diet Coke to go with that........And what about the water lilly in the photo you ask? It was mystified too.

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