Thursday, July 06, 2006

Something Freakish This Way Comes.....

Yay! My Pete Burns book, The Freak Unique, arrived in the mail today! I had to order it from Amazon uk, as nowhere could I find it over in this country to buy. As I was showing Satan the book as I squealed like a girl unveiling the book from its Amazon cardboard package, he says, did you get it on cd? ( As I purchased the Divinci Code for him to listen to in his car) Satan is now all about books on sorry Satan, I will have to be reading this one to you. Unless Pete has done an audio recording of it??????????? I will have to go and aimlessly search for that now! Damn you Satan, making me go mad (bad and dangerous to know) with all these new Pete Burns possibilities!!

And yes Mangey Cur, when I am done reading it, I will send it on to you to read.......just make sure I get it back!!!!!

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