Monday, July 31, 2006

Party On Wayne........

This weekend there were several birthday celebrations, first and foremost (of course) was Mangey Cur!! We celebrated her birthday by going to see Velvet Revolver in her honor. (too bad Mangey couldn't make it, it was an awesome show!) Our seats for the show kicked ass, as I not knowing how to read a ticket properly until the night of the show, realized we were in the third row!! Kick Ass!!!

The second of the birthday celebrations were the boys! They turned a year old over the weekend. And they decided to have their own birthday celebrations while we were at the concert. The boys thought that our friend Chris had given them a killer birthday present by leaving his doobage on the patio table.............

so needless to say when we arrived home at about 1 am, the boys had torn up a few too many patio seat cushions, as well as tearing into the doobage and leaving the evidence all over the house! Spirit was found happily making stupid faces on the carpet, while Leo decided he looked good wearing the halloween hat.

Oh boys, I hope Mangey had as good of a party as you two obviously did!!

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