Thursday, July 20, 2006

Smashing the fat................

Ok, so I have started yet another diet. Yeah, I know, whatever.

Anyway its called the fat smash diet. If any of you saw Celebrity Fit Club on Vh1, then that is the one I am doing.

You have to do a nine day detox where all you can eat is basically veggies and fruit. They either have to be raw, steamed or grilled to eat them..all I can say, is can day 10 get here any faster?

It is the end of day three for me. I haven't had coffee for three friggin days. Instead you can have herbal tea. So I have had green tea. Without sweetner. So I feel like I have been drinking grass for three days.

I went to the website and read the testimonials. So if I can lose 10 -12 pounds that some people have on the phase one, then this will be so worth it. Otherwise , there is one hefty piece of chocolate waiting with my name on it on day 10.

Alrighty then, thats it for me right now, think I will go and drink some grass now. Peace out!

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