Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Almond Joy's Got Nuts, These Puppies Don't.....

Oh yes, the joys of being nutered. The boys had their bits taken away today. They were so bummed to have to go to the vet this morning. However, this evening they are running around and beating each other up like nothing happened to them this morning.

Interesting thing about modern technology. They don't use good old fashion stitches anymore. Oh no, the boys had their nut sacks sealed with glue. Yes glue. So the vet told me no swimming or taking baths for them for a week. Poor guys and they so enjoy their daily shower, shit, and shave.

I must say that it was chop yer bits of Wednesday today, as when I dropped them off at the vet, there was like 10 plus dogs there for the same thing. Was it an assembly line, one vet makes the incision, next vet takes out the bits, and the third vet is there with the glue.......just hope they don't have convayer belt problems like Lucy and Ethel had!!!!!!!

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